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If you haven’t already heard of Klip Klap, this may be a brand you’ll want to keep an eye on. Their beginnings stem from a child’s foldable play mattress which was conceived in 2011 when owner Pia Lauritsen wanted to help her son develop motor skills.

Klip Klap’s foldable design may have begun by suiting the needs of a small child but over time it has evolved to meet the needs of grown up furniture too. After the KK3 Fold mattress, Klip Klap debuted wooden adult sized products, their daybed for example, designed by Charlotte Høncke in 2015. The daybed and later daybench come in many shapes and sizes but have retained the essence of the KK3 with large removable cushions which allow them to become functional coffee and occasional tables. Klip Klap’s mission to create multifunctional furniture is considerate of the entire family.

Most recently Klip Klap has added a lounge chair and pouf made of molded oak and generous cushioning. Together with the pouf you have a complete lounge arrangement that feels polished but not unrelated to Klip Klap’s initial design.

In 2017 the brand open its very own store and showroom in Egå near Aarhus, Denmark. While the Klip Klap collection of products has only grown over time, their mission remains true, to creature furniture that aids a child in developing their motor skills as well as furniture solutions they can grow into which serve multiple functions. Expect to see Klip Klap become a more prominent player in modern Danish design to come!


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