Signe Bay’s holiday traditions / 5 Days of Christmas

Photographer and stylist extraordinarie, Signe Bay who makes the most stunning scenes on Instagram, someone to follow if you aren’t already doing so. She is up next in our mini series and she talks about how the memories from her own childhood are being passed on to her own children now.

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1/ Share your fondest Christmas memory.

Some of my fondest Christmas memories we’re making right these years with my kids. Just as I spent some fantastic Christmas holidays with my family when I was a child and one of the fondest memories from back then was when we went to the Southern part of Jutland to visit my grandparents, uncles and aunts. Celebrating Christmas together with the family on my mother’s part meant 30-40 people around the table. Staying for a week together with my 13 cousins in my grandparents’ and then my uncle’s huge farm was the top of the pop. We practically spent all the time playing in the hay in the barn. Together with all the elfs.

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2/ What new traditions have you begun since having kids?

Many of our big and small Christmas traditions and December rituals are inherited from my childhood, like the kids putting one of their slippers in the windowsill in their room, hoping for the elf to come by and put a small present in the slipper while they sleep. Or the way we have our advents wreath hanging down from the ceiling, or many other small, but so important, things.
One lovely, but rather strange tradition we have now, that I didn’t experience as a kid, is that a family of elfs moves into our house the 1st of December (or some years even a couple of days later, because they might be stuck in traffic travelling from far away…). But when they move in, we know for it for sure, because they install a small elf door in our living room, with all their decorations outside. They even put up mailbox and a Christmas tree outside their door. My daughter Anna still writes them letters that she puts in the mailbox. So sweet. And they make all kinds of fun things around the house during December – one morning when pouring milk on the oats, it came out pink, haha!


3/ The best part of Christmas time for you?

How can one choose? I love it all – from the small traditions and rituals that light up the eyes of my kids, all the happiness they have towards this month is just fantastic to part of and to nourish.
I love when we decorate the house – the kids know exactly where to put everything and it’s so much fun. We play our best Christmas playlist out loud and finish off with rice pudding and Christmas treats.
But I guess nothing beats Christmas Eve itself. The excitement and anticipation of us all, the Christmas dresses, the tree (and we dance a.lot. around it), the good food, the joy and the love. Just the best evening of all.

4/ What are 3 items from your Christmas wishlist?

A sculpture or mobile by Gerda Thune Andersen – and that atelier!


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