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mixing for Autumn



If you know me at all then you know Fall/Autumn is my preferred season. Spring is great too but the extreme heat of Summer and the frigid Winters aren't something I long for. Fall arguably brings with it the best Fashion, with lots of layers and rich colors and with interiors it's no different. Now you can start bringing out the candles, throws, furs and layering with different materials.

Today I'm showing you my take on some of Target Style's new decor items that contrast to mix and match and still make a cohesive look. Using elements like marble, copper, leather, felt and ceramic but in a similar color family of three: black, white washed wood and copper/pink hues. This desk space contains quite a few different pieces and yet doesn't feel chaotic.
When using such unique pieces together I like to keep the colors within a loose set of colors, three is usually my choice, the look feels controlled and yet interesting at once.
A copper and marble lamp feels right at home against this light wood desk that I paired with a black drum table. Yes, it's a table but not too hight to sit on either. A copper fig and pink jar continue the pinkish tones while mixing with these black striped vases that can hold fresh stems or potted plants. I balance this with a tall matte, white vase in the background as well. Another vase in a deep aubergine is a few steps deeper into this pink color palette but still related. It is just the right height for holding markers, pencils or brushes. Some wooden push pins repeat more of the natural wood material. Lastly, a woven wool tote gives a cozy and warm texture to hold magazines or throw blanket nearby and balances my wool tapestry on the opposing side.

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