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Ikea is one of those things/places that is very internationally known. Most countries have one or some locations and it’s not hard to spot their pieces on tv sets or in apartments around the world. It’s almost a common thread for most of us. Sometimes that feels really good, to know we all have access to the same design but other times it feels too trendy, too much a part of the herd.
Bemz is one of the best things to happen to Ikea furniture, not only to make a generic piece look custom and unique but also because they give you the ability to update your existing piece without any DIY knowledge whatsoever.

Recently I partnered with Bemz to show how an ordinary Karlstad armchair can be given a new look that is much less generic with an urban linen slipcover and cushion set. The white is timeless to me and modest and flexible to fit in with our other pieces.
I love the look of linen when it comes to interiors (not worn however), the texture and shape looks rich and lived in. This particular fabric is surprisingly thick and quite durable which I am really pleased with. It reminds me of something older and lovingly used but it also feels so current.

You may not have a sofa or armchair you want covered but they also have mattress covers and curtains and…well, just take a look at the entire range here!

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