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a note for 14 weeks



If it takes me a while to answer emails or if my hair is in a frizzy mess on top of my head, if stacks of laundry have not found their way to the closet or bills lay under plates that held last night's dinner, you can bet it has a lot to do with this girl. Regardless of the sacrifice I love her so.
Elin coos happily when we talk to her and always wakes up with a big smile. She ferociously sucks on my hand if it ever nears her mouth and she loves watching her brother (which is who she's watching in this photo) entertain her with dancing, singing and general silliness.

She has her momma's eyes, her daddy's smile and both of our hearts entirely.

We love you little Elin, more than you can comprehend.


  1. Perfect picture and a beautiful little story. Enjoy :)


  2. There is time for everything in this world, keep going.


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