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a little kitchen preview



I've been talking about this for weeks but haven't shown you anything, so here's a peek at the progress we've made so far. I have had this exact layout in my head for the past two years so it feels surreal to see it come to fruition, albeit slower than we thought it would be.

We began December 9th with the demolition of our old kitchen, I promise I'll show you 'before' pictures for the big reveal. They're hideous. :)
From there we had initial plumbing & electrical work done as we moved our sink and oven over to different walls. Then we removed a small wall and the old flooring, replacing it with the white washed flooring we have in the rest of the house. I didn't want a different hardwood flooring as we were opening up the space to the house, I wanted one continuous floor material.
From there we had to have the walls re-sheet rocked and textured to match the rest of the house. Ideally I would have no texture but we have to match what the rest of the house already has.
At this point we were about a week into the process, dishes were packed away and we were living off of sandwiches and toast-all made on the dining room table. Fun huh?
The first weekend our boxes for the cabinets were installed and the following Monday the counters were templated. We purchased the counters in November but found out they can't be made/ordered until the cabinets they will sit atop of are templated, just in case there is a bowed wall or cabinet base.
And then silence...for almost a week we had no work. No appliances still, no shelves, just a refrigerator and empty boxes where cabinets would soon be. Everyone said it was crazy to do this so late into my pregnancy and they were probably right, but I didn't want to be doing this with a newborn so I had my mind made up!
After that week of waiting for progress our cabinet shelves, drawers and doors were installed! It was finally looking like a kitchen again. Then came our new microwave & oven (pictured above) so at least we could start baking food again!
Until our countertops arrived we used plywood, which wasn't too bad but it definitely looked incomplete. And just this last Thursday those counters were put in, along with our cook top and sink. Yippee!
Thursday of this week will be one month exactly since we began the process. While the exhaust hood, dishwasher and sink still need to be connected I'm feeling more relieved that this whole process is coming to an end.

Still to do?
  | install wall light above sink
  | get trash bin
  | have those remaining appliances connected
  | touch up paint behind cooktop
  | buy organizers for some drawers & cabinets

I've found renovations are not for the impatient (that is me!) and you need to expect the unexpected, or at least more time and certainly more money...


  1. It looks great so far. I think a month is a fairly good timeframe for a kitchen reno. Hope the rest goes smoothly.

    1. I agree, if it was completely finished.
      The carpenter still has push buttons to install along with touch ups and the things listed above.
      So it's been a month but it's not finished...we'll see how the rest goes!

  2. I love how black & white your home is...a dream of mine..hopefully someday I can make that happen!

  3. Looking amazing! I'm very excited to see the big reveal! Hope you're feeling well. x

    P.S. Could we please have a photo of you in your new kitchen when it's done?

  4. lovely pictures! it looks amazing so far! curious to see all when its done :)

  5. It already looks amazing, Jen! Can't wait to see it all.

  6. Oh yes! I want to see more!! :)

  7. It looks really nice so far, Jennifer! I look forward to see the before pictures as well as the rest of the new kitchen! Enjoy the finishing touches :)

    xo. Nina

  8. The kitchen is looking amazing, I don't envy you having to go through all that whilst pregnant, though I imagine it's greatly preferable to doing it with a newborn! Looking forward to seeing the finished project, as I imagine you yourself are!

  9. Such a tease!!! Seeing that it's all white counter tops just made me fall in love already :) My kind of kitchen!

  10. It's such an exciting project! We went through our first kitchen reno in our city house when I was 8 months pregnant, but someone else was doing the work. This fall we just DIYd our current kitchen and it has been so rewarding! It's our favorite space. Yours is looking incredible!

  11. Looks really nice. Congrats for the kitchen makeover and for these last few weeks :-)

  12. Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see the full views (if you share them). Smart to have done before the baby so you wouldn't be dealing with that. We did a renovation when our second was born but had to move out as it was a few months of no kitchen. We moved out on a Tuesday and she was born that Friday!

  13. Lovely kitchen! Who makes the cabinetry?

    ~Lexi, Greyscale Interiors

  14. Looking good! We are also renovating our kitchen and I´m struggling with the decision to find the right tap. Where did you find that white one?

    And congrats :)

  15. Hi Jennifer, Your kitchen is absolutely stunning. I had to call a halt on my countertop order because I saw the pictures of your kitchen. Is yours solid surface (Corian) countertop? Do you mind sharing the brand and color? Thanks soo much!


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