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I've been slowly collecting things for baby these past months. A few of my favorites are these knit pieces. I'm anxious to see her wearing and playing with some of these. Her hat is from this Etsy shop, and I simply asked the owner to make it in a custom color for me. The rattle cloud rattle was a gift from Bacabuche and the kitten tights are from the Gap.
Also in the stack are footed pants and little cardigan from Zara, a vintage sweater (that used to be mine as a baby!) and some thicker knit pants from Toto Knits.


  1. How cute. My son is 6 and I secretly want a little girl as well. I just love everything you have picked out for her and cannot wait to see her on instagram :) You have a few months left right? I brought my son home in the same shirt my grandma brought my father home from the hospital in and I hope my son will use it for his son one day as well.

  2. Gah! Love the kitty tights! Can't find them at Gap tho - did you get them awhile ago?

  3. I just love your colour choice! Such lovely soft tones!

  4. So cute things! Inspiring, makes me want a girl too, but that you can't choose. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Simply love these! We just had our baby girl three weeks ago so I'm all about cute baby clothes right now :)


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