My office space is in need of some refreshing. It gets used so much that it’s the first place to get dirty and the last to be cleaned. A little moodboard with colors and textures I like, pulled from magazines and booklets, was just what I needed to stay focused. I had wanted to redo parts of this room and little by little I have. The bookshelf in the corner, new Muuto chairs at the desk, I took the String shelf down and now in its place a this little collage.
I’m hoping by next week I can finish the last wall, behind the computer, with a fresh coat of paint and a wall organizer. Fingers crossed I can get it all done and give you a mini tour of the place. After all, the space you work in most should be one of the most important, easy to clean, organized and simple.

So stay tuned until next week!

AMM was created as a way to share my aesthetics with the world. Stunning interiors instigated my passion for beautiful, extraordinary, and simple shapes. I was largely influenced by Nordic design philosophy and AMM transitioned from a personal blog into my own collection of interiors, things, visual trends, DIY projects, lifestyle products, and observations. As an interior design aficionado, I would love to see like-minded people, so stay tuned!

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