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I love the way this home was shot, with it's sparse light and deep shadows. It could lull me right to sleep, in a good way! But I love the drama that comes with changing the lighting and the dark walls sure help the dark, romantic feeling.

It is truly amazing what new lighting can do for the interior of a home. The homeowner can replace ceiling fixtures, add pendants or chandeliers, or even integrate a ceiling fan into a room to give it a completely different look and feel.

Updated ceiling lights are perhaps the most obvious way to give a room a complete makeover because they help determine the room's focal point. Brighter lights can immediately open up a room, while dark fixtures combined with lesser lighting create an aura of mystery within the space.

Adding wall lighting to the room allows the homeowner to illuminate only part of the room, leaving other areas in the dark. Once again, this creates a focal point and alters the room's atmosphere.

A chandelier might not work in every environment, but those who want to do something a little different with their dining room might go in this direction. A classy chandelier not only changes the dynamics of the room, but also provides a steady light source that is optimal for eating. Adding a dimmer switch to the chandelier allows the user to set different moods within the room, depending on the occasion.

Gone are the days of the traditional ceiling fan, as fans are now integrated into much more complex designs. Those who do not like the look of a ceiling fan can go with a model where the physical fan is not visible. This style provides the benefits of a ceiling fan, without the unattractive appearance.

High-end home design retailers, such as Savoy House Lighting, offer a wide selection of lighting for homes of all styles. These retailers have a lighting option to match any design, making them a great place to begin the interior renovation process.


  1. You're so right. And, wow, those floors.

  2. Beautiful home! Love all of it!

  3. Love the colours + the mix! ♥

  4. what is the white? Te brand and code? I am about to paint my loft and I need a beautiful pure white. Is it velvet? tx,
    Really like the ideas ;)

  5. I really love this photo, this interior.
    Black and white, very chic.

    xx from France


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