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guest post: My Second Hand Life


Hi everyone, Jennifer here! I have a super busy week ahead with multiple deadlines and large projects. Between that and real life (Israel turns 3 in a week, yikes!) I am happy to say I have some wonderful contributors bringing some inspirational posts for you all week. You can still feel free to email me via my 'contact form' and I will be back to regular posting next week. Enjoy!

by Maiju

People often complain about how messy the kids room is and how they always have toys all over the place. Well, I say it depends which kind of toys you buy for your kids! I tend to have a soft spot for vintage wooden toys, they are made to last, often suitable for both boys and girls and they look nice! My latest flea market find is this wooden toy piano that has a soft and very authentic "piano-like" sound. You can really play it! And no, I´m not at all bothered to have this lovely toy outside my sons room ...:)


  1. Such a valid point! I used to get such gorgeous things for my son but the past two years (he's 7) he's been more interested in the brightly coloured plastic tat that has 'Made in China' stamped across the bottom. After tidying his room yesterday and throwing away literally bags of the stuff, I have vowed to ensure at least 80% of the stuff we get is something more substantial.

    Love the blog- I'm following.Rx

  2. nice one!
    i try to buy also as much wooden toys as i can... or find..

  3. I prefer wood toys any day over plastic. They have such a nice aesthetic to them so I don't mind them laying around the house either ; )

    And I hope you all have fun time celebrating Israel's 3rd birthday!

  4. Love this! Kids are messy! Yes, I love it! Not to say I don't like a clean house, but when it comes to my son and his messes I have never been one to complain(at least not out loud)! Love that his little piano by the way!

  5. I just found your blog, and totally love it!!
    Keep ut the good work.

    Hugs, from Silje (Norway)


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