A new cup

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Israel was given this cute little Ferm Living cup from Harabu House last week. It’s kind of perfect for his little hands and he loves the Panda Bear, he loves Pandas for some reason. Of course the most exciting thing is opening the box that was delivered to the house, he is so intrigued with the mystery of the box’s contents. Anyways, he loves his little cup and asks for it all the time, drinks from it and spills plenty of water everywhere.
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Israel loves to play in his room, at his little desks that are right at his level. He turns on his lamp and music, colors & paints, races his cars up and down and just makes a general mess. I am not one to tolerate toys everywhere, it is very stressful for me but at the same time I want Israel to have fun and spend time playing with his imagination and not be prohibited by his mom’s need to keep things put away. To solve this, I keep his toys in these white bins that are on a high shelf (somewhat visible in the 2nd photo) and take one or two down at a time. When he wants more toys down, I have him put the toys back into the bins and trade them for new ones. That way all of his toys are not out at once but he still gets to play and make a mess.
I was wondering what all you other mothers out there do to keep the toys organized? Any brilliant tips you’d be willing to share?

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