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in an old factory


Do you follow Nena's blog? If you don't, you should. She has a beautiful place in an empty factory building and I love it. Lots of consistent black, white and grey, it's tidy and modern and beautiful. I love that she even does some DIY's, check out this light. Easily one of my favorite stops.


  1. rad! new cool blog to check out! thanks!

  2. beautiful!!!! i could live in a place like this!!! ;) hopping to her blog!!! twiggs

  3. Oh you are good at hooking me onto new blogs. As if I need any.
    But yeah, hers looks great. I need a studio like yesterday.

  4. That philosophy is the best,make tacos.

  5. I'm with nosoymachine... tacos for peace :)

  6. thank you for the tip, i will follow her blog now, it's lovely (like yours)

  7. ahaha! love that make tacos not war! will have to check her blog out!

  8. This place is so lovely! I love the little details that pop up fron the black and white scenery, such as the mixer, or the kitchen towel.
    will check out her blog, thanks!!

    you can check my newborn blog if you like...

  9. Ah yes, I love Nena's blog...followed it from the start. Her home is amazing, and I love her photos!


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