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One of my aunts lives in a very rural area with lots of land and trees and animals. We heard
that two of her sheep had babies and had to make the drive to show Israel. It was bitter
cold so we weren’t able to spend too much time with all the crazy animals but Israel did
find some fresh eggs, get much too close to Sam, the dog, and only briefly look at the sheep
babies before he had enough. I, on the other hand, had to say hello to the roosters, new
calf, goats, horses and sheep. Aren’t they sweet? The lighter baby was very curious about
me and started to venture near the fence but I could her the mama making some cautionary
noises so she only made it half way. Pretty freaking adorable right?
I think goats are screepy, kind of reminded me of furry, long-eared, very curious people.

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