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I've been away the last couple days, excuse my absence. I haven't had much time to
be inspired by much more than the hum drum of every day life. I have been so tired
when I finally get to bed at night that I don't even give a second thought to the
laundry basket at the foot of my bed.
Israel is picking up some more words though, it's adorable! He is a little rambling man
and I love his voice and made up words. He says "Duck" and "Uh-oh" on command but also
signs to eat and a few other little things. I look forward to hearing more about what
goes on in that mind of his, so keep the words coming baby!
Here's a glimpse of what I saw on Pinterest this afternoon. I know want a kitten and bear-toting rat.
Truth be told, I doubt I'll get either, although if there's a possibility of getting
one over the other-I think you know which it would be.


  1. I am addicted to pinterest!!!

  2. I love the wooden bats that are shown hanging on the wall. What are they?
    I don't know if you have seen this, but thought you would like it (my post of a great knitting movement):

  3. Good stuff! Loving the color palette you put together and who doesn't need a bear-toting rat? And love your baby's words--maybe "design" will be the next word...

    xo Mary Jo

  4. I've been feeling exactly the same as you. Laundry (and general mess) is building up, and I'm lacking in motivation and energy (and things to blog about!)...perhaps it's a winter thing...though mine is a lot to do with having an almost 10 month old that still wakes several times every night! Hope you feel better soon x

  5. I'm kind of obsessed with Pinterest. Loads and overloads of inspiration. I need to hunt down the silver nail polish! :)

  6. oooh so cool! I like the nail polish!

  7. I echo what you wrote, I have also been tired and didn't have much creativity at the moment. I have a two year old and 2 months old to keep me busy, very busy... It is wonderful that your little Israel is taking more.Enjoy those precious moments!

  8. do you know what brand of nail polish that is? it's awesome!

  9. Where are you on pinterest? I'd love to follow your boards!


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