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the many faces of 6 weeks


Countless hours of my day are spent staring at this little face.
He seems to have quite a few different ones, just like his dad.


  1. He looks so wise. I love it when babies are this expressive. What a cutie :-)

  2. aww what a sweetie! i love those striped pants!

  3. oooh so sweet! i just became an Auntie last week and i keep staring at my niece for like, hours. Im scared i might miss a new expression if i look away! great pics. xx

  4. awww.. that one in the corner looks like a smile:) yes many faces! i love it.. such a sweety.. great pics!

  5. Just like my baby, I could not get off my eyes on him because I want to gaze every minute and every second to him. I might miss his smile and everything he does while he is still asleep or even when awake.

  6. Cute! it reminds me of my baby I can't help taking photo's from day 1 till 1 yr old and the photo's helps me make a slide show easier for his 1st birthday.


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