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6 wall lamps for your bedside


To kick off the week, I'm sharing a few favorite wall lamps that would be ideal for a bedside or reading nook. Personally I've been looking for a lamp for my own side of the bed and there's a good chance it will end up being one of these. I'm not too particular with what sort of lamp I choose other than it needs to be something I can plug in because I'm not interested in permanently wiring a lamp into the wall. I also want something attractive, of course, because the wall behind our bed is mostly bare and whichever lamp I choose will be a main feature on this side of the room.
Depending on what you look for in a wall mounted lamp, perhaps one of these is just what you're looking for to use on your own bedside, hallway, kitchen wall or reading corner.

4. YUH Wall lamp
5. Gubi Cobra lamp
6. Lampe de Marseille by Le Corbusier


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