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DIY advent calendar


AMM blog | DIY advent calendar
AMM blog | DIY advent calendar
AMM blog | DIY advent calendar

Since my oldest was a baby I started making Christmas advent calendars for him with small toys and gifts. Sure I could have taken the easy way out and bought one of those remade chocolate ones (why didnt I?!)but first it was fun. Now it feels a little obligatory because both he and his sister look forward to this daily opening of small packages. They enjoy it so much that every day in December I'm awoken early, by both of them who are so full of anticipation that they must drag me out of bed to open the day's surprise.

Do I sound like a scrooge? Actually I love giving them something to look forward to, but the last couple years I've been up late on December 1st frantically wrapping little things because I had forgotten. Determined, I completed a DIY advent calendar for both of the kids EARLY and it feels so good. Somehow I remembered to get this together with plenty of time to still share with you while there's time to make your own.

You might remember this brass Ferm Living candleholder from another DIY I made this Summer, but now it works perfectly for hanging the tiny packages. You can do the same using a similar hoop suspended with leather rope, satin ribbon and wrapped gifts.


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