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6 favorite modern cabins


AMM blog | 6 favorite modern cabins

Most of the residences I feature here on AMM show the interiors exclusively because the challenge of organizing a space to live in is incredibly intriguing, with a real life application for all of us. Living with other people or keeping all of our possessions in order while also saying something to the world about the home's inhabitants and their lifestyle is all endlessly interesting. Interiors are often in a constant state of evolution as our needs and tastes change with time, with experience.

Exteriors and architecture are also very interesting as they can be interpreted a multiplicity of ways with dozens of materials, each of which can be treated with a different technique. Earlier this year we were in Portland and visited one of the Aesop stores whose interior is made completely of wood treated with a Japanese charring technique called Shou Sugi Ban. This can often be used as an exterior treatment as well however I also slightly prefer the look of weathered wood a bit more and even concrete or plaster as well.

I've been telling my husband for years that I want to build a little cabin somewhere for us. I'd be entirely happy with a modest place and sparse furniture, just so long as we can design the building ourselves. I'd want a lot of lumber, wood paneled floors and ceilings with built in storage. Furniture that serves dual purposes or at least collapse into a wall and a slim profile would be my ideal way of making the most of even a micro cabin. Some place near water and lots of tall trees, where we can all disconnect from routines and reconnect with nature. A big deck like the Nido cabin above from Robin Falck, would also be crucial because with a cabin it's all about blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors.
Here I've collected 6 cabins or in some cases homes, with simple exterior styles of pitched, shed and flat roofs.

AMM blog | 6 modern cabin exteriors

Boat House in Svallerup Strand, Denmark by WE architecture / Casa Morran by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur in the Gothenburg Archipelago

AMM blog | 6 favorite modern cabins

Frankfurt getaway by NKBAK

AMM blog | 6 modern cabin designs

Summerhouse LAGNÖ by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

AMM blog | 6 modern cabin exteriors

One more image from the LAGNÖ Summerhouse / Lake cabin by FAM Architekti and Fielden + Mawson in the Czech Republic


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