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Today has been so quiet and the sky is dark, it has me feeling like I'm in a bit of a fog . These days can be a drag but they can also be a much needed mental break from the fast paced week. Catching up on some reading or flipping through that magazine you haven't opened yet, sipping tea and wearing wool socks and a large sweater is what Sundays should be about anyway.

Elin and I played in her room this morning and I just had to take some photos. She's so beautiful and such a happy girl and turns two in just a few days. It's really mind blowing how fast two years go by, I remember well the anxious feeling of wanting to meet her and find out what life as a mother of two would be like. Now it's our norm.

Hope your Sunday was filled with slow gratitude of who/what is around you and simple pleasures.

dress from this really sweet brand, Bene Bene.


  1. Such a cutie pie! I love her little tights and the tiny buttons on her dress!
    xoxo Annie

  2. Cute dress!


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