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From the wonderful creators at Sunday Suppers comes this thoughtfully designed and sourced collection of oils, syrups and spices. I have followed Karen for some time and have watched as this ILA collection has materialized and I have so much respect for the careful consideration for every aspect. Also, the olive oil is damn good! I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I had never thought olive oil could have such rich flavor or that I could look forward to cooking with it as much as I do with this version. It's sort of ruined me for all other oils now!

Tonight I'm going to roast some broccolini and garlic in this oil for dinner and even though I've yet to have lunch, am already anticipating dinner the most!

Also pictured is Menu's Phold and their pepper mill.

1 comment:

  1. Very happy to find your blog today!

    I found a lot of helpful tips and inspiration, including ILA shop. Thanks for sharing :)


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