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Target's Room Essentials: 1 piece / 3 ways


Earlier this month I introduced you to the Target Room Essentials line which includes necessary basics for every room in your house.
I shared a handful of my personal favorites with you but this time I want to show you an even more personal take on one of their pieces.
This foldable desk attracted me because it collapses completely flat quickly, great for small spaces or even for moving. Pair this table with a foldable chair & you have a setting that is just as quick to pack away as it was to set up.
Beyond being convertible, I saw a lot of potential in this piece to be more than a desk but possibly a vanity or entry table, even a sofa table. And two of these side by side could also make for a clean line of shelf space wherever you put it.

Below I share my own styling & photos of the table in 3 different scenarios.



This is especially great if you want your own personal space to work, draw, read, and write to-do lists (as I often do!). I used these linen storage boxes as a sort of moveable filing cabinet and layered some woven rugs underneath for pattern and texture. Work spaces should be inspiring but they should not be so attention getting that it causes distraction, so a consistent palette of blacks, grey and natural browns add enough personality without compromising focus and efficiency.
A plant that if possibly modeling for some sketches or in the process of finding a new home. A few inspiring images on the wall with an artist's stool in a deep shade of green all elevate a basic table to something more refined and purposeful.



Once again this is nice when you want a space all to yourself. For me, with two small kids and a husband, our family shares everything, our daughter even sleeps in our room! To have an area designated just to me, to take my make up off at night or to keep my perfumes and lotions away from the everyone else's is like a small luxury.
Here you can hang a few necklaces, keep your brushes, moisturizers or favorite fashion magazines nearby. Play around with seating for something small and easy to push under the overhanging ledge or possibly an upholstered piece with more cushion. I keep it simple yet again with a round mirror, my componibili which doubles as storage/seating and a group of favorite simple beauty products.



It isn't specifically an example a sofa table but the idea of a console table that can be used either behind a sofa or in a hallway, sort of the same piece in my mind. This can be a purely decorative area and display a collection of glass pieces or favorite framed artwork. You could also hang some knobs nearby for hats and jackets, and a rug for protecting the floor from heavy traffic. I used an armchair for collecting personal odds & ends but also for the wood color that softens the thin black lines.

I hope you enjoyed my take on a basic yet ultra versatile item!

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.


  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2014

    This is such a lovely piece! My desk at the moment is just a plain IKEA black with silver legs, but this one just looks so much nicer! I hope they have it in their Canadian stores (though I doubt it, they're sadly awful).

  2. Love all the styling and all the pieces! The best, Carol.

  3. Love the styling, especially the vanity option!

  4. And example how beauty does not have to cost much and is not reserved only for high end brands! Great work!

  5. Absolutely brilliant! My favorite was the sofa table.

  6. You are amazing, Jennifer!! I love your eye. I have been looking for a good entry table for over a year now. Maybe this is it.

  7. Curious... where can I get this desk? Cannot seem to find it anywhere. :*(


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