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kitchen 'befores'



I'll be honest, it's been a tough few weeks. I am so happy to have Elin here! She's beautiful and sweet but she's also a lot of work. I know newborns are a lot of work but this time around I have two kids, and it's an adjustment. Not to mention I have laundry and cooking and my shop to keep up with. I'm not doing a great job just yet but every day is getting a little better.

Here's a few before and in-the-process photos. I realized while looking for photos that I really forgot to take a proper 'before' shot of the ugly rental kitchen, oops! But I did find this iphone photo for you to feast your eyes on.
Clearly it wasn't my style, not even close, but style aside there were so many issues with the original kitchen. The tile grout was never sealed so it absorbed all liquids and stains like a sponge. The tile was textured so it trapped a lot of crumbs and dirt and the sharp edges stuck out in places, we accidentally hurt ourselves on them multiple times. The beveled cabinets doors made cleaning so much more work, stuff would get stuck in the little corners of the fronts. Gross.
Also, the half wall/bar that stuck out made the entryway small enough that only one person at a time could walk in and out of the kitchen. It just felt suffocating.
And then there's the colors they chose. Honey colored cabinets with the same wood floor and then beige tile everywhere. There's no contrast, just a dark honey/beige hole. I also didn't like the appliances, they were bulky and outdated.

The new kitchen solves our old kitchen problems with flat doors, smooth counters, bright white, steamlined appliances. It's so much easier to clean this new version and much happier as well. I wanted an open space so that the kitchen felt like a part of the rest of the house, and a room people could easily walk in and out of. Plus I have a much better view of the rest of the house now.


  1. Wow that really is beautiful. I dream of a kitchen like this one day! I'm very glad all the stress is over- it will definitely be worth it x

  2. Wow, that's a great change. The "before" kitchen was definitely far away from your style ;) Your new kitchen looks functional and well designed!


  3. Looove it! So you. Love the handle-less cupboards too.

  4. The new kitchen is wonderful :) I'd love to rip out our kitchen as well but since it is a rental and we won't live there too much longer anymore, it doesn't make much sense, so I just hate it very much until we move out ;)

  5. Your little looks amazing (Following on Insta) i dont even know how you do it with 2 ! I just had my 1 st little girl a month ago and only now it feels a little bit better !
    The results of this kitchen is great no matter how hard it was !
    Nice work.

  6. it looks amazing !
    would you mind telling me
    what kind of counter top you have used?
    is it corian ??
    glacier white may be?
    custom made?

    thanks a million

  7. I live in a part of the US in which your "before" kitchen is many people's dream style... ugh it drives me mad! Your "now" kitchen is a DREAM! A perfect dream come true! Refreshing! Bravo!

    And I hope you aren't too hard on yourself for not being able to keep up with as many things as you like. You're probably the only person who thinks that... everyone else thinks you are utterly fabulous. xxx


  8. Wow, what an amazing transformation! We are currently renting and our kitchen looks eerily similar to your 'before' kitchen. Aren't tile countertops the worst...really, it's like a cruel joke! I'm bracing myself for when our second babe arrives next month. It's refreshing to see your honesty here. It'll only get easier.

  9. what an improvement! love love love your new kitchen.... enjoy it.

  10. Your kitchen is just amazing, enjoy it with your lovely family, x

  11. Looks so fab Jen, ten million percent better than the before. We are currently without a kitchen in our new house too. Lucky it's summer so the bbq is getting a work out. You must be feeling so fab with your sparkly new kitchen (and sparklier new baby, congratulations x), enjoy!

  12. That's an amazing kitchen now :)
    Good job!


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