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Isabel Marant



You may have heard about the Isable Marant for H&M collab but have you seen it? Above are a few of my own favorites including this reversible jacket, things I could even possibly wear while 7 mos pregnant. You can see the whole collection including men's & kids here.
Which piece do you like most?


  1. I love the wool blend coat, and the sweater near the top with an insane pattern (white and red) which doesn't have a name?! What a great collection!

  2. Ooh! The little metallic jacket! Most definitely.

  3. I have it marked on my calendar! How dorky is that? I just know that here in Copenhagen, there will be a line out the door and the collection will go fast. I love the foil looking skirt and just about everything else! :-) You should definitely get yourself the sweater!

    1. Not dorky, I did the same! We won't get it in our store but it will sell out online immediately.

  4. I just did an H&M sweep recently here in LA and they already sneaked in some very Isabel Marant looking styles with embroidery and beading. Congrats on the baby! I too am 7 months pregnant and trying my damnedest to find cool styles to fit the bump :)

  5. such lovely stuff! i particularly like the beaded jacket.


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