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DIY: wallpaper covered books



I've been wanting to use some of this Ferm Living wallpaper I have and with as many books as we have lying around, I thought it would be fun to cover some with this paper.
Since the wallpaper is thick, it doesn't tear easily and makes a great alternate cover. Note* I later wrote in the title so we could still find books we're looking for-but if they
are old and you don't read them anymore, you might not even have to write anything on the binding.
I just traced each book, leaving lots of room in the width so I could tape the wrapped paper on the inside pages. I used double sided tape, but any tape should work.
Also, if you don't want to purchase a whole roll, you can order sample pieces as well.


  1. I love it and this is great wallpaper!

  2. This is a really smart idea. I have tons of books but my son has tore up half the covers and I just hate the way they look. When I was a kid we used to make our own book covers with brown kraft paper and decorate the front memories, lol.

  3. Makes a great feature piece!

  4. Really nice and a good idea! Thank you for this great project


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