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DIY: magazine prism


magazine prism DIY
I made this & shared it on Instagram about a month ago, promising to show the how-to on the blog. Well, here it is.

You'll need:
old magazine
bone folder (optional)

This is a super easy project, you just need a bit of time and patience.
Begin with the cover page and fold over one corner to the center, making a nice sharp crease. Do the same for the bottom corner, folding it up along the binding to that the cover makes a triangle. Continue all the way through to the end of the magazine.

I like these smaller magazines, they seem to be the perfect size but you could use any size. Try making two of these and gluing/taping them together with a bit of string in between them and hang it over a window or from the ceiling!


  1. It's so easy! How can I not think of such things!! Awesome~

  2. Easy & simple but such a cool result! And beautiful pictures too!

  3. i could probably make 15 of these, with all the magazines i have stocked up. but they're too precious. drew barrymore covers, don't you know! :)

  4. sooo pretty! what a great idea! love the pop of color

  5. awesome ideia!

  6. We used to to the magazine Christmas trees when I was little with old national geographic and readers digests. Never thought to turn them flat! Love them, Jennifer.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I can't wait to try ; )

  8. I'm definitely trying this! Perfect activity for snowed-in days like today.

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