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DIY: dip dye


by Deborah

A bit ago I mentioned how I'm loving the dip dyed look. Well I have been
playing around with fabric dye and thought I would share with you.

you'll need:
Rubber gloves
Fabric dye
String/elastic band (for tie dye)

Firstly, add to the bucket water, salt and dye following the instructions on the packet for the correct measurements mixing this all together.
Soak the pillow case and ring out the water so it leaves the material damp.
Take the coat hanger and clip the top of the pillowcase. Then lower the bottom part of the material slowly into the dyed water, as high as you want until you see the colour running. Keep in for a couple of minutes.
Hang so that the bottom part can sit soaking, a good place would be in your kitchen sink. Leave to soak for 20/30 mins.
Drain the excess water off and rinse in cold water, then hang to dry.
Iron on a high temperature.

I love how dip dying a simple white pillow case gives it a new life and is fun to do. There are so many different ways you can do the technique and I got carried away finding different things I could dye and even had a shot of tie dying. Have fun trying this technique out!

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