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guest post: Peach & Rosemary Summer Fizz


It's Friday and I've saved a really special post from a sweet friend for last. Jennifer (nice name she has right?) is so kind, and beyind talented. Here amazing photography always makes me drool, especially when it involves food. You're all in luck too, she generously shares a beautiful and yummy recipe for the perfect Summer drink. I'm going to have to try this now! -Jennifer

guest post by Jennifer from I Art U
guest post by Jennifer by I Art U
guest post by Jennifer from I Art U

Hi! I'm Jennifer Young, lifestyle photographer and blogger at I ART U.
I'm honored to be here filling in for Jenn while she's away enjoying NYC!

Summer is officially here! It's a season filled with such beautiful fruit and I always look forward to baking pies, crisps, or concocting colorful drinks for dinner parties. This peach and rosemary summer fizz is so easy to make and it's perfect for a hot day when you're in need of something cold, sweet, and refreshing.


+ 5 peaches, pitted
+ 2 T lime juice
+ 1 can lemon-lime soda
+ rosemary simple syrup (recipe here)
+ rosemary sprigs for garnish
+ 2 cups ice


Blend four peaches with lime juice until puréed. Pour puréed peach nectar through a sieve into a bowl and refrigerate. Make rosemary simple syrup and refrigerate until cool. Fill glass with ice and one cup of peach nectar. Top with lemon-lime soda and a splash of rosemary simple syrup. Garnish with remaining peach slices and a rosemary sprig. Enjoy!

Serves 2.

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