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Jeremiah bought this bowl for me for Christmas last year. I love it but it seems to move around the house quite a bit. I used to use it to keep the tv remotes in but now I've got in on the sideboard in the living room. Next week it could move to our bedroom, you never know.
Do you have items like this in your home, that seem to 'float' around from place to place?


  1. Definitely. Ornamental pieces mostly, and lamps! I get bored when things stay put for too long, so I'm always fiddling around with placement.

    One interior design blogger I've been following for a long time is Victoria Smith, so I've witnessed dramatic changes she's made to her home as she's shifted furniture and other items around. Like mini-makeovers.

  2. Floating, yes, for sure. Flower arrangements move around a couple of times, before I find the right place. Also all kind of small decorations, like vases, usually do not stay at one place. But that I think is the good thing about them. I don't move around the big pieces often, so it is easy to vary the decor with these small pieces.

  3. Yes. A wooden bowl I bought in Papua New Guinea, a bronze cat from Cameroon, and my keys.

    That bowl is beautiful. What's it made out of?

  4. Oh definitely. Almost everything in this house 'floats' around quite a bit. My husband sometimes comes home and is in shock because he thinks he's in another house haha, I just like to move everything around from time to time. It gives me new energy and inspiration.

    That bowl looks lovely!

  5. Oh yes!! I have a cushion that sometimes is on the sofa. When I´m sick of seing it there, it changes to the chair I use for painting. Or when I´m done with it at the livingroom it moves to my bed... And back again.

    Lovely new collection, by the way.


  6. Hi, i really like this bold black bowl. I saw this in some initial post & since then have been trying to track in ur old post. Can u tel me whr u got it n wht is the material its made of.


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