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glittered weekend


I've been very sick for the last several days. Thankfully, Jeremiah has helped out around the house & with Israel since coughing has been keeping me up at night and I've been so exhausted already that I've almost been worthless. I did manage to work on something new, glittered pendants, which I am really excited about and want to add to the shop later this week.
I also made some really delicious chocolate peanut butter bars and Israel kept pointing at them and saying, "treat! treat!". He has a birthday coming up soon but we couldn't wait, we bought him this little Mustang. He loves pushing it all over the house.


  1. Glitter nails!!! Love them. I painted mine glitter blue yesterday. Bought another shade today and want to try the fade thing.
    I concur with Israel on the chocolate peanut butter bars.

  2. Will you share the recipe for the chocolate peanut butter bars??

  3. Oh Jennifer- thats rubbish you have been ill. Its so hard being ill with wee ones.

    But my those pendants look good- seriously tempting! XX

  4. despite you being sick, I adore everything in this post! the car is precious and the glitter pendants are amazing! i want a necklace :)

    feel better soon!

  5. love all these shots of your life right now. mostly loving those peanut butter bars........ nomnomnom.

  6. fabulous nails! I tried that out a few weeks ago and loved the ombre effect. hope you are feeling back to yourself again. being sick just isn't an option when you're a mama.

  7. ohhh nice choice on the mustang haha. my dad's an avid mustang fan (he used to own one), i remember playing with a model one too when i was young (err, yeah no wonder i turned into a bit of a tom boy!)

    hope you feel better soon!

  8. Hi! Just found your blog and I love it! It's perfect, you go!!!!

  9. Those pendants are so cool. They would be beautiful as earrings as well :)

  10. oh wowww! i love the nails and adding the glitter to your necklaces is pretty lovely! sooo sweet!

  11. hi! love your blog, your jewelery and all the images! my inquiring mind would like to know: how'd you do the ombre on your nails? just tried to quickly find a youtube instructional vid, but didn't find a good match.

  12. Those bars look SO good! I hope you're feeling much better by now, and are able to sleep without coughing :)

  13. Those bars look delicious, would you be able to share the recipe? Yum!


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