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Friday + kitchens


I would love to redo our kitchen. I mean, I could have perma-grin while swinging a sledge hammer against all that ugly, textured, taupe tile also known as my counter tops. I feel like a bright, new, clean kitchen would improve the rest of the house by 110%. Something similar to these would be just perfect.

Found here.


  1. we are rebuilding the kitchen in our new house, and I am torn between white and black cabinets. the pictures you show make me want to go for the white ones :)

  2. if you go white, you have to go flat panel...cause those groves in the shaker doors ALWAYS get gummed up...

    heck go flat panel no matter what! Our next kitchen will be all out modern!

    love that skinny fridge and the skinny tall cupboards in the final picture!


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