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drumroll please...


I'm excited to be having my first SALE, sort of.

Right now, I'm including a FREE pair of earrings with each order! It's sort of a surprise, so please let me choose the color.
Sale starts today and ends Friday at midnight!

Go here to see my new necklaces and lots of other handmade jewlery.


  1. How exciting. I just placed my order! Thanks for the sweet offer. It was my push to place an order.

  2. I've beenmeaning to tell you how much I love my earrings and ring! Also, loved seeing your return address -- I grew up in Star, Mississippi ;)

  3. I lOVE your stuff. I keep seeing photos of your beautiful earings on pinterest and its nice to find your blog at long last.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Liz x


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