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new butterfly light


My new Schioler butterfly pendant arrived last week, unassembled and still in box. It was missing instructions but honestly, I don't think you need any to begin with. I would have loved a red one but the white is beautiful too. Right now it's actually replacing the Fado glad bulb until the cord arrives but I'm surprised at how well it works. It looks nice above the table but I originally wanted it for the living room...still unsure of where it will end up.

This is the window sill right next to the iMac. I'm really glad to have something green to look at after all of this cold weather and snow. It's ridiculously unpredictable here and it feels like we've experienced Spring to the dead of Winter in the past few days. I don't mind Winter too much, the snow is ethereal and pretty but I love Spring too. I just don't want both simultaneously, ok weather?!


  1. bit of green on the windowsill would be nice to welcome in the new season...i caught up on your posts this morning & love the quartz earrings a couple of posts down - they are gorgeous. have a good week, dayle

  2. Love it! oh wow you're so lucky you've found it! I saw it's sold out now...

  3. oh wow, it's really fantastic!

  4. Hi, first time on your beautiful blog.
    Congratulations on your post, the pendant is gorgeous.
    Hugs from Brasil

  5. Lovely lamp and plants!

  6. a. great lamp
    b. cute plants
    yeah organic forms!

  7. I love it! Looks like it gives off the perfect amount of light!

  8. It looks great, what a super find! I love the white and it doesn't interfere with your great shelf display in the background. :)

  9. Love that light and the way it shines when it's dim in your dining room!

  10. I think the white one was the right choice.
    I agree with The Vintage Cabin about the cool combination with the shelves system and the furnishings in general.
    Great buy and thanks for sharing! :D


  11. I just found your blog and I really like it!! : )

  12. Love your new light, look very nice in your dinning room. Take care ; ) .

  13. So great. I want to make one... I'm not sure how I'd go about making one, but I sure want to try.


  14. That butterfly is so nice! Like your blog also <3


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