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I'll be better next week


I mean that in more ways than one, next week has a lot to live up to. I forgot to put together my favorites list and have only posted very sparsely. I apologize. I also promise not to feature so much food! What is that about?

Yesterday Jeremiah & I took a road trip to IKEA, something we do once a year. We try to stock up if we can, knowing we probably won't be taking the 11 hr round trip again for a while. I can't believe how much work it is to leave for just a day. My mom watched Israel because what 16 month old wants to drive 5 1/2 hrs just to shop for 3 and get back on the road to head home? I know none.

He had a great day with his "Abui", short for abuelita, and we came home exhausted. I'll show you what we got next week. I can tell you this, I'm the one who assembles all furniture in our house. Jeremiah is a guy's guy, don't misunderstand me, he has the capabilities, he just lets me do it because I get so excited about it. I really do, I've assembled every piece of furniture in the house, with only a few exceptions. I'm tired though and really want to get all of the cardboard out of my living room.

Here's my lunch during the trip. I have to say I love their food, maybe just because I work up a hunger but it is always so good. Princess cake, my new favorite dessert!

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