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I am exhausted, anyone else? I feel like I need a weekend from the weekend. I'm headed to bed early so I should be feeling better tomorrow. Back to the grind, or "bump and grind" as my husband likes to call it.
I try to stay away from the computer when Israel is awake but he just loves dancing to Miffy's songs, I had to let him. How does he already know how to hold a mouse? Is it a boy thing?
My sister bought me these shoes for Christmas and I love the patter so much. Someday when I'm old and only feel like wearing orthopedic shoes I can look back at what I used to wear.
Speaking of wear...I cheated a little, only $7 worth though! I found this sweater for the husband and at that price, and considering there was just one left, in his size no less, I was obligated to get it. He still dreams of dressing like an old fisherman, every day. Beard and pipe included.
We finished off the night with some roasted tomato Bruschetta and olives, photographed on my kitchen counter, or as I like to call it, the ugliest counter in the world. Seriously, beige textured tile all over the kitchen and bathrooms? What were they thinking? If we ever decided to buy this place, I would rip these out with my bare hands immediately. Like yesterday.

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