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the weekend in pictures & day 3


We made it two whole days without spending money, well except for a few groceries and
filling up the car with gas of course, the car must eat too apparently.
Saturday we walked around the city to kill time, although it was bitterly cold so the
walk was cut short in order to preserve our cold little digits. I had my ammo, lots of
little organic biscuits for Israel to munch on while we drove nearly 40 minutes either
way. I also got a new scarf, but don't panic, it was an exchange so it cost me nothing,
that's perfectly legal.
By Sunday we were back in the car again, this time to get a few food items to last us
the week...hopefully. Poor Israel was tired of the car but tried to make the best of
another trip. I bought him some almond cookies for the ride home which made us all
I also made some mashed sweet potatoes for dinner, among other things of course, and
used my new cast iron pot that I was given for Christmas. See, there was a strategy to
choosing January as the month to hold back on frivolous purchases.

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