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livet hemma


Ikea livet hemma
We live about 5 hrs away from the nearest Ikea and take our annual trip around this time. We're leaving in a couple weeks and have our list, checked twice. Not on the list, a new kitchen and bathroom! Someday though I'll have the kitchen I actually want and not ugly, textured tile counters.

from Livet Hemma and Tiger


  1. how fun. i dream of their butcher blog countertops. and we do the same thing, an annual shopping trip, although we only have to go two hrs. happy shopping!

  2. well, ikea is always a must shop. we dont have ikea in our country,

  3. Hello tax return! ;) Gotta love Ikea!

  4. ok... promise you will not get mad at me? :) closest ikea is 5min drive :) and yes, love it too! i am now curious about the things you wish to buy! have a great weekend! hugs, twiggs

  5. oh yes the ikea sister visits me several times a year and she always has ikea on her sometimes seems that we always do the same thing whenever she visits...GO TO IKEA!!! X

  6. love that workspace! ikea's at least an hour away from me here....what a bummer...i'm certain that i would just order whatever i want online...yikes.

  7. you are lucky ikea is far. i have it too close to me and it is bad news. impulse buys galore.

  8. I love the painted desk! Did you do that? I actually have to go to Ikea to get a new desk (my old one needs to be put out to pasture) that is a great idea. Glad I found your blog! It's wonderful :)


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