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I've been away the last couple days, excuse my absence. I haven't had much time to
be inspired by much more than the hum drum of every day life. I have been so tired
when I finally get to bed at night that I don't even give a second thought to the
laundry basket at the foot of my bed.
Israel is picking up some more words though, it's adorable! He is a little rambling man
and I love his voice and made up words. He says "Duck" and "Uh-oh" on command but also
signs to eat and a few other little things. I look forward to hearing more about what
goes on in that mind of his, so keep the words coming baby!
Here's a glimpse of what I saw on Pinterest this afternoon. I know want a kitten and bear-toting rat.
Truth be told, I doubt I'll get either, although if there's a possibility of getting
one over the other-I think you know which it would be.

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