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Muji ornaments
Does anyone else get annoyed with retail stores stocking Christmas stuff so early?
Normally that bugs the heck out of me. I guess it still does, let us have Thanksgiving
first, please. Even though I think it's ridiculous how early stores start pushing the
Holiday frenzy on us, I have to say that I'm ready for it this year. I've sort of
embraced the way, way too early mentality and sort of want to find an excuse to put up
Christmas lights. I won't do it now, don't worry. The moment Thanksgiving is over,
though, don't be surprised if I've got holiday boxes full of crap unloaded all over my
dining table.
See, I already bought some ornaments. These ones from Muji were irresistible. I think
I just want to keep it simple and very traditional, nothing crazy. Has anyone else out there given this any thought?

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