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black, white, purple


I am not a fan of purple. Rarely I've seen it used in an appealing, grown up manner,
but I have more negative associations with the color than positive. This could fall
under the first category, a deep, romantic, bluish purple used with lots of black
contrasting clean white walls and raw wood. That golden yellow chair is doing its part
to help as well. It's hard to tell from the first image but the bedspread is purple,
or a shade of. Not bad right? Of course you're entitled to your own opinion about the color,
just don't tell me you'd rather decorate with lavender, that I could not
tolerate...but then again I may be persuaded.



  1. I am not very brave with color, black and white are within my comfort zone but what you shared here is incredibly chic.

  2. Oh, this is so elegant! The purple adds some warmth and interest to the stark black and white. The yellow arm chair is gorgeous too.

  3. This is how I used to feel about blue! (Only I didn't like it because I grew up w so much of it) But I'm coming around...Dark purple is a color I decided to add to my bedroom this yr..w almost the color of yellow in the 2nd pic...I'm loving it so far-which I wasn't sure about since I generally prefer gender neutral rooms...

  4. You've got to love a bit of purple - just look at how awesome that lounge looks!

    If you can't do furniture or walls, a purple vase or a bunch of purple flowers is a pretty nice alternative I think and that's as far as I am committed to purple at my place!

    Stephie x

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  6. i love your blog!
    And I love your header! What typeface are you using? it's lovely

  7. definitely feeling this colour combo. Thanks for the post!

    The Craft

  8. that space looks so comfortable!

  9. I'm not a fan of purple too. but this one looks so
    calm and classy!

  10. Bright purple is not my favorite--and I definitely second your emotion on the lavender--but a deep, rich plum is gorgeous!

  11. oh the yellow and black is GORGEOUS. all these spaces are so cozy and elegant at the same time.

  12. those ceilings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great.

  13. I agree, purple has to be done with great care! I love the tranquility of these shots!

  14. I've always loved purple but you are absolutely right... It needs to be done well.
    Nice collection of images.


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