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wake up to Pears
Now that Israel is eating solid foods regularly, my that was quick, I'm
making his food and freezing it. I've looked all over at different storage
containers but I can't nail anything down. I recently read about the dangers
of freezing plastics so I'm trying to use glass containers.
Any moms out there have suggestions?
I'm thinking of just reusing the glass jars from his first foods but if there
is something better out there, please, let me know!


  1. I've actually read that companies do not recommend using the jars for freezing. I made all of my son's food and froze it as well. I used this site for reference a lot!
    And I purchased trays that are made for freezing.
    Best of luck!

  2. I used 'baby cubes' for Wren's food and those little containers have been so handy! The plastic doesn't have any of the nasty stuff in it. Plus the containers work great for snacks now that Wren isn't eating frozen purée these days. You can find the cubes at babiesrus.

  3. Crate & Barrel has a set of small glass containers that work well. Are his eyes going to stay blue? Our pediatrician said that it looks like Cash's are...mine are green and Owen's are hazel so it looks like they came from his great grandpa.

  4. last question: where do you order your books from? I am looking for a good place to order some more "Oh David" books and Pigeon books :)

    (*Blue eyed babies are so sweet.)

  5. if you go to costco - they have an assortment size (like 18-20 pieces) of glass containers with plastic lock tops that are made in the USA (instead of china).

  6. I've actually heard that it is really easy to just freeze baby food in ice cube trays. You could use silicone ones instead of plastic. Once the food is frozen, you can just dump all the cubes into a big bag and pull out cubes of food as needed. I plan on doing this when I have my baby (this summer, yay!).

  7. I use silicon ice cube trays, and then pop the cubes out once they're frozen and store them in glasslock containers in the freezer. it's a nice little setup :)

  8. This link will hopefully give you what your are looking for! I'm so excited for this stage!!! xo

  9. Oops it didnt post-I will FB it to you!

  10. oh my gosh..i cud eat that lil face up, what?! he is soooo cute j! could i pay u now, u know, for him to marry stella ;)

  11. I think that if you used silicone ice cube trays there is no weird plastics issues and you can pop out ready to go individual portions.

    I feel like I read that somewhere, but I might just be making this up.

  12. Silicon trays are the way to go - you can get different sized ones at Target (made by Wilton's?). These are better than ice cube trays because the portions are bigger. Once the portions are frozen, you pop them out and store them in labeled ziplocks. Works great - trust me!


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