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starting early


This is a far cry from my last post but stay with me.
My husband, Jeremiah, and I grew up in the art community-more him than me though.
We have spent most of our lives in art classes and I've taken everything from drawing & ceramics to Art History (yawn!).
We secretly, and not so secretly, hope that Israel grows up to have a passion for art and creating like his mum & dad do.
He's only 4 mos old but I bought these modeling waxes and crayon ring for him.
Of course we won't live vicariously through him but it doesn't hurt to try!

"I'm new here"


First, please excuse the awful bathroom lighting, we don't have a single window in here.
Also, just forget the ugly bathroom tile, it's there to stay for now so ignore it, that's what I do!

I really needed something simple and clean to organize my bathroom essentials so I bought this tray from CB2 and it does the job nicely, don't you think?

"I'm new here"


I ordered these dried Craspedia and they arrived yesterday!
I normally don't buy dried flowers but these look so great dried & they'll last all year round.

I'm starting a new little weekly series called "I'm new here" to introduce you to new finds & little additions to the house.
Let me know what you think!

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