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A minimal hillside house in Norway, made from 6 cubes


A home in Norway was created using 6 cubes of varying sizes that are intended to give the residents a cozy feel as a shelter from the Nordic winter days and nights by Norm Architects. The concept of the cluster design overlaps one another giving dwellers the feeling of togetherness without inhabiting one room. The house, situated near the town of Gjøvik and Mjøsa Lake, is situated on a hillside that overlooks a woodland area. Cold concrete contrasts warm wood materials which are repeated seamlessly throughout the house, varying subtly in finish from room to room to mark separation from one space to the next.


A minimalist escape in France, by Nicholas Schuybroek


The minimalist holiday home, S House, was recently complete by Belgian architects Nicolas Schuybroek of NS Architects In Cap d'Antibes, Côte d'Azur, France. The modern architecture juxtaposes the natural surroundings with the strong use of concrete. Indoors however the same minimal principles from the outside were applied. Concrete flooring and walls further accentuate while natural light floods in through carefully positioned skylights above the two master bedrooms’ shower stalls. Neutral toned furniture and wood-finishes add to the overall minimalist scheme of the S House.


Win a rug! Giveaway with Mum's Designs


Earlier this week I posted a giveaway with Mum's from Finland. They make these fantastic, fair trade rugs and you can win this one for yourself if you head over to IG and leave a comment tagging 1 friend. Extra entries if you repost this to your Facebook. Good luck!

How to create a capsule wardrobe with Andy Heart

Nearly one year ago exactly I spent the first month of 2017 discussing minimalism on the blog with A Month of Minimalism. Pretty straightforward title right? January is always a month for me that contrasts December, and I suspect many others feel the same way. The pendulum always swings the other way doesn't it? From a month of decadent foods, nostalgic decor and extra partying, we find ourselves on the other side of all that when January arrives. Maybe not the first few days but once the holiday decor and food have been swept out of your home, one can find themselves wanting to streamline for the new year.

As part of the series I shared a little feature with Apphia Michaels, who has a very selective style, even with two kids. She mentioned the idea of a capsule wardrobe and the thought of it has never left my mind. Fast forward to this year and I have the amazing Ann Kim from Andy Heart, an expert in great style and dressing minimally, give us her own take on creating a capsule wardrobe and the key pieces to start with! I can't imagine where I'd start with such a task but Ann makes it look so simple. If you've ever wondered about those key basic items every wardrobe needs or if you've wanted to try creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself, this is the perfect place to start!

1. Trenchcoat: This versatile piece looks just as good worn buttoned up and alone as it does casually over a pair of jeans or a dress.
2. Blazer: From jeans and a t-shirt to an evening suit or silky slip, the black blazer is one of the key pieces in high rotation in my wardrobe.
3. Cashmere Sweater: One essential I always have in my closet. The Everlane cashmere sweater is lightweight, soft and the perfect fit.
4. Dress: The versatile black slip dress can be layered over a thin sweater or under a leather jacket. The slip works from day to night.
5. Tank/Tee: A classic effortless piece for layering or wearing alone.
6. Everyday Denim: A good pair of jeans that fit your body. I love my vintage Levis but for the perfect fit I get them tailored to fit just right.
7. Black trousers: A good tailored pant is my go-to and nothing beats a beautifully cut pair of cropped pants.
8. Bag: The perfect everyday bag should fit all your essentials and can be worn more than one way. As a shoulder or a top handle bag.
9. Jewelry: Love this distinctive yet timeless piece by Kat Kim that adds something unique to your everyday look.
10. OOPS, I can't count!
11. Pumps: This style works dressed up or down, adding a feminine touch to any outfit.
12. Sneakers: The perfect nonchalant piece that works across just about any occasion.
13. Flats: These Martiniano flats are my everyday shoe, comfortable and easy to pair with any look.

You can stay connected with Ann over at Andy Heart, on Facebook and Instagram!

8 favorite kitchens


Comprehensive lists like this are a little daunting for me to compose because the moment I hit the "publish" button there will be another kitchen, another home that I adore and found too late to add to this list. So if I'm real honest, I've been collecting these over the course of a couple months, hoping to track down some of my most adored kitchen spaces.
Almost 4 years ago we renovated our own kitchen and since then, as you might imagine, my tastes have changed. Our mostly white kitchen is still bright and cheery and super clean looking (when it's actually clean) but now I'm drawn much more to muted colors, greys and warm taupes with an all over color. New materials or new places for food preparation never cease to inspire like open fire cooking or even a Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen. Or kitchens with lime was backsplashes or dark wood cabinets doors. While my tastes have changed some, these kitchens stand out as some of my most favorite and I've gathered what I could find to share with you!

1/ Monochrome
Practically a singular color, this matte moleskin painted concept kitchen created by Lotta Again for last year's Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, photographed by the talented Katerina from ODL.

2/ MDF
I've really embraced using out-of-the-ordinary materials in a kitchen but even I'm surprised by how nice this MDF kitchen from Plaza Interior looks. Painted with a clear matte finish, the color is like that of craft paper or cardboard but it looks ever so nice with brass handles and marble counters.

3/ Brass

Robert Lindvall's kitchen design includes a brass plated island. I'm unsure of how this sort of material wears with food and water but I'm sure it patinas into a very rich a organic color. This against the valchromat cabinets is quite striking.

4/ Elegant

A large kitchen with ample storage, ladder included, and a central kitchen island for easy access to counter space from Kobenhavns Mobelsnedkeri.

5/ Soft minimalism

Cheery and bright this from Bulthaup kitchen proves you don't need white to have plenty of light in the kitchen.

6/ Dark

Norm Architects designed this dark on dark kitchen for The Silo with dark wooden cabinets, countertops, backsplash and even tap.

7/ Furniture-like

This kitchen lacks upper cabinets and the bottoms have legs, resembling a piece of furniture rather than kitchen cabinets. Photographed by Fanny Hansson for Nordiska Kök.

8/ Accented in chrome

A home I shared last summer feels distinct by it's styling with chrome accents, hardware and pale wood counters.

9/ Warm wood

A kitchen by Garde Hvalsøe, who also happened to make the personal kitchen of renowned chef Rene Redzepi. The all wood look is beautiful and simple.

A collection of furniture that resembles cuddly creatures


French designer Pierre Yovanovitch has designed a collection of chairs which resembles bears and inspired by the fairytale of Goldilocks. The chairs come in three sizes including Papa, Mama and baby chair. Recently they were on display in New York for an exhibition titled OOPS at Tribeca gallery R & Company.

"I sought to make it, in a way, a dialogue between 20th and 21st century design – while I have a passion for contemporary works, I also feel as though paying homage to historical design disciplines is an act of respect as a designer."

A set of lights by Yovanovitch was named ET, due to a resemblance to the iconic alien in Steven Spielberg's 1982 movie.

Welcome, 2018


I never did schedule a post for Christmas day or even Christmas Eve but I wanted to make sure to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2017 was a greta year in many respects but I have new goals for 2018 and am making them a priority. More on that later.

For now, I leave you with my most sincere thank you. Thank you for so much for reading, for commenting, for reposting and following along. I'm incredibly grateful to have been able to blog another year and to have a place to share inspiration and projects.

Wishing you all health, joy and peace for the new year!

5 living rooms that blend style and comfort


If someone were to ask you to imagine a truly stylish living space, what would you see in your mind's eye? A designer sofa, expensive lighting, pottery or glass accessories or perhaps beautiful but uncomfortable antique chairs? Do you imagine the room to also be comfortable?
For some style and comfort aren't always synonymous with each other but in a living space comfort is such a key element in the room. Comfort doesn't necessarily mean oversized furniture with enormous, billowing cushions. Comfort can be in colors, emotions, a general vibe in the space that creates peace or a feeling of warmth.
Here are a few examples of living rooms that look appealing and full of style, like the one above from Pella Hedeby, that still retain those elements of comfort that have not been compromised.

An interior I featured not too long ago by Hanna Wessman is filled with darker colors and does not spare some feeling of luxury with the oversized artwork which reminds me of some I saw in southern california houses for sale we saw this last summer while on vacation as well as the velvety carpet and daybed.

Another living room you might recognize, from Lotta Agaton, features large windows with plenty of natural light and the Dandy sofa with very soft, rounded lines from Mass Productions. The chairs are lounge shape, with their deep slope and inviting with their dark wood finish.

A living room from Danielle Siggerud with subtle repeating textile from the walls, pottery and sofa. The colors vary only slightly and the warm tones makes the whole scene feel very soft and cozy. Regardless of your own personal home decor collection, you can create a similar look easily by repeating colors in the same family as well as keeping the space edited and free of clutter.

An all time favorite of mine, from the home of Claes Juhlin, the room is anything but lacking style but it also has everything needed to sit and relax in. Many cushions do not look overdone in the same fabric as the sofa and marble table with just a few choice items leaves empty space for books, coffee cups and even the remotes!


A bright and minimal interior


A wonderful interior design by Olga Fradina, a residence with open space, natural light and few accessories. 3D visuals by Pshenychnyi Igor Olga Fradina.


MAKE / a simple, vegan cauliflower leek soup made with your blender


Cooking is one of those things I have a love hate relationship with. Some days it is obligatory drudgery and other days I feel completely inspired by a simple recipe or by a craving. Since we all have to eat and many of us also cook for others, I suspect I'm not the only one who has on and off days with meal prep. Even so I will choose a homemade meal over a store bought or fast food dish any day. Knowing up close and personal which ingredients go into your food, being able to personalize something with your most favorite flavors, and the feeling of making something with your own two hands are preeeetty good reasons to make it yourself!
I've partnered with Kenmore and their personal blender to share a quick and easy vegan cauliflower leek soup recipe that you can assemble and puree quickly while.

Head on over to their site for the full list of ingredients and directions. I promise it's SO good and easier than you might imagine. Use organic ingredients, or not, and add some of your own favorite garnishes.

*This post was sponsored by Kenmore, all words and photos are by me.


A peaceful bedroom in pale shades


I've said this before but the best bedrooms for me are the ones that feel quiet and soft. My own room sometimes becomes crowded with the kids' things, laundry and papers so I'm always aiming to have a space that I can relax in without all the reminders of the day surrounding me as I sleep. Because even in the dark, I know they are there! A bedroom like this is so simple it's really only designed for one thing, sleeping.

Styled by Marie Ramse and photographed by Sara Medina Lind for JM.


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