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ferm Living x Agern


Ferm Living has joined forces on a series of images created with Icelandic chef, Gunnar Gíslason of New Nordic restaurant Agern, in NYC. Agern is a part of the Danish Claus Meyer's ventures in the USA. The lovely series of images combine Agern's exclusive signature dishes, served and photographed on ferm LIVING's series of tableware Neu and Sekki, the Ripple Glass series, Asymmetric Cutting Boards, and Fein cutlery which are linked down below.

"Agern has proved continually that not only do they care about the great craftsmanship of the food and focus on detail but that they combine this with a strong vision of how the scene should be shaped in the future. This is a strategy that we can recognise in ourselves, and the agreement between us felt like a natural fit," Trine Andersen, founder of and creative director at ferm, says.


8 metallic candle holders


I'm finding it hard to adjust to the seasons, mostly just for the lack of light. The evening comes much sooner now and doing homework with the kids and making dinner when the sky is black, I'm feeling slow to adjust to it all. One of the best remedies to the dark months are those cozy elements that we really don't need in the summer. The fireplace, a warm blanket, wool socks, and of course (and most importantly) candle light! That's why I've gathered 8 of my favorite Scandinavian candle holders, along with a few others down below. Candle light can carry you through otherwise bleak and dark weather to make the most of this time by creating a cozy and inviting environment!


A home in rust, clay and aubergine

A stunning apartment accurately styled for the season in strokes of rust, clay and deep aubergine for Fantastic Frank. Even the bathroom has warm pinks and plums to vibe with the accessories around the rest of the house. I love how autumnal the styling in this place feels especially since the weather currently seems to be skipping over Fall and heading straight into Winter. Six months of Autumn wouldn't be enough, I love this in subtle season, when it actually feels subtle.

Found via Fantastic Frank.

Clay Series


The Clay Series was photographed by Danielle Selig who also shot this SS'17 campaign for COS.


DCW Editions lamp is encapsulated in brass


The torch-like lamp, called ISP was designed by Ilia Sergeevich Potemine for DCW Editions and took an engineer over 18 months to work out all
its technical aspects. With no bulbs and no switches ISP's light rests completely inside a brass sheath but can be pulled out as well. The lamp works as a table lamp, a paper weight, a piece of art for your mantle or as a wall mounted lamp. It's both minimal and grand with it's sleek design and luxuries materials.


A new location for this Stockholm salon, Paloma Dolores


Almost exactly one month ago in Stockholm three women named Anna, Karin and Isabella open their newer and larger hair salon location.

The women designed and sketched the renovation for their new spots and chose every facet of the interior themselves. From the color palette to mirrors and even the bespoke smocks made exclusively for Paloma Dolores, every part of this space has evidence of their personal handiwork. The owners even got their handy boyfriends to pitch in on a lot of the work.

The beautiful photos were taken by Ulrika, who will recognize from her recent articles including this Autumnal DIY and part I of a city guide to STHLM! Find the new location at Östgötagatan, in Södermalm.

For more commercial/retail interiors, check these out!

Tour the home of a Swedish fashion designer and actor in their childhood home


Nicole works as a fashion designer for & Other Stories and Andreas Wilson is an actor. They live in Enskedefältet, just outside Stockholm with their two children in the home Nicole grew up in. Once they moved in however they had to make the place their own and changed virtually every surface, moved walls and completely remodeled the kitchen which is now on the opposite side of the house.
Also, their amazing Rio coffee table is by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina!

Found via Residence.

Styling by Alexandra Ogonowski

Foto by Erik Lefvander

Pistachio and hazelnut


Shades of warmth with pale pistachio green, a current color combo I'm liking right now.

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Interior design inspiration from one of your favorite clothing stores?


Have you checked out Zara Home lately? I often forget it's even there until a few nights ago when I fell down some rabbit hole, thanks to Pinterest, and landed back on their home page. If you want my honest opinion, I still think their clothing selection is superior to their home line but there are definitely some nice budget friendly interior accessories to be found if you do a little searching.

What I liked most was this bathroom styling. Often bathrooms are not so elegant, I know in many of the standard homes where we live they can be down right ugly, so one as elegant and stylish as this one is a dream.

And look at this dining room! These Pierre Jeanneret cane dining chairs have become all the rage lately, popping up all over interiors and Instagram alike. Obviously not from Zara, these were designed by Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret sometime before the 1960's.


A gallery-like kitchen fades from beige to white


For me the kitchen and bathrooms in a house need to be modern, bright and clean. The cozy elements are best used in bedrooms and living rooms where textiles can be layered on. With kitchens however, where so much food prep, washing and cooking are done, I love smooth clean surfaces like the ones in this kitchen. The simple lines and well lit corners really elevate this to near gallery quality, including a spotlit display nook right in the center of it all. Pinkish beige cabinets are a color I wouldn't have thought to choose but with a grey backsplash they seem to fade into the lighter color of the island.

Apartment in Göteborg available at Reveny, found via Sarah Van Peteghem.

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