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Kjær Weis organic makeup



I like organic makeup as much as the next person but often time the packaging isn't very nice, especially for the price. Danish brand Kjær Weis was created to give women a makeup choice that wouldn't have negative reactions due to their synthetic chemical ingredients. The packaging is also healthy, refillable cases that contribute less to waste.

Also, just look at these colors!


Perspective Studio


AMM blog | The new Perspective Studio

If you're in Stockholm make sure to check out the new Perspective Studio. Check out that beautiful Worstead table lamp!
Their website is still under construction but the studio is founded by Robin Klang, you can follow him on Instagram here.

AMM blog | The new Perspective Studio

a kitchen in mint

AMM blog | a kitchen in mint

A set of subtle grey/green cabinets from Frederik Vercruysse's portfolio.

Bruno Mathsson's Karin chair


AMM blog | Bruno Mathsson's Karin chair

Is it possible to have too many chairs? Well it is but they're certainly one piece of furniture I could easily collect. Bruno Mathsson's Karin chair from the 1960's is one of those I'd like to "collect" but use also.
The padded cushion appeals to my comfort but the chrome legs appeal to my desire for simple, modern lines.

a consistently neutral interior


AMM blog | a consistently neutral interior, photos by Petra Bindel

This weekend flew by, did it not? We took the kids into the mountains for day camping, cooked a pizza over an open fire and roasted marshmallows. Both the little ones loved it but this morning we are back to it, back to school and classes and running around again.

There's something desirable to me about homes that look consistent from room to room. I'm not saying everything needs to be exactly the same but that they compliment each other somehow, that there is a cohesiveness felt throughout the entire home. I strive for this in my own place because I feel we are lacking, I get an idea for a paint color or fall in love with one piece of furniture and the house tends toward chaos a bit more than cohesion quickly.

Particularly in this calm and collected place, photographed by the talented Petra Bindel and styled by Emma Persson Lagerberg, a color palette safely contained within shades of warm wood, whites, browns and grey keep a similar look from room to room.

AMM blog | photos by Petra Bindel
AMM blog | photos by Petra Bindel
AMM blog | photos by Petra Bindel
AMM blog | photos by Petra Bindel
AMM blog

Found via Danielle Witte, with thanks.

laundry room renovation in the making


AMM blog | laundry room renovation in the making

You've already heard that we are making some changes in the kitchen but that's not the only room in the house that will be seeing change soon. Soon after we bought this house the first thing we did was to wipe out the old kitchen and start from scratch, replacing all appliances and cabinets with versions that were a total opposite to the ugly beige contractor kitchen first built with the house.

Then earlier this year we changed one of the bathrooms with a new concrete countertop, stainless steel sink & faucet, tile and a fresh coat of paint to the existing cabinets. I added brass knobs, towel hooks and grey paint on the walls. I've shared bits and pieces of this Instagram but not a formal tour here on the blog because the bathroom is small enough that I can't fit it in the cropped lens of my DSLR. :/

Now we have the larger bathroom (master) and laundry room that need updating and I'm so (SO) excited that the laundry room is finally getting a facelift. It's not a part of the house that I share often on the blog, I mean we all love living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens but we rarely talk about bathrooms and mud/entry/laundry type of rooms despite being high traffic areas that get used nearly every day. Our laundry room currently untouched (spare the new simple light fixture) the original beige linoleum floor, beige walls and honey colored cabinets, just like what our kitchen used to have. Yuck.

To begin with we desperately needed a new washer and dryer. I know some of my European and Australian readers don't use a dryer but I cannot live without it, or at least I don't want to so buying a new pair was a must. We are staying very simple with this and going for mostly white to match the majority of the house, and also because this room receives 0% natural light, I want the feeling of brightness. Nothing ground breaking here, this is all about making the room efficient, clean and organized.

I am also happy to share that I have partnered with LG to try out their SideKick which functions as an additional washing machine in the footprint of a laundry pedestal. From now until October 19th LG is having a promotion: buy a 4 piece laundry bundle* and LG will upgrade you to an LG SideKick™ at no extra cost! Check here for more info.
*4-piece laundry bundle including LG front-load washer, companion dryer, LG SideKick pedestal washer and dryer storage pedestal

With new appliances in place here's what we still need to in the coming month:

/ attach LG SideKick to front-load washer (I will be giving one of these away in the coming weeks!) and pedestal to dryer
/ paint walls white-just to match the rest of the house
/ tile half way up the wall with white mosaic sheets and white grout
/ remove existing cabinets and replace with Ikea's Sektion (I already have two of these in storage)
/ add brass handles-these are part of the same series of pulls we have in one of our bathrooms
/ remove old flooring and replace with grey concrete tile-this is the same as our entryway tile
/ replace soaps and sprays with generic containers & spray bottles for a more minimal look
/ new laundry baskets and clothes hamper

Stay tuned for progress, we are going to start the tile work this weekend thanks to my handy husband.

**this post was created in partnership with LG, all words beside the promo disclosure are my own


a dress with an undone hem


AMM blog | undone hem from Black Crane

This Painter Dress from Black Crane has a raw, frayed hem and puckered texture that make it look comfortable and easy.
At least you won't have to worry about wrinkles, anyway! I'm all about varying textures right now.

sunset print

AMM blog | sunset print

Yesterday's sunset casts shadows on Atelier CPH's print interpretation of the last moments of sun, adding warmth and burnt orange tones to the house. I've never been fond of orange, but when I say orange I think the fruit or pumpkins maybe and the saturated out-of-the-crayon-box color that comes to mind isn't attractive to me. However this warmer more subtle version that leans more towards a brown tone, I love especially now that Fall isn't too far away.

Also the frame is this really great design from Moebe, a recessed elastic keeps the frame together giving a very thin line of oak around an image not to mention this makes it very easy to pop prints or photos in and out quickly.




Hi everyone! This week has been slow start but I'm breaking away from talking about interiors for a moment because I have a fun giveaway for a $100 giftcard with Famous Footwear, which you can enter on Instagram by following me and @famousfootwear. Also because who doesn't love/need shoes, right?

Giveaway lasts for 24 hours so go comment and good luck. :)


Socks are from COS and culottes from Zara.

Thank you to Famous Footwear for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


La Granja, Ibiza


AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

Apologies for my silence the last several days, I've just been enjoying some quiet time with the kids. We took them to the sand dunes yesterday and hiked up the mounds, the kids later sliding down on their bums. It was fun but exhausting work and everyone slept well last night!


This dark, moody, rustic hotel came across my path last night and I bookmarked it right before I succumbed to sleep. Ibiza's La Granja, Spanish for The Farm, is a hotel created from what was once a private residence until German design studio Dreimeta converted it for Design Hotels.

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

Honoring the building's Moorish and Iberian architecture, The Farmhouse has been designed to marry calmness and relaxation.

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

“The art of imperfect beauty is accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. Using flawed and scarred materials and surfaces we’ve alluded to the enigma of time passing.”
— Armin Fischer, Dreimeta Design Studio

AMM blog | LA Granja, Ibiza

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza


an elegant apartment in muted greys and gold



Excuse me while I 'google translate' this but it appears that Nybrogatan 19 represented by Oscar Properties is a project which will renovate an historic building into 40 modern homes with turn-of-the-century details. These appear to be digital renderings, or at least partially digital but they're beautiful nonetheless and while I wondered for a moment if it's in poor taste to feature a faux interior, I like the layout of the kitchen, the large windows in the living room and the marbled tile bathroom too much not to share.




a tile candidate for the kitchen


An update on the kitchen changes...

This tile sample is currently resting on the kitchen counter (although in the photo it it's sitting on the dining room cabinets) as I try to decide how I feel about it. I'm hoping to add warmth to the kitchen but my first reaction is this is too warm, too brown for the kitchen currently. Maybe something more like a greige is better?
This tile is 18" square so it would leave only a few seams along the back wall, which is what I would like. My first reaction to tile in the kitchen is that I want something smooth without seams to keep it as clean as possible, though maybe just a few (exactly 6 along the back wall) grouted seams isn't so bad?


The jury is still out on this one.

/ the Studio Arhøj bowl from Stilleben

7 objects = modern dining room design


AMM blog | dining room moodboard

We don't have any major plans to change up our dining room but it's still fun to pretend, and possibly give you ideas for your own dining space. I like the slim lines here in the cabinet, pendant light, dining chair, and Matisse line drawing which keeps it all light and elegant.

Barn Cabinet form Danish brand Woud / Brushed Brass Lamp from Anour / Le Buisson by Henri Matisse / adorne Greige 1 Gang Wall Plate with Magnesium Touch Switch / Hay's Soft Edge chair / Hay's Terrazzo table / Knoll Platner chair

the Akari E lamp


AMM blog | Akari E

Mulberry bark paper lamp called "Akari E" designed in 1951 by Isamu Noguchi, I have the smaller table sculpture myself and I love the asymmetric shape.

after a slow weekend


AMM blog | green bedroom

It's Sunday night and I'm trying to wrap my head around this week's to-do's. I got sick last week which always frustrates me because I fall behind with should see the house. Laundry anyone?

Whatever strange sickness I had has come and gone, thankfully but now back to it. Back to the gym routine, catching up on cleaning, a couple doctor's appointments and work catch up. I've got my calendar for the week filled out and fingers are crossed that I can stay on top of it.

From my bedroom corner, here's to a happy and productive week for us all!

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