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Poster Club X Atelier CPH


New print designs as a collaboration between Danish print store The Poster Club and design studio Atelier CPH.

Stay tuned for a great giveaway you'll want to be a part of, where you can win a print from the new collection! More details coming soon.

Photos by Morten Bentzon.

Christophe Delcourt



Interior inspiration for the weekend, courtesy of Christophe Delcourt.

In love with this Form ring set


Back in my high school days (early 2000's) I collected silver rings. They were an eclectic mixture of rings my mother made in her metalwork class during college, some given to me for birthdays/Christmas and a couple I could afford with the money I earned working retail part time. I went through a phase of wearing this wide silver band on my thumb and stacking the others together on most fingers of both hands. My dad used to tease me that I looked like a gypsy, but I loved those rings for a long time. After all these years I'm not sure where most of them went, lost and probably give back to my mom. The fond memories of those rings, worn daily for years, making funny tan lines on my hands during the summer and always having to take them off during pottery class, these memories though are still found.


Now in my early 30's I still like rings but it's impractical for me at home, with two kids, to wearing a metal band on every finger, neither do I want to if it were practical to do. However I still like to have one, or two bands (sans jewels) to add a bit of shine and motivate me to keep my nails manicured.
J.Hannah makes a set of two rings called Form that absolute is PERFECTION. You know I'm sincere about this because how often do I write here in all caps? Next to never. Reminds me of my high school days but much more sophisticated and fitting for me now.

Wishlist? No. NEEDlist.

Luxury apartment living in Stockholm



Scenic city views and luxurious furnishings, this KLARA VÄSTRA KYRKOGATA 17 apartment decor accessories like the Georg Jensen fluid pitcher, vintage velvet sofa, tables from Friends & Founders, Flos Snoopy lamp, Serge Mouille's floor lamp, sculptural desk from NEB and Byredo in the bathroom.


My tiny ballerina / Tutu du Monde


Elin is wearing another beautiful garment form the wonderful Tutu du Monde, who makes some of the most extraordinary garments, capes and accessories for little girls. For her birthday last month we had a ballerina themed party and she began ballet classes the following week. She doesn't wear this to practice but at home she likes to dress up and this little romper makes her feel very special.

I try to savor these times because I know they are fleeting. Times when she freely twirls around the house singing and dancing and wearing things that are as beautiful as her imagination!


Crown Easy Chair form Mass Productions

Chair love, from Swedish Mass Productions.

A Winter Salad & Pumpkin Soup


An enticing winter meal to make using root vegetables, lentils and feta. The full recipe is form Artilleriet and is written out in Swedish, although I tried to translate it, I don't want to be responsible for mistaking something incorrectly. So check out the details yourself and use google translate if you need it. ;)


My bedroom redo / darker floors revealed


The best renovation projects for me are the ones that yield quick results. Tasked with painting a room or removing then replacing floors can feel daunting to approach but gratefully this renovation in our bedroom was fast and painless. Within one day's time we went from bright and white to dark and handsome with rich brown Dominion Steele Chestnut laminate floors by Quick•Step.

Last week I shared our plan with the new floors, inspiration and thoughts about how meaningful and impactful flooring can be, today I share finished images with detailed images of the new flooring from Quick•Step. We're very pleased with the outcome and the way it's changed the whole feeling and look in our bedroom. Want to see even more images including "before & after"? Head over to Quick•Step Style where you can see even more photos of the new finished room. As part of the RoomUP Blogger Challenge you can also check out other blogger makeovers using different finishes and flooring colors.

Don't forget to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes where you can win new flooring for yourself!

Get more inspiration from Quick•Step on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also download their Style My Floor app to see how their floors would look in your home.

Norm Architects Create Curve Tables for Shaker Inspired Brand, Furnishing Utopia

Debuted at last week's Stockholm Furniture Fair, Norm Architects have designed these tables to look different depending on the angle at which you observe them. The tables were created for Furnishing Utopia, who reimagines old time Shaker furniture into more modern styles that are relevant to today.


Current Mantle


At home with a bit of sun and a collection of things including a watering can and books on our mantle.

My bedroom redo / going darker


Several years ago, before we purchased this house, we convinced the landlord to let us put new floors in. Looking back it was sort of a bold move but I was desperate to get away from carpet. Our son was sensitive to dust and no amount of vacuuming ever made it look very nice. At first the answer was no but after a few months of persistence he agreed. We chose a very inexpensive white washed floor, assuming in a couple short years we would be living somewhere else so this wasn't supposed to be an investment project. Fast forward almost 4 years and we are still in the same home, with the low budget floors we thought would only need to last us a year or two. While the floor we installed has done so much for reflecting light and making the space feel clean, if I could redo it I would go for a higher quality and a bit darker color.

When Quick•Step approached me about trying out their laminate wood flooring as part of their RoomUP Blogger Challenge, I enthusiastically said yes! While it would be fun to redo every room we were not about to embark on a project of that size. Our bedroom seemed like the ideal place to give new floors a try. A space that I sometimes use for work and a personal space for my husband and I to read and relax when the kids are asleep, the bedroom needs to be a space that is distinct from the rest of the house.

Choosing the right color was quite easy and after reviewing several samples I chose Quick•Step’s Dominion Steele Chestnut flooring after observing it in different lighting and against some of our stuff. I knew in my mind that I wanted to find something not only darker than our white wash but in a greyed out brown. Considering our bedroom's natural light along with bedding, lighting and furniture, I wanted to choose something that would work well with what we already had as well as a few things we had on our wishlist. You can see from the moodboard some new pieces were blended with existing pieces in natural tones that would complement the new chestnut floors.

Rather than a very warm or orange brown I was quickly drawn to browns with a faded, almost ash hue. Quick•Step has a large range of finishes and species, different thicknesses and surfaces so you're certainly not limited by lack of options.  

You can read in more detail about my process and here on Quick•Step Style and enter to win free Quick•Step flooring for yourself in the RoomUP Sweepstakes. Who doesn't want FREE flooring?! Come on.  

Get more inspiration from Quick•Step on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also download their Style My Floor app to see how their floors would look in your home.


Trends stand at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

Lotta Agaton's living space for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair | AMM blog
The super stylist Lotta Agaton has created a living space complete with dining area, bedroom study and living room at the Stockholm furniture fair and it is, unsurprisingly, gorgeous. She has an ability to make everything so beautiful.

Do you recognize those Nikari April tables I love so much and mentioned recently in my round up of coffee tables?
Lotta also used Frank Gehry's Wiggle chairs for Vitra, photo artwork
by Kalle Gustafson
, rug from Dahl agency, Alcro's Shade of Grey Feather paint, velvet sofa from Monica Förster for Fogia, Saw Table/Bench from Friends and Founders, the lounge chairs are PK25 by Poul Kjaerholm and I think the pedestals are from Matti Carlson. Similar lantern pendant from New Works here.

Lotta Agaton's living space for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair | AMM blog
Lotta Agaton's living space for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair | AMM blog
Lotta Agaton's living space for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair | AMM blog

Photos from Pella Hedeby and Elisabeth Heier.

Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White

Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White | AMM blog

Designed by Paul Hedqvist and built in 1957, a renovated home with large windows and kitchen from Kvänum gets a new style. Thanks to Annaleena who employed the help of some of her own products in the form of candleholders and tables, the space has a unique style that's modern and lush. The warm cabinets in the kitchen against the steel backslash is surprisingly lovely.

Tables and candleholders from her shop, the beautiful Gubi Stay sofa, mirrored table from Perspective Studio, Fritz Hansen Series 7 chairs, Hem's Key side table, Taccia lamp by Flos (which I've been seeing so much of lately) the Mantis wall lamp, and the beautiful suede boxes and trays by Nordstjerne.

Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White | AMM blog
Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White | AMM blog
Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White | AMM blog
Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White | AMM blog

How to get a new sofa without buying a new sofa...


Not sure at this point if I've talked about this on the blog or if it was to a friend but when it comes to sofas I have my favorites! Pretty much all would need to be imported and are all what I like to call investment pieces, not budget friendly but certainly within the buy less, buy well school of thought. I like sofas with cushions built in or somewhat discreet, for example one long seat cushion rather than 2 or 3. My reality does not cease to remind me that as long as the kids are young and use the sofa for fort building and as a trampoline, my priority when it comes to sofas is not aesthetics first but primarily how washable and low maintenance the sofa is. We've had an IKEA Nockeby since Elin was just a few months old, somewhere around 2.5 yrs. It was a budget buy, large enough for several people to sit on or for one person to sleep on with generous cushions that aren't too stiff but also don't feel like sofa quicksand. You know the kind, the new sofa that looks deceivingly firm but as soon as you lean in sit down the sofa has tried to inhale you and regaining a standing position could not be achieved without the help or a friend. Well our Nockeby isn't one of those either. Beyond the comfort and price we also like the Nockeby because it is from IKEA which means besides a warrantee you can also easily find custom covers from Bemz.

Two years ago our chair got a new look, and since then Bemz has made me a believer that being stuck with an IKEA sofa is not as uninspired as it sounds. In the last few years we've had multiple covers for the sofa, all from IKEA and all were less than thrilling. The colors were not quite right or the weave of another held onto crumbs or yet another pilled like crazy! Bemz has a much larger variety including velvet, cotton, canvas and linen. Bemz sent over some samples and I was happy to see that new velvet covers were available for the Nockeby! Ultimately I chose a different fabric because we have a velvet ottoman and our area rug has a very velvet-y texture. Trying to avoid velvet overkill I chose a linen blend, because I do love linen so.

Before & after photos coming soon!

Make / almond milk that tastes so much better than the store bought variety.



At home we consume a lot of almond milk. Oatmeal, cereal and smoothies are common foods for the kids especially who are both very picky eaters. In my defense I did provide plenty of opportunity for raw fruits and vegetables when they were younger as well as exposing them to a variety of fish, eggs and other types of meat. Despite my best efforts they are both still challenging to feed. One day Elin loves black beans, cucumbers and yogurt and the next day she wouldn't consider touching them. My son is toast obsessed and loves different kinds of bread it with different kids of butter and mashed avocado.

The other day I was reading the label on of the store bought almond milks, not terrible but there were a few necessary ingredients that I thought just don't need to be there. After all it only takes almonds and a bit of water to make almond milk, why the extras? Also we had run out of almond milk and the prospect of dressing the kids, packing them in the car and driving 15 mins for a carton of milk seemed ridiculous. Ultimately we still had to wait until the next day because the almonds need to soak for several hours. Out of curiosity I did buy some remade milk from the store and we all had a blind taste test and unanimously agreed the homemade version tasted much better, even sweeter despite not having added anything besides water.


To make you'll need at least 1 cup of raw almonds, cheese cloth (I used flood cloth which has a slightly tighter weave but still works well) and a container for storing your milk in the fridge.

Soak the almonds overnight in water, you just need enough to cover them completely with a bit of extra because they will absorb some of the water.

In the morning drain the almonds and throw them in a blender with about 2 parts water (if you soaked 1 cup raw almonds, add 2 cups water to the blender). Blend well.

Line a large bowl with a clean cheese cloth. Pour the blended almond/water mixture over the cloth and twist the cloth tightly so that the milk pushed through the bottom of the cloth. Once you've squeezed out every possible drop of liquid from those overworked almonds, pour your beautiful milk from the bowl into a cover pitcher or bottle.

Drink cold from a glass or mix it with muesli, oats or blend with fruit and frozen bananas...which is our lazy meal go-to. ;)


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