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The tree is up!


Over the weekend we brought home our Christmas tree. We could have brought home a taller tree but I think I prefer a medium-isa tree so that it doesn't overwhelm the entire room. We used the ornaments I mentioned in last week's post for 5 Days of Christmas and the kids did most of the work, they LOVE decorating the tree. I just go back after they're in bed and move around a few ornaments that they doubled up on the same branch. Kids don't care about symmetry but I let them put everything where they want and they haven't noticed the move. ;)


Our simple way of sorting trash & recycling at home


Recycling has been a responsibility the family shares but I try to get the kids involved as well. We kept some sorting bins in the garage but sometimes those few extra steps down the hall kept glass and plastic lingering around inside the house. When I was introduced to the dual compartment bins from SimpleHuman, I knew this would be a more more seamless way of processing waste and recycling around the house! The bin also has a sensor so no touching or lifting is involved, which is super helpful when I have both hands full.

The trash side also has a discreet pocket inside for storing liners for the trash compartment and even though both sides together hold quite a bit of stuff, the bin is not bulky in the kitchen and fits perfectly next to the sink. Both kids also think the sensor is the funnest thing and like to run by or wave from far away, testing its capabilities!

*This post was sponsored by SimpleHuman, all words, opinions and photos are my own.

New housewares brand in Sweden called Smålands Skinnmanufaktur, brings environmental consciousness to their products

A new furniture and accessories studio in called Smålands Skinnmanufaktur in Jönköping, Sweden has come out with these beautifully styled images from Sundling/Kickén and photographed by Emily Laye. SSM manufactures the pieces themselves with materials such as leather from the world's only environmentally certified tanner, Tärnsjö Garveri. Their products are mostly made in Sweden, by hand with the intention that each piece ages gracefully and becomes more beautiful each day they are used.


An honest peak into a shared kids room in Sweden


Monthly contributor Ulrika Nihlén shares a very candid and honest peek into the shared room of her two little ones and shares how she compromises to make a space comfortable, practical and fun for all!

So, many people out there cannot handle the kids room when they get kids, they know exactly how they want to have it, to organize and which wallpaper to pick and wow, there are just so many lovely toys out there to fill it with too!

However I am quite the opposite. I don't always know how I want it all and it has become a yearly tradition to change the color of the walls. I am also having a hard time finding the right toys and stuff I like. Maybe I am missing some gene that everyone else seems to have but I find kids stuff can be not so funny or beautiful. I cannot resist my kids' wishes though (please, never say you want a pony) so of course my kids own some big plastic Duplo toys but they also have some second hand toys and I believe it's important to wish for more without having it all. I do try to put it in baskets or keep them out of frame in the pictures I take! My close friend Petra has a beautiful Kids store and webshop called Beton Studios with lots of beautiful pieces that both parents and kids can appreciate.

Asa a compromise I try to mix it up their unsightly possessions with stuff that I do love, or with colors that I prefer by putting art on the wall I love like Emilia Ilke's prints or B and F's own handmade creations. I believe kids needs a lot of colors around them to be creative and I also believe in having plenty of pencils and brushes all over the house so that it is always easily accessible to do something creative or paint.

When it comes to the kids' bed, B and F´s bed is just a mattress on the floor which makes it easy to jump in and build a hut or something. My goal is not to steer or force my kids to have something they don'y like. I mean they are still quite young at 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 but in the future I want them to feel free to paint on the walls or do what they like in their own space. I want them to feel free to create something they love. The also have 2 cosy spaces (old wardrobes) which Billie and I painted. They also love their table my friend Leopold Lauga built.

I love everything B has made in clay, and also lots and lots books always have ugly spines but there's nothing I can do about that, we just love to read so.

Also I love to keep some open space in the middle of their room for them to use for lego building, to dance or anything else.

It is a never ending process, changing the room as they grow and interest change but let's also say that is also a good thing to see them happy and enjoying their space. F and Bs might go crazy one day and cause a revolt by putting up wallpaper with the princesses from Frozen one day!


News from H&M, in soft shades of pink


New work from this wonderful team, styling by the wonderful Lotta Agaton, art directed by Therese Sennerholt and photogpehaed by Heidi Lerkenfeldt for H&M.


Christine Thorsteinsson from BoConcept gives her tips for finding the best storage, even in small spaces


I've always been very interested in the way everyday people define their personal spaces for there lifestyle and express their own unique styles. Today, however, I'm sharing some tips from Danish brand BoConcept's Visual Manager Christine Thorsteinsson on how a design professional tackles storage solutions for small to shared spaces challenges!

How would you recommend adding storage to your space without making it feel crowded?

Sometimes, moving items below eye-level that are visually heavy can make a big difference. We have wall systems that have drawers and doors positioned at the base to give them a lighter appearance, even in smaller spaces. Another simple yet effective solution is to space out small, low-profile shelves instead of installing one large unit.

Have you noticed a difference in the way consumer’s want to store their possessions? Do you feel people are acquiring more or have you noticed a more conscientious consumer who is buying fewer but better?

Customers are moving away from simply storing their items and are now carefully selecting those that express their unique personality and values, but the amount that customers display is still varied. Our Copenhagen Wall System fits well with this trend since it’s perfect for displaying collectibles and offers endless possibilities. That said, we still see a big demand for the more classic TV storage system and our Lugano System is our best seller.

Sustainability is becoming more of a premium when designing, how has this influenced your work?

We take sustainability into consideration with everything we do.

What are some of the challenges in designing for small spaces?

There’s always a temptation to “over-engineer” a small living space by making it as functional as possible. But in an environment where space is considered a luxury, our customers prefer simple over complex. We don’t want customers to feel like they're compromising on materials or finish just because they have smaller living conditions. Our approach is to develop completely new designs as well as redesign our most popular products on a smaller scale.

Can you share some of your own tips for creating and maintain a minimal space, especially in a shared space with roommates, partners, children, etc.

You’re going to have to start with some serious decluttering, which will mean reevaluating what you want to keep. Figure out what needs to be stored, displayed or discarded. I would also recommend thinking in cubic meters, not square meters. Yes, your floor space is small, but remember that you have plenty of space above eye level to play with. Choose lighter colors and minimalistic furniture to create visual space. Lastly, choose furniture with concealed storage for a multipurpose approach.

The Como system is probably my favorite but you can view their entire storage collection here to tackle any storage need in style.

My tree decor plus 12 of my favorite ornaments / 5 Days of Christmas


At home this year our tree, which we will get next week, will have just a few select ornaments. Our stored Christmas decor from years past is always brought out again at Christmas time but inevitably I add one or two new ornaments to our stock. And it turned out that most of our glass bulbs were broken, so that was good enough of a reason to find a few new ones. I wanted to keep with gold and warm brown and cream so these paper ornaments from H&M were perfect. I also fell for Ferm Living's brass leaf ornaments and a couple new ones for the kids from Maileg. Below are a few more favorites, just in time for Christmas!

Deborah's beautiful ornaments for #5DaysofChristmas are worth a peek as well!


An all grey apartment that's full of style

This apartment manages to keep an all grey tone throughout each room and still have plenty of personality and style. And doesn't the bedroom look incredibly peaceful? It's hard not to see a room like that and feel like I need to completely redo my now bedroom to achieve this level of zen. Or maybe just cleaning it would help!

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