blou coat


Last week I saw a preview of this tremendous Ganni coat on Mia Mortensen's IG here and it was sort of love at first sight, if you believe that's possible with a coat. This morning my inbox had a sweet little message form Need Supply that the Ganni Blou coat has arrived.
Currently we are still in the epicenter of Summer's heat but I love to think that when Fall does arrive here this with this will make Autumn that much more sweet, that is if it hasn't sold out by then!


Monday inspiration


Today is off to a running start, I have several projects due today which has my head in a spin. I know as soon as I work through my list I'll feel much better. What does your week have in store for you? Plans as usual or something you're looking forward to?
I for one need a bit of fresh inspiration and direction for the week and this image taken by Susanna Vento for a bloggers tour of London has such great depth, texture and color. See the rest of the tour and gather your own inspiration on Em's blog.


letting in the light


So many of us are taking more photos of our homes, even those who may not have had an interest in interiors before the rise of Instagram and apps like Snapchat are now sharing more of their lives and homes on social media.

What you may have noticed by now is that natural lighting is quite essential for well lit photos with a more realistic and flattering coloring.

I imagine every Instagrammer's dream home is one with generous skylights and large windows, at least it's a dream for me. Even if you prefer more moody and dramatic shadows and soft lighting having ample amounts of natural sunlight is key for distinct shadows and soft beams of light that weave themselves through plants and around sofa corners.

A perfect example above, from Odilon Creations, has large windows that cast warm light and the cool colored interiors.

|found with thanks to myunfinishedhome.com


aerial view


Styling for Ellevio by one of my favorite stylists, Lotta Agaton. Photography by Bohman Sjöstrand and directed by Peter Herrman





A bit of pink in this flat styled by Mimmi Staaf for Fantastic Frank. Pink stairs print from Annaleena Karlsson available at The Poster Club.


240 years of Royal Copenhagen


I've always enjoyed history, not that it makes me terribly knowledgable about it but I find ancient ruins or centuries old buildings, languages, traditions to be fascinating. Travel and history shows have a way of sucking me in and I quickly slip into a daydream of time travel.
Maybe that's why I have enjoyed styling and photographing these hand painted porcelain plates from the famous Royal Copenhagen who is celebrating 240 years of timeless craftsmanship. It's also just so Danish, which makes me love them all the more.
To commemorate their anniversary RC is releasing two archival pieces form the Blue Fluted Plain collection, also known as Royal Copenhagen's Pattern No. 1.


at home on the water


I've wanted to live in a bigger city for as long as I can remember. It's still a goal of mine, to find that harmonious balance very near the city but still comfortable for the kids with easy access to the outdoors.
I often imagine what I will be doing in the future and where we will live when the kids are grown. My husband has always said he needs water, craves it and I say I am right there with him. Even if it was just a Summer house a major life goal is to make this happen somehow.
This home is as near to the water as you can get without living in a boat.
The wooden paneling and the large windows showcase vast views of water, are stylish and practical, though personally I could do without the yellow features.



It's been a while...

Kitchen Kulture | linen dishtowel from Artilleriet | enamel cake stand | Menu concrete bowl |jute mat | Cane-line breeze back chair | Cestita lamp from Asplund




From Frama Cph.


skeppargatan 72


From Per Jansson.


at home anywhere in the world / part II


Somehow I forgot to post this sooner to the blog, some styling I did with Carl Hansen & Søn's CH88 chair for this campaign. Our pair of these chairs are happily "at home" in our dining room still, their thin line frame and curved back makes it light and also comfortable.

Read more about the campaign right here!


work/live and a hammock


A home with an atrium in the middle, an atrium with a hammock? Can't get much better than this, a renovated warehouse that was redesigned to serve as living space as well as work. Also, this place is in one of my favorite US cities, Portland.


our next kitchen


I sometimes tell my husband that after having mostly white, painted kitchen our next one will be totally different. This stained wood kitchen with floating cabinets it's quite warm and timeless. I'd love to do something more along these lines just for a change, by Garde Hvalsoe.


herb garden


I visited my sister in law recently who lives on an old farm house, it's the perfect place for kids its with horses and chickens on a large lawn with grass and old shade trees. She has a large patio and the ideal place for lounging on Summer afternoons.
I've partnered with Target Style to show you how to easily create an herb garden space to enjoy all Summer.

I used some small clay pots as homes for different basil, oregano and thyme. Use chalk markers to keep your variations sorted. The group of herbs can also double as table decor for a cafe table like the one I used, with matching chairs. Both fold up and moved easily.
A watering can is a good idea when the herbs are still small and you don't want to flood the pots, though I like this coil hose for saving space as well. You can store it in this metal tub, hung from a wall by one of the jute handles.
There's also this great citrus tree I planted in large basket, easy to do and adds a varying texture.


After your herbs fill in and you have amble sprigs you can also trim away mature branches for drying. I hung mine with jute rope (Target sometimes has a spool in their One Spot section) from a wall hook near my kitchen. Keep in a cool, dry place and remove lower leaves before tying each small bundle. After 2-3 weeks and once the herbs are dry and crumble easily, remove leaves and store in a sealed jar. From here you can decide whether to leave the herbs whole or crush them, depending on their intended use.

This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online.




A photo I found on my camera roll, I still like these tones.

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