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Transitioning into Fall clothing


The spaces in between seasons can sometimes be the most awkward to dress for. For myself I've been working on creating a sort of capsule wardrobe for the Fall that will help me be better prepared and not be tempted to make impulse buys.
For the kids I'm using a lot of layers, tees with jeans and a sweater or a dress with tights or knee high socks. As it gets colder we will need to be thinking of jackets as well and once winter arrives the layering will be in full force with hats, gloves and wool socks.

Elin is a girl who loves dresses so she is wearing more long sleeves like this perfect little dress from La Coqueta with it's layered skirt and ruffled collar. She is drawn to pieces with these feminine details like ruffles or other little embellishments. I like that these give her that girly feeling she loves but it also has a simple and vintage look to it. We also love the little buckled shoes which look so sweet with tights and knee highs and also have that subtle vintage style that we like so much!


A/W Interior Inspiration


Where we live the temperature has dropped from hot summer digits to cold autumn days. Within a week we've gone from short and thank top wears to knitted sweaters and jackets. I for one am LOVING it and the change in weather has me thinking so much of Autumn and finding that cosy feeling at home. There's always a slight shift that the house makes as the seasons change. I suppose if we lived in a climate where it was warm all year round, the house would remain virtually the same. But here we experience all four seasons and so our space adjusts with them.

These images styled by Kirsten Visdal and photographed by Margaret M. de Lange for Oslo Design Fair capture that feeling leading into Fall. Chestnut brown with black, shiny gold with soft burnt orange and shades or grey accented by deep mustard colors.

What are you most wanting to add to your home with the change of seasons? What has inspired you most about the coming Autumn?

Rhythm of Life, Jotun's 2018 paint color trends


After spending a year studying design and lifestyle patterns, Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun has released 36 new shades that represent their projection of global color trends for 2018. Rhythm of Life represents glimpses of ideas, values and aspirations shared by people around the world. Led by color manager Lisbeth Larsen, research of common threads and shared social tendencies across countries were condensed into three clear themes, each of which describes a different style of living with an individual colour palette to match.

images courtesy of Jotun
photography by Line Thit Klein
set design by Kråkvik & D’Orazio

September cravings

A new month brings a new wishlist, or cravings as I have apparently begun calling it. A little of this and a little of that, cravings are items I'm liking at the moment for the home, to wear or to use personally.

A button down shirt dress from COS / Faye Toogood's Cloud table light / Hay large glass jug / Sling chair by Sho Modern / Suede boxes from Annaleena's shop / Monki hammered horseshoe earrings

Inspired by Totême's SS18


Elin Kling's Totême line has the most beautiful basics, their current line consists of these shaped trousers and sweater that are absolutely on my wishlist. The pieces feel timeless yet ultra current, sleek and minimal as well as flattering. What I'm really liking however are the photos of Totême's SS18 collection which includes the bottom photos, like that double breasted trench and a gauzy tunic. Even though the fashion world thinks a year in advance, I find it a little bind blowing to think of Spring and Summer of 2018! We still have very hot weather here so I'm not even in Fall mode yet!


A seaside castle from the 18th century gets an elegant new look and purpose


Åkerlundska villa is one of the latest interior projects by stylist and interior designer Lotta Agaton. A castle on the water not too far outside of Stockholm was subdivided into 9 apartments by BTH Bostad. The architecture was designed by Ruxandra Halleröd from Christian Halleröd Design along with Helene Amundsen and soon you'll be able to read more about it in Residence Magazine.

Photography by Pia Ulin and renderings by Pixelvalley.

6 Vintage and New Lounge Chairs That Are Still Relevant


Mix mix of high and low, new vs old is what gives a space that lived in feel. When there are only new items an interior can feel like it's lacking personality or purpose. You certainly don't have to sacrifice style or durability if you want to incorporate vintage styles though, you might be surprised with how many new pieces that are currently being produced were actually designed decades ago. Here is a collection I put together of new and old lounge chairs, mostly Scandinavian designs, that were first created long ago yet still feel as current and modern as when they were first conceived.

Clerici Chair, designed by Konstantin Crcic in 2013 for Mattiazi

Frank Gehry's Easy Edges cardboard chair, designed before I was born, 1982

Bruno Mathsson's Chaise Lounge from the 1930's (similar here)

Kaare Klint's Safari chair and footsrest, 1933

Alvar Aalto's Paimio armchair, 1931

Poul Kjaerholm designed PK22 lounge chair in 1956

*this post contains affiliate links which can generate a small commission which funds this website, all words and views are, as always, my own

H&M's newest retail store, Arket, opens in Copenhagen with a stunning interior


H&M, the multi-faceted Swedish brand has created yet another retail store called Arket which opens its first location in Copenhagen today at Købmagergade 33. The interior structure and design was inspired by historical archives. The all grey space is housed in what was previously the Royal Danish Mail warehouse.

"When working on the store concept, it was in developing new solutions to practical challenges that we found most of our inspiration," says creative director Ulrika Bernhardtz. "Two of these challenges were how to create breathing space in the store, and how to devise an uncomplicated and flexible way of presenting and editing our broad assortment."

Read more about it here, and if you're in CPH, check it out in real life!


Shades of Clay


A color I've been seeing more of lately, including here on the blog, and a color I suspect we will be seeing much more of in the coming months. Here are a few I've liked recently:

Brown block heel from Oak + Fort
Salon Tray from Normann Copenhagen

Minimal Decadence in Greige


Starting out Thursday with an oxymoron but the phrase immediately popped into my mind when I saw this place. Found earlier this week, thanks to Instagram, this gorgeous 102 sq m space not only caught my eye but also introduced me to Evgeniy Bulatnikov and Emil Dervish whose pink office space captured me almost exactly one year ago. The interior designers and architects from the Ukraine.

The space has a very open plan, dividing the bath with a large green (marble?) wall that matches the fireplace and keeping furniture as well as decor very minimal. The kitchen is extraordinarily sleek and minimal, though I don't think I could quite function in a place devoid of a refrigerator the brass range and faucet are features I could totally get used to.

It's these generous and opulent touches that are also seen in the lighting, the hardware and coordinating bathtub that give this sparse space a feeling of luxury. Also a great example that a space doesn't have to be full of objects in order to feel elegant. Though give me kids 5 minutes and they will have this place haphazardly garnished in random articles of clothing and toys!


4 Reasons You Should Have A Minimalist Home


What approach do you take when it comes to the interior design of your home? Do you have a specific strategy, or do you make decisions on a whim?
There are people who enjoy collecting knick knacks but there are also people who fight against clutter, realizing that a minimalist design would be in their best interest.
If you’re wondering why it makes good sense to have a minimalist design for your home, you aren’t alone. Rather than continue to ignore this in the future, here are some reasons why you may want to move in this direction:

1. Less Clutter to Contend With
There are many benefits of eliminating clutter, including the fact that this will help cut back on the amount of housework you do (which saves you time).

2. Clear your Mind
Many people overlook the fact that a cluttered home that is full of many different design styles can begin to weigh on their mind. This is one of the reasons I am a proponent of monochrome styles, it equalizes all of the odd things that already offer differences in shape, texture, size and age. This may not be the same approach you take with a wedding dress or your own personal style, for example, but your home is where you live day in and day out.

3. Clean Looks Better
Although it’s a matter of preference, many people agree that clean lines and a minimalist design provide a better overall appearance.
You won’t know if this works for you until you cut back on clutter and look for ways to simplify your design.

4. Focus on What’s Most Important
Without a minimalist design, your mind and eyes are all over the place. You’re jumping from one focal point to the next, never really knowing what is going on. The same holds true of people who visit your home.
If you want your eyes to focus on what matters most, such as a valuable piece of artwork or a high quality piece of furniture, a minimalist design is the way to go.

Can You Make it Happen?
You don’t need a lot of money to start off in the right direction. Instead, a minimalist design is more about the way you present things and less about how much money you have.
Even if you don’t have lots of extra funds to purchase new items for your home, you can still make do with what you have. That’s the great thing about minimalist design, you may already have everything you need to get the look.
If you’re interested in minimalist design but unsure of what steps to take, you should consult with a design professional. If this is out of the question, maybe because of the cost, don’t hesitate to scour the my own blog for inspiration.
Does your current home feature a minimalist design? Is this something you used in the past? What advice would you give others who are interested in this design approach? Share your personal experience in the comment section below.

Autumn trend / Formex

IKEA's projections for Autumn's Formex event are centered around "Nordic Space". This theme is meant to defy the darkness of the approaching months by using natural and durable materials, contrasted by textured and shiny surfaces. As people will soon tend to spend more and more time indoors, the home becomes our place to retreat and reload. Creating areas of softness with pillows and other textiles the body can get comfortable while the brain takes a break. By pulling together natural colors like clay and sand, a warm yet monochrome atmosphere appears to complement the high shine of metal or glossy accessories and the sleekness of home technologies.

Styled by Sundling/Kickén for IKEA Livet Hemma


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