this morning's living room


The title just about sums it up, need I say more?
I was taking advantage of Israel's playdate at a friend's house to clean the floors and noticed the light flooding in from the windows. Also, the living room wasn't littered with stuffed animals and toy cars for a change.
"Quick, grab your camera," I said to myself at the precise moment Elin had the brilliant idea of crawling onto the sofa and lazily lounging on all the cushions. Needless to say I could not remove her, she looked too comfortable.


casper mattress


We got a new mattress yesterday, courtesy of Casper. They recently contacted me about trying out one of their mattresses and I was immediately impressed by their simple and modern look. The Casper is made of latex and memory foam in a thick but firm density that comes wrapped up in a small box. The kids had a great time helping me uphold it yesterday and everyone was excited to see how large it opened up to.
After just 1 night I am a believer! I didn't think I'd really feel a big difference, a mattress is a mattress no? No! I slept with Elin last night and I don't think either of us woke up all night, the firm foam material is comfortable but also doesn't transfer movement so neither of us was waking the other in our sleep.

This is the naked mattress without any bedding one yet, it's so pretty I wanted to show what it looked like immediately opened.
See more of the process and technology behind this amazing bed. I am a huge fan!

Also, the photograph above our bed is from Wonderwall and the pottery are from a project Israel and I had, he made the cup and painted both. I think he did a great job. :)





Post nap, Elin just wanted to play with toys in her crib. She was so sweet and busy playing only pausing to flash me a little toothy grin before continuing her work of playing music and banging her toys against the plastic bin.

warm kitchen


If I had another house, ok maybe two more houses, I'd want one kitchen with warm wood cabinets like this.
Also, it isn't often that you see floating cabinets in the kitchen but I'm really fond of the look and think it's a nice feature that gives a feel airiness and light.

photo | Heidi Lerkenfeldt

all is pink


I love the mood/color boards Annie Lindgren from All is Pretty makes. This one with pinkish hues is so soft and inspiring. See more from her great blog here.


daniel wellington + a special discount


Some up close photos I took of my DW watch, silver trim and leather band which I chose from the men's section because I like large watch faces. It feels great to wear and from someone who doesn't usually wear watches or jewelry on my wrists, that means a lot. Sometimes my husband steals it for the day too so I think it's safe to say we are both enjoying it.

Aaaand...Daniel Wellington is offer all your wonderful readers 15% off in their store with code AMERRYMISHAP, valid until March 15th.


new Kinfolk / bedside

The newest issue of Kinfolk is out, being the wife of a great husband who knows I like magazines, he brought home a copy early last week and I've thumbed through it twice. This by far is my favorite article, a brief description of what mornings and the space nearest his bed, Hans Ulrich Obrist gives us a peek at his personal rituals.

(remember that lamp?)

photo by Anders Schønnemann | styling by Nathalie Schwer

kitchen shelf


A little while ago I hung this shelf in our kitchen for glass and small jars, pitchers. I debated about having anything at all above the sink and for over a year I left it blank-except for Annalenna's rail which has relocated to the bedroom since. After much nail biting and shelf searching I tried this simple floating shelf my husband and I made. After all the work of making it and hanging it I instantly hated it but I did like having glasses and coffee cups out in the open so I opted for this simple curved shelf from Ikea. Vipp also makes one similar but I liked how this one had no black rubber lining (vs the Vipp shelf) and it was less of an investment in case I hated it as much as the black one.
This weekend we are going to tile the backsplash in the kitchen and I'm thinking of going up this wall as well, rather than stopping level with the bottom of the upper cabinets. Still unsure though, time will tell. The past several months I have been extremely indecisive and unable to choose, which is driving me nuts and I'm ready ti just dive into a project and get it done already.

A few items on my shelf are these Vipp bowls and cups, Muuto cork lid for the glass carafe (currently being used as a vase) and Muuto pitcher, Ferm Living brass measuring cup, Menu phold container, La Bruket hand soap and a vase to hold my dish brushes from House Doctor.




Frama 90° wall shelf | Byredo La Tulipe hand cream | green ceramic vase | Hans Coper pot | Hay cork cone | The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist | leather rucksack | Muuto Fiber chair

afternoon kitchen


Today I imported a load of photos to my laptop and somehow they all vanished. Out of 300 some photos, just about a dozen I took today from our kitchen remained. Now to find a way to retake all those lost photos. Sigh!


Ikea February


This is a busy time for Ikea, after debuting a preview of the Ilse Crawford collection there is also a new batch of items coming out this month that include dining tables, bedding and kitchen organizational units just to name a few. Early Spring is always a fun time to see the new designs unveiled that coordinate with the changing weather, like plant pots and outdoor furniture but it's also when we think about rearranging our own places and dusting off the sediment of Winter.
I really like the new Krusning lamp that looks like crumpled paper, to me it does.

What new pieces are your favorite?




Our dining table has some random chairs, which I don't mind at all. Ideally I'd have one more but it's not pressing right now. 3 of our chairs are the Muuto Visu dining chairs, two with metal sled bases and this newer one with wood legs. I like the variation of different legs with the same curved seat, which we are so fond of. It's also nice in the living room with some books and our lounge Visu-yes, we have a few of these chairs!


I found this video last week, though it was filmed over 2 years ago. I don't care for the music so you might enjoy it better with the sound off!
Ceramicist Karin Ericsson shows her process from beginning to end of making thrown vessels in her studio and shop, Manos (which means hands in Spanish).
I used to do this in school several years ago now, it was incredibly soothing for me and watching Karin takes me back to that time and those days creating big messes and enjoying every minute of it. I even took a local class when my son was a baby but wasn't able to finish. Sadly I was never nearly as good as Karin but I admire the way she can create so many consistent looking vases and cups by hand.

Video courtesy of Homegrown Swedes




I meant to post this Friday but then the weekend just got away from me and oops, it's almost Tuesday!

A lightweight, slender sofa designed by Andreas Elgesvik for Swedish furniture producer Fogia.
The long thin legs create the look that the seats are floating, very cool and sleek.




The internet is abuzz with the new photos of Studio Ilse's new collaboration with Ikea, set to release in August of this year, and rightfully so. Sinnerlig is incredible with it's natural elements and cork materials. It really is such an elevated collection for Ikea, set against the beautiful backdrop of Ett Hem hotel, which was also designed with Studio Ilse.

Else Crawford herself describes it this way, "It is quite low key but we deliberately designed it like that, we see it as background, it's not trying to compete with these fantastic icons of design – it's a different thing. But we all need a number of lights that aren't supposed to be waving at you."

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