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From Robert Stadler's solo show at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris.


a house in Berlin

A beautiful home that mixes deep grey finishes with lots of wood, leather and striking black lighting.


my corner desk


Since we've moved back home & Israel's bedroom is now where our office was I've had to downsize my work area. I use the dining table most of the time but who I am I kidding really? I barely have time to work these days with both kids. Still, I wanted a small area to keep things or to work and get away from the rest of the family for a few quiet moments.
My husband cut our old Ikea desktop down and attached it to the wall, sort of to appear floating but we can all see those supporting brackets!
I hung a brass, horizontal organizer designed by Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus. I love having an area I can create a mood board or keep small papers off my table top. My stool Spin stool is from Huset as well as the Hay bits & bobs.
These moody colors, deep shadows and texture are really inspiring to me right now and feel like I'm hanging on to the last bit of Winter coziness before the season changes.



mink | grey



This pink from Hemtex makes me think of Spring. Anyone else?


tangent garment care


T A N G E N T G C, making laundry and shoe care beautiful.

winter tale

A beautiful video by Volvo, featuring Amanda Bergman's song, Vintersaga.

Found with thanks to Josefin & Inrendingshjälpen.



Great styling and some of my favorite pieces from Menu's upcoming Spring '15 lineup.

Elin turns 1


Last week Elin turned one, I never do well with getting good photos of parties. I find myself busy with food, picking up last things around the house, putting something not food-stained on, you know. I was able to get these, soon before guests arrived. Of course I didn't get anything of the food, we made sweet & savory crostini and cupcakes. In these photos she's still in her pajamas but I bought a cute outfit from Bonton, I'm still kicking myself for not getting any photos of her in that. Oh well!

It still floors me that a year has gone by since her birth and yet I'm enjoying this age so much. Her baby talk, sweet laughter and curious personality keeps me busy and smiling all day. Her & Israel love playing together, it's really great to see how well they get along and how he looks out for his little sister. Wow, I sound old talking about the kids like this. Time flies!



Nice details from Ikea's new storage, Valje.




Snaregade tables come in rectangular and round, designed by Norm Architects for Menu.


my son's room, green wall

I mentioned I was going to paint my son's room with a mint green wall, and here it is. I love the way it turned out, it's my favorite part of the house right now, although it's rarely clean. By the way, this styling is by my daughter. She's a natural.
I wanted to take a few more photos but Elin hasn't been feeling well, still (and on her birthday!), so this is all I could manage.
In fact, I could say the above every day. Two kids at home is no joke! Super fun and rewarding but most days it's such an uphill climb to get things done.

Also! This great Playtime poster is from The Poster Club. It's bold and graphic and perfect for his room. They have one of the best selection of posters I've seen, by the way. If I had room for another calendar, it would be this one!

quick bedroom makeover

Almost two weeks into January and our whole family has spent the entire new year sick. No one has been able to escape these flu like symptoms and it's been quite exhausting, not at all the start to 2015 that we expected. What else are families for if not to share things?

If your first week of the new year has seemed to come and go as unaccomplished as mine then I've got an easy way to help you redeem yourself.
Amongst the goals I've had for this year, getting the house together, room by room has always been a long standing goal. I've collaborated with Target to share with you an easy way to give your bedroom space a little makeover that will really only take a few minutes and a few simple items.

'Before' is the bedroom in it's most basic form with just a side table, white cover and small rug. Swap the bedding for a charcoal linen duvet with dark grey sheets and the grey on grey looks really makes these deep blue velvet pillows pop a bit. I also used some quilted shams and a knit throw for added texture.
A grey wool lamp shade a top a wooden lamp whose shape balances out the cube side table and stacks of magazines. A patterned rug feels vintage and brings the black and white from the shams together without being too busy. I found this great round vase because I love fresh stems and a small fiddle leaf fig in a woven basket add a slight rustic edge.
If you want to use patterns & multiple textures I suggest you repeat colors. It won't feel match but it will keep everything looking related and purposeful. It doesn't take much, just a few key pieces with varying texture like wool, linen, glass or velvet creates a cozy a finished looking bedroom makeover.

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