like a painting


So much inspiration in this beautifully styled apartment, like textures and colors from an old oil painting. I'm not sure who the stylist is for this one, if anyone knows please leave a comment.


interview with Gam Fratesi


Yellow Trace conducted an insightful interview with design duo Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi. I particularly liked seeing all the initial sketches and studio photos, the process of concept to production is such an interesting one. (you might remember when I blogged about this mobile design from the Stockholm Furniture Fair)
Read more about how the duo met and began GamFratesi and their body of work is impressive including work for Gubi, Restaurant Verandah, Fredericia and Ligne Roset.
Read the entire Q & A here.

Påskris & Easter


We don't do many festive activities for Easter but this year I was thinking of incorporating a Swedish tradition of decorating branches with eggs, feathers and even witches. I'm not going to get into all the deeper meanings of these, if you'd like to know I'd highly recommend a google search to define the origins of these traditions. From a purely aesthetic perspective this would not only make a fun project for the kids but add a bit of Spring textures.
Livet Hemma created an modern version with painted eggs, small photos, paper wheels and 1 small bundle of feathers.


soft neutrals


Remember how I shared my goal of posting every day this week? Fail, major fail. Everyone got sick on Monday/Tuesday, I can't even remember because it's a congested blur.
The thing about being a mom and enduring illness is that your needs are always less important than everyone else's, even if you're sick as well. So after almost a week of snotty noses and sleepless nights coughing, the kids are feeling better but I am not. I'm so glad they're back to their usual antics but what I wouldn't give for a quiet afternoon with a cup of tea and a nap!

Here to end the week, a place from Stadshem full of soft neutral tones and warm wooden floors. Feels like the perfect inspiration for Spring.

Happy weekend everyone.


Cloak + an exclusive discount to AMM readers


I'm trying to get a running start with this week, it's secretly my goal to post every day this week so let's see if I can do it. Fingers crossed nothing crazy happens this week.
To start, here is an introduction to a new rug company called Cloak that ships rugs free all over the US. The other great part is they are attractive rugs and unlike other websites with enormous collections of rugs that seem to go on endlessly, Cloak has a nice collection of custom rugs that are ALL great options.

Cloak is offering AMM readers a 10% off discount with code AMM-FRIENDS, is good from now until April 30th! Pretty cool huh?


UPDATE - Oliver Gustav / Studio Toogood


I really tried to find a larger version of this image for you but no luck was able to find some larger versions of this over the weekend, with thanks to Mathilda Clahr, photographed by Heidi Lerkendeldt.
I'm not sure of the details except that there's a show of some of the Toogood items in the Oliver Gustav showroom. If I were in Copenhagen, I'd be checking it out this weekend...and probably Instgramming it like crazy. (very photo worthy stuff)


Spring inspiration

Feelings of Spring in soft woods, black & white, plenty of green and really pale pink.

1 / Kungshöjdsgatan

2 / Club Monaco at Noma

3 / Danish Maritime Museum lecture hall

4 / book covers

5 / scallops w/ horseradish gel

6 / COS Parka

7 / Skagerak

8 / pottery

9 / pinkish


rug giveaway from Mum's


It's been a while since I last hosted a giveaway so this is exciting to announce.
Finnish shop Mum's is giving away this Koko iäksi (meaning whole life) rug designed by Saana Ja Olli exclusively for Mum's and made in India by ethical fair trade standards.
It's great to support a shop who is also supporting others on a global scale!

This giveaway is open worldwide and to enter:

/ please repost this image to your Instagram account
/ in the caption please tag @amerrymishap and @mumsmakesgoodwithgoods
/ also make sure to include #mumsXammgiveaway and tag one other friend who you think might want to join

This will be open until March 23rd. The winner will be announced here on the blog as well as on my own IG account.


PDX souvenirs and rec's


We just got home very late last night from a week at the coast and a few days in Portland, OR. It was a great trip, beautiful scenery with lots to do and we did it all. Beaches, tide pooling, coffee shops, the zoo, parks, restaurants, hikes, breakfast in the woods and bravest of all we attempted to do a little shopping with the kids while in the city.
It wasn't easy and we had to make it quick but I did bring home some goodies from a few nice places.

vintage pottery from Grand Marketplace
Byredo hand cream from Alder & Co (they also have amazing fresh flowers!)
note paper, Japanese cup and book from Canoe
lip balm from Palace
Iris Hantverk dish towel from Luce

a few restaurants/coffee shops we liked
Salt & Straw
Tea Bar
Clyde Common
food trucks (on Division St)



A few weeks ago both of the kids were sick and it was a bit rough trying to keep them comfortable and happy at the same time. I do my usual things like put humidifiers in their rooms and give them baths with essentials oils but this time I also used an air purifier in Israel's room. He sneezes a lot which always leads to bloody noses in the middle of the night so I do what I can to keep down on dust and allergens so when I had the opportunity to try this one form Go-Clair I didn't hesitate. It's practically silent and I'm glad that's simple and white to blend in rather than be some huge eye sore.

What are some of your tried and true remedies when you or your little one gets sick?

This post brought to you in cooperation with Go-Clair, all words and opinions are my own.




A new pitcher in the house, this beautiful terra-cotta creation by Ian McIntyre for Another Country. I almost chose the black one, with its deep charcoal matte finish but I don't know, this terra-cotta color is really natural and totally unlike my other serving pieces.




Offices of Flamingo Shanghai designed by Neri&Hu the open space is divided by different materials such as raw concrete, wood and steel. I feel like I could be very productive in such a beautiful and thoughtful space!


this morning's living room


The title just about sums it up, need I say more?
I was taking advantage of Israel's playdate at a friend's house to clean the floors and noticed the light flooding in from the windows. Also, the living room wasn't littered with stuffed animals and toy cars for a change.
"Quick, grab your camera," I said to myself at the precise moment Elin had the brilliant idea of crawling onto the sofa and lazily lounging on all the cushions. Needless to say I could not remove her, she looked too comfortable.


casper mattress


We got a new mattress yesterday, courtesy of Casper. They recently contacted me about trying out one of their mattresses and I was immediately impressed by their simple and modern look. The Casper is made of latex and memory foam in a thick but firm density that comes wrapped up in a small box. The kids had a great time helping me uphold it yesterday and everyone was excited to see how large it opened up to.
After just 1 night I am a believer! I didn't think I'd really feel a big difference, a mattress is a mattress no? No! I slept with Elin last night and I don't think either of us woke up all night, the firm foam material is comfortable but also doesn't transfer movement so neither of us was waking the other in our sleep.

This is the naked mattress without any bedding one yet, it's so pretty I wanted to show what it looked like immediately opened.
See more of the process and technology behind this amazing bed. I am a huge fan!

Also, the photograph above our bed is from Wonderwall and the pottery are from a project Israel and I had, he made the cup and painted both. I think he did a great job. :)


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