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5 fresh bags for Spring


Spring is definitely on its way and I'm thinking about getting a fresh, new bag. Here are 5 unique options that I've been looking at. And my oh my, is that Mother of Pearl Gaia bag calling my name!!

1. Samuji Vasella bag
2. Miniaudiére raffia bag
3. Cult Gaia Ark in Mother of Pearl in small and mini!
4. Mansur Gavriel crossbody bag
5. Mansur Gavriel Ocean bag

*Check out even more of my favorite picks here.

The incredible gold kitchen of fashion designer, Stine Goya


Danish fashion designer extraordinaire, Stine Goya, whose clothing line is also her namesake, shares a view of her glamorous kitchen designed by the wonderful Reform. I love the tone on tone with the walls painted in a golden hue to accentuate the metallic cabinets fronts. The broad washes of gold are contrasted by a deep, dark plum which can be seen on the outside of the kitchen door, flowers and the dining table. It's bold and graphic but not complicated. The overall look feels a it retro and a bit modern, a really seamless melting of styles.

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6 design pieces for a functional kitchen


We all like pretty things but what's the purpose of a beautiful piece if it doesn't also serve a purpose? A place holder? I guess that is a purpose too but when it comes to the kitchen, and my own kitchen, everything needs to be useful or there is no room for it.
Here are 6 beautiful and useful pieces to keep in your own kitchen or cook space!

-a splatter pattern plate with a great price tag
-mortar and pestle that you can leave out on the counter
-Aldo Bakker or Karakter CPH, Fat One water jug
-wooden magnetic knife holder (we have this in our kitchen too)
-Japanese pour over coffee dripper
-tall ripple glasses from Ferm Living coming soon, here are the shorter ones

A minimal kitchen in shades of grey


This kitchen in a Swedish flat has been finished in multiple shades of grey. The worktop, upper cabinets, lowers and steel appliances give multifaceted shades of this cool neutral and keep it interesting while monochrome. I also love super sleek storage like the closet below!


Meet Bicolter, the Spanish design studio collaborating with Skagerak


I'm so pleased to be interviewing you two as I own, very recently, one of your own designs, the Building Table for Skagerak (pictured here)! The wood and clean lines feels very Danish but Bicolter is a Spanish team. How do your Spanish roots influence your designs?

We both are from opposite places, Saulo is from one of the Canary Islands and Olivia from a small city next to Serrania de Cuenca. For us the job consist of find a middle point that usually is a formal synthesis, a measured and thoughtful proportion, and well, let's not fool ourselves, maybe a pinch of Spanish sun achieves that special warmth by which our designs are identified.

What drew you to study and work in product design?

Art always drew me through different disciplines, it was difficult to choose only one. Design gave me the key that allows me to nourish myself from all disciplines, and not only an artistic one. For me, this is the most complete job where I can develop a transversal vision of multiple disciplines.

Of my surroundings, I could see how people owned and save objects which had meaning to them, a special value. They had an attitude and feeling of having them for a long time. That link between objects and how people respond to them had caught my attention.
When I observe objects with a technical concern, questions about materials are also aroused in my mind. Design has allowed my to answer many of these question and understand all its elements and complexity.

How often does sustainability and environmental factors weigh in on your designs?

We would like this kind of factors would have increasingly weigh in our designs. Now we are aware that our studio is a small part of whole chain, so we should think what can we do from our position.

We believe is a question of small contributions. Our actions are related with become aware and making carefully choices when we project.

What are some of the biggest problems you hope to solve with your design work?

Little by little people are worrying, among other things, about what they eat and we think this is normal because it is what keeps us healthy.

In our opinion the same thing happens in the design field. People spend 24 hours a day surrounded by objects. With our work we contribute to shape the content that enrich the objects culture the same way food does. We want to make this more accessible.

Once, we saw a show about a man who eats dishes and crystal glasses, we still do not know if a glass object have good flavor but maybe it's not a delicacy for the mouth. This caused us reflect on how we would love for our work to become delicacies for the rest of the human senses.

Do you have a dream collaboration or brand/designer that you'd love to work with?

Bicolter means progress using dialogue, we would like listen and be listened. At the end our dream collaborations are those who we can get interesting reflections where both parts can learn from the other.

What do you wish people understood about product design?

There are many people involved into making possible that an object takes shape and we think it's worth that people feel interest about that.

We believe already exists a consciousness of understand objects beyond of the perception of its beauty. At the end if an object works and lasts through time means that it has been understood by people.


Sustainable magnetic toys for the little builder


Minimalism is a common theme across my blog, sharing lifestyle ideas that lean towards a more minimal perspective has been one of my focal points over the years. The way minimalism can benefit your style, your home, your recipes and even with children is something I still love to explore.
With the kids there is a definite give and take, sometimes we compromise and buy something silly plastic toys but for the most part we really try to think about the life span of their toys and what sort of creative benefits a toy can offer.
We were recently introduced to these wonderful Earthtiles from Big Future Toys which plant a tree for each purchase! How cool is that? Not only are they long lasting, we could definitely pass these along to friends once the kids are grown up but they are made with non-tonic finishes out of birch, so they are lightweight and beautiful.
Elin has been playing with them all weekend, building houses for her mice and rocket ships. I don't mind them scattered around the house, they just blend in with a lot of what we have at home. I also really appreciate toys that aren't super gender specific, they aren't over top girly or boyish, just fun toys for that all children can enjoy and maybe even their parents too!

*This post was sponsored by Big Future Toys however photos and words, (I'm genuinely enthusiastic about these) are my own! :)

Faina's Toptun chair is perfect geometry

Available at Perspective Studio in Stockholm, this Toptun chair is part of Faina's collection of bed frames, sofas and chairs. They describe the collection as having "soft geometry" and while perfectly symmetrical and composed of straight lines, this collection also offers comfort with felt and foam rubber.

Wellness and my favorite tea for flu season or any season!

I've made it a personal goal to share more about wellness on the blog and social media as it has become more and more of a topic of interest in my own life! This Winter I've spent an obscene amount of time fighting off illness, more days sick than healthy and I'm really not ok with it. Being sick makes you appreciate the times that you're well but also can cause a person to rethink their lifestyle and what sort of contributing factors are causing sickness.

While this recipe is by no means revolutionary, I thought I'd still begin by sharing something that is my go-to when filling under the weather, especially is a sore throat is one of the symptoms. Peel ginger with the side of a spoon, chop it up into chunks and pour steaming-hot water over the top. I try to let it steep for about 10 mins to allow enough ginger to melt into the water. The I squeeze half a lemon through a sieve (find the gold ones here) to catch seeds, over the top and a teaspoon of raw honey, maybe a little more. Not only is is warm and soothing to a sore throat but ginger helps with nausea and pain. Lemon aids in hydration, adds Vitamin C and is a powerful antibacterial while the honey soothes a cough and helps you sleep.


March cravings



Louis Poulsen's PH5 lamp


The weekend is almost over but I wanted to leave you with an image of the classic Louis Poulsen PH5 lamp. A little history about the creation of PH5:

Poul Henningsen developed the PH 5 in 1958 for Louis Poulsen as a response to the constant changes to light bulbs at the time.

"I have designed a PH fixture which can be used with any kind of light source, Christmas lights and 100 W metal-filament bulbs."

The name PH 5 came from the size of the 50cm wide main shade and over time has seen many updates to accommodate changing light sources. In the early 90's it was modified to accommodate an energy saving light bulb. The metal plate was also changed to a frosted glass plate to be more energy efficient. Just a few years ago a new set of 5 high gloss colors were introduced to the public.


Hair care favorites


Do you ever think about doing something and later realize you didn't ACTUALLY do it? This happens to me all of the type, I think about texting me mom back or I think about how I need to get back to an email and somehow the thought becomes a memory of something I didn't really do.

If this has never happened to you then...oh come on, it happens to everyone! This is one of those things and with blog posts I'm guilty more often than not of photographing something with the intent to share but then life happens and you forget that you didn't follow through. Sounds like na organization problem or maybe it's mom brain, keeping everyone else's life straight I tend to put my own on the back burner. Which is a great segway to share this hair & skin brand from New Zealand who, I may have forgotten about for a second, but is exactly what I need when I'm thinking of everyone else's needs. My hair is naturally somewhat curly, loose curls but they're definitely more than waves, which means my hair is also naturally dry. Sans [ceuticals] lets you fill out a profile that customizes products for you, so if you have dry hair like me or even if you don't, they suggest products that suite you specifically.
It's been a few weeks and I love what I use, the tube I even keep next to my bed and run a little dab of it through my hair before braiding it and falling asleep. Also, let us not overlook their lovely packaging, functional product and beautiful packaging is the formula for my affection!


The beautiful new Palais collection has a table in every size


This year Asplund has debuted new designs with several designers aimed at creating elegant high quality furniture that leaves a subtle trace and enhance surroundings. What caught my eye is this Palais series by Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm!

“We have chosen to play with the elegance and luxury from past tense with a semi-circular profile that creates a beautiful relief together with a pure Scandinavian expression” says Anya Sebton. The Palais series is comprised of the Palais Royal dining table and the sofa tables Petit Palais, Grand Palais and Palais Ovale. Each are made of stained oak panels and beautiful lacquered oak veneered tops!


String grid as a bathroom organizer


If you're familiar with String then I'm sure one of the first products that comes to mind is probably their Pocket shelf. We've owned a few at home, some in white and oak. They're perfect for spring small objects in the kitchen, bedroom or wherever. I used to display vases, candle holders and small breakable things out of reach of the kids. But String doesn't just make the Pocket, they make entire systems for organizing and storing. Earlier this month I order their Grid and Grid organizers for the kids' bathroom to keep track of brushes, hair ties, hand towels and post-bath oils for their skin. It's a simple and clever design, and just enough extra storage for this bathroom.


A Quiet Reflection


More from last week's Stockholm Design Week, an installation entitled, "A Quiet Reflection" by My Residence Magazine and styled by Annaleena Design using Norm Architects' braid sofa in natural and black, designed for Studio mk27 in Brazil. This was also the debut of Japanese brand Ariake.


A home with dark stained wood and oversized artwork


This apartment is like a feast for the eyes, so it's really no wonder to hear that it belongs to architect Andreas Martin Löf and styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed for Residence Bookazine. The darker wood is seen throughout the home, in tables, lounge chairs, bed frame and office storage and is contrasted by lighter colored upholstery and textiles. Oversized art sits on the floor of the dining room and above the bed however the living room is free entirely of hanging art and features bare walls that are positioned perpendicular to broad windows.

What are your favorite features? What would you do differently? Comment below!

Also, thanks for Sarah from Coco Lapine for the tip.


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