A totally customizable poster made from a map of a specific place or city, this is company from Gothenburg, Sweden makes it super easy, quick and ships to you free of charge.
I tried this out for myself, choosing Copenhagen as a place to start, the coordinates and type face can be chosen to your liking as well as size. This is a fun way to signify a special trip or memorable place for your own family home or for a friend.

If you'd like to give this a try, use code AMERRYMISHAP during checkout for $10 off your order. If you do, be sure to use #mapiful, or scroll through the hashtag for more ideas!




John & Juli have been an inspiration for me for years. In fact, I would credit them as being a major influence to my deep admiration for Scandinavian culture and design. This was before Instagram, before Pinterest, when all we had were our blogs and ideas moved a bit slower than a hundred per thumb swipe.

I loved how they related their own Canadian climate to that of our friends in the far Nordic countries. I enjoyed seeing their travels and photo entries to their visits to Japan and Iceland. For me it was an authentic example of two people who understood their own roots but still incorporated values from other cultures into their lives.
The more that I understood about these cultures the more I also felt that I shared some of these ideals more than the ideals of the place my parents raised me and sought to find a way to incorporate this culture and its design organically into my family's life.

Now seeing John & Juli with kids of their own, I have enjoyed seeing how they continue with their selective tastes when it comes to parenthood. We all have to compromise when we have kids, with our time or our preferences but it's comforting to see another family attempting to raise their children with a sense of pure, simple design and Nordic, if not at times Japanese, values.

Freunde von Freunden recently published a beautiful interview of their shared home/work space here. The above image is from their Toronto shop, Mjölk.


green for Fall


Images from the new wallpaper collection by Boråstapeter have these wonderful jade greens, which I'm really into for Fall. I think the rosy wood, wicker and leather materials are such a nice compliment to this green hue.

I don't often think of wallpapering in my own home but I've always wanted to have additional space in my home to experiment with different treatments like this or paint colors. Even to have an extra room with unusual furniture pieces that I might not feel comfortable in my main living space but in a place where I can feel free to try and fail and branch out into different styles, well it's kind of been a fantasy of mine. Maybe it's time to consider finding my own studio but with the kids at home with me I doubt that would work, right now.

For now I'll have to admire from afar because I'm not quite brave enough to make bold color additions but then again I did just paint Elin's room pink so, never say never.

Images found with credit to Maria Soxbo from Husligheter.


allegory desk


Italian-Danish design duo GamFratesi's designs for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna include the Allegory desk. The concept of the desk is a really beautiful creation using the rounded shape from the cane seat Era chairs as a divider & memo board.

"Allegory is a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms. This literal expression is used in all forms of art, to illustrate ideas and concepts in ways that are comprehensible to its viewers. The circle as an abstract geometric figure to define the personal space. We believe we deserve a somewhat private and intimate place to work, write or simply sit with our laptop. We have therefore combined the traditional Thonet expression using a bend wood structure together with an iconic circular woven cane to allow to screen or being used to set personal items, messages and images."

They also created the Targa sofa and Morris chairs with the classic Thonet details and cane material.




Inpsiring scene from the Vitra Campus.


a half pink wall for Elin

This post is brought to you by BEHR. Color that's True to Hue. If you feel it you can find it. Visit truetohue.behr.com


I am not the most patient person. I am not alone in this, I know you are too even if you don't want to admit it. Ok, actually maybe you are incredibly patient but I for one like things done well but I also when them finished so I can move on!
It seems I always have a long list of to do's that as much as I tick things off are filled with new jobs.
Where am I going with this? Yes, let's get to that. I have painted parts of the house several times and while I enjoy the end result I always dread the process because I know I'll have to prep and paint in layers, waiting in between for each coat to dry.
This is why when BEHR asked me to test their MARQUEE Interior Paint & Primer, the one-coat coverage guarantee made this was one painting project I actually looked forward to.


Elin shares a room with us but I've still tried to make her side looks like hers and differentiate her space from mine. I decided to paint half, well more like 1/3, of the wall in Translucent Silk. I wanted a color similar to her bedding which is like a soft taupe/pink for a subtle pattern against the existing white wall.
The entire project took about an hour from masking off the area to painting around the trim and rolling!

/A quick tip for this sort of paint project when you want a crisp line and you have textured walls like I do, first paint along the taped area with the color of the base, in my case white, and let it dry. Then go over with your new color as usual. The first coat color will be pushed between the textures and the second will be a much cleaner line of color across.


afternoon light / new minimalism


The late afternoon light comes in at a strong angle over our dining table. Generously exposing every particle of dust or crumb left there by the kids. The fig tree is happy about it, hopefully helping it to grow much bigger and stronger.

Earlier today I posted this article from The Spaces to my Facebook, which is my personal page and I often wonder if I should just go ahead and create a FB page for the blog. What do you think? Anyways, the article explores what today's minimalism in the age of technology and what that means, the desire for quality and handmade features and those imperfect products from times past.
Minimalism now isn't just about the absence of things 'but about using the absence of things to enhance the meaning of what we chose to retain.'

Joanna Laajisto has a great was asked to define luxury, which has become a very relative term depending on who you ask.
‘Luxury today is time and quietness – two things that we don’t have during our hectic days. People want to make their homes safe havens they can retreat to with their families.’

As a mother I share a similar definition of luxury, though I would also consider staying away in a hotel or at a spa with my own thoughts and no one demanding my attention to be a luxurious moment. A very interesting discussion that I think is incredibly relevant to our modern times.




Lise Vilslev's floating rack solves many spacial issues in an elegant way. Read more about her design process and how Copenhanger came to be, right here.


rue d'aboukir


Look at the surface textures in this Parisian flat, found at Yellow Trace credit to RMBG.


suede slip ons


Even though I can already see the kids stepping on my toes in these and marking up the dove grey suede, I still think I could find a way to fit them into my life.


FL A/W 2015

I got to peek at the new Ferm Living A/W 2015 collection and it's great to see their launch into furniture design. Expect to see a sofa and series or tray tables included. I like the warm dark brown tones on this image with their Neu dinnerware.


Superfront bathroom series


New bathroom series from Superfront with sides, doors and tops that fit with Ikea's Metod line are set to debut October 1st.

"For a complete solution - we designed our own brass and copper basins. These have been left untreated to form a beautiful patina. A white enamel washbasin from Alape is also included in the range, as are several taps from Tapwell in brass, copper and chrome."


natural Summer | a nomination

Ikea 2015
Ikea 2015

I'm sure this never happens to you but sometimes I draft a post and then walk away or get distracted by my toddler who is climbing on my lap, or the table or other danger-to-toddler objects and then forget (am not allowed) to finish.
I intended to share this like a week ago but oh, you know, I got distracted.
Still, I love it. Fresh outdoor styling that makes me wish for my own outdoor room like this, styled by the ever stylish Josefin Hååg for Livet Hemma.

Also, and entirely unrelated I just found out that I was nominated for a 2015 Bloglovin Award. Honestly I'm quite taken aback with this because I know I haven't been able to take care of my blog very well since I had Elin. 18 months later and I still find it hard to carve out a moment, alone, to look for inspiration that is quality enough for you all to look at. I try to only post things I truly love and even when I'm working in a sponsored situation it's still a property for me to retain some honesty and taste with who/what I work with. If I had more time I'd love to craft something more flawless, more frequent for you all to read but in spite of my shortcomings with the blog I am terribly grateful to be nominated.
If you'd like to take a look at the list (I'm in excellent company btw) and to vote, go here.

Thank you to everyone who reads my quick captions and visual collection of inspiring and work. I sincerely appreciate it.


blou coat


Last week I saw a preview of this tremendous Ganni coat on Mia Mortensen's IG here and it was sort of love at first sight, if you believe that's possible with a coat. This morning my inbox had a sweet little message form Need Supply that the Ganni Blou coat has arrived.
Currently we are still in the epicenter of Summer's heat but I love to think that when Fall does arrive here this with this will make Autumn that much more sweet, that is if it hasn't sold out by then!


Monday inspiration


Today is off to a running start, I have several projects due today which has my head in a spin. I know as soon as I work through my list I'll feel much better. What does your week have in store for you? Plans as usual or something you're looking forward to?
I for one need a bit of fresh inspiration and direction for the week and this image taken by Susanna Vento for a bloggers tour of London has such great depth, texture and color. See the rest of the tour and gather your own inspiration on Em's blog.

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