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Today feels like Monday, I cannot shake it. Hopefully this doesn't throw my whole week.
It's currently a drizzly outside and I want to be enveloped by a large throw with a big cup of lemon tea while both kids nap. This will not be happening today but there is unmistakably a slower pace to the day. Elin is feeling sick, again, unfortunately as well.
I'm still hopeful that soon the sun will come out and I can finish up a fun little project I have to share with you, some kid relate posts that I think you'll like. First though, a bit of painting will need to get done.

For now, enjoy these inspiring images from Andy Liffner / Fotograf.


Ferm Living x AMM blog / prt. II


As promised, part II of the styling I did in collaboration with Ferm Living and their S/S '15 line. One of my favorite pieces is actually a set, a set of vases that next into each other but can also be used individually or the round dorm that hangs with a leather strap from a small notched dowel. Ferm's quality is obvious in each product and I appreciate the thought put into their longevity.

Find all the items used above here and see part I of this project in case you missed it.

brass measurement cup
organic waffle hand towel
the round dorm
marble candleholder
brass measurement spoons
collect vases
round jute rug / sticks
house blocks




A few weeks ago I welcomed a new piece of furniture into our home, the Safari daybed designed by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen from La Maison d'Anna G. who was so kind to ship this from France (and fast!). Ideally I had wanted our original sofa under the windows and the daybed directly facing this, however that would put the daybed directly in front of the tv. This means when the kids watch cartoons they climb and jump all over it. At first I covered it with a long sheepskin but their sticky hands were all over it and finally I decided if I wanted this to last any length of time, I'd switch them. They're just as happy on the "big" sofa and I can hopefully keep the daybed for years to come.

Ferm Living x AMM blog / prt. I


I was honored to be able to work with Danish brand Ferm Living, styling some of their Spring/Summer '15 line of products in my own home.
Ferm Living is such a strong brand with a broad product line and thoughtfully designed pieces that feel really friendly to anyone's home and style, it was such a privilege and so fun to be able to show some of their pieces in different scenarios.
Normally I am drawn to monochromatic scenes but since it's Spring and Ferm has a wide selection of both black and white as well as coordinated colors like petrol greens, I wanted to challenge myself to do something off the beaten path from what I typically do. It's always fun to change things up and try a slightly different perspective.

There are still several more images I want to share but I'm going to break this up into 2 parts for you, below are links to the items used in part 1 of the series.

small neu bowl
large neu bowl
neu pitcher
maple wooden frame
large neu plate


a place for sale, styled by Johanna Bagge in two days


I think the title explained it all, see more here.



From the new book, Spis by Mikkel Karstad and Anders Schønneman.


the street shoe


Must-have shoes from Everlane, a blend of equal parts loafer and sneaker.



The place for storing or hanging those small bits or the random things that don't have a home, Pinorama is it! Designed by Inga Sempé for HAY.



footed dish | pottery vessel | Céline | Renoir | foliage | angle necklace | hemp kelim


inspiration needed


The past week has drained me, physically and mentally. Elin and I have been sick and then she fell and hurt her arm so it's been a tough few days and not particularly productive. I do though have some fun things coming up, a project I worked on with Ferm Living and a great giveaway for those of you with babies or babies arriving soon from a lovely Danish company that makes perfectly sweet bedding for kids. I think you'll enjoy it.

Now though I'm just trying to get back into a normal routine and pump out work that I haven't been able to do the past weeks.
This set of photos is styled by Sofie Ganeva and photographed by Jessica Silversaga for Fantastic Frank.


the sleep shirt


Over the past few years I've grown a fondness for linen. Maybe you've noticed here and there on the blog I post photos of my linen bedding or throw pillows or the material shows up in a 'wishlist' item as well.
I didn't always love the wrinkly, textured fabric though. Years ago one of my first jobs was at a department store. I remember one of my first impressions of linen was not too positive after our visual merchandiser referred to line as the "devil's fabric". She disliked how quickly a pattern of wrinkles spread across the surface after she had spent a substantial amount of time patiently steaming it and it left a negative sentiment with me for a long time after. Of course I understand why she would have felt that way but to try to smooth out the creases of linen entirely is to try to make it something it is not.
Now though, I love this imperfection. It is organic and raw and characteristic of something worn yet classic. It can look both new and old and it also photographs well with its many peaks and valleys where shadows can hide.
When I was introduced to these beautiful sleeping shirts made of linen and cotton I immediately saw the lovely "imperfections" it would take on from wear, sleep, wash. I saw this as a beautiful feature that makes these simple garments feel so rich and sort of nostalgic. Timeless might be the word I'm after.

I took a few photos in my own bedroom of an oatmeal linen and cotton swiss dot shirts. Looking at these I imagine an idyllic morning of slow homemade food with fresh coffee or a quiet afternoon, when the kids are magically napping at the same time, the sun beams in through the windows. Or maybe I wanted to give my mom or sister a gift, the kind of gift that makes them feel a little luxurious.
If the perfectly comfortable, matching underwear has that way of making your outfit feel secretly more put together, maybe the perfect sleepwear makes your sleep that much more peaceful. Check out The Line for a nice range of their products and these shorts!


monochrome home


A new book has been released by stylist Hilary Robertson and photographer Pia Ulin that looks fantastic, and I must admit I already bought it! Of course I have a fondness for monochrome spaces and this preview looks just fantastic.


at home anywhere in the world


I'm honored to be partnering with Carl Hansen & Søn to announce a fun project they are hosting, something you can join in on also!
Since Carl Hansen & Søn distributes their pieces on a global scale, they want to see their pieces in your own home, anywhere you live. In case you're not familiar with some of their legendary products, CH & Søn manufactures such iconic pieces as the Wishbone chair, CH88 (which you can see above in photos I took from my own home!), OW150 daybed and Kaare Klint's Safari chair.

Post your own Carl Hansen & Søn piece at home and use #globalhomes @carlhansenandson.
The best contributions will be rewarded with a Hans J. Wegner Wishbone chair!
Keep up with some of their favorites (maybe yours will be included too) right here.


glass Lyngby vases


Just popping in to share these glass Lyngby vases, a twist on their classic porcelain versions.

All three color ways and sizes are available here at Stilleben.

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