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A new book has been released by stylist Hilary Robertson and photographer Pia Ulin that looks fantastic, and I must admit I already bought it! Of course I have a fondness for monochrome spaces and this preview looks just fantastic.


at home anywhere in the world


I'm honored to be partnering with Carl Hansen & Søn to announce a fun project they are hosting, something you can join in on also!
Since Carl Hansen & Søn distributes their pieces on a global scale, they want to see their pieces in your own home, anywhere you live. In case you're not familiar with some of their legendary products, CH & Søn manufactures such iconic pieces as the Wishbone chair, CH88 (which you can see above in photos I took from my own home!), OW150 daybed and Kaare Klint's Safari chair.

Post your own Carl Hansen & Søn piece at home and use #globalhomes @carlhansenandson.
The best contributions will be rewarded with a Hans J. Wegner Wishbone chair!
Keep up with some of their favorites (maybe yours will be included too) right here.


glass Lyngby vases


Just popping in to share these glass Lyngby vases, a twist on their classic porcelain versions.

All three color ways and sizes are available here at Stilleben.


Josefin & Frank


The incredibly talented Josefin Hååg, who is one of my favorite stylists, has been working with Fantastic Frank and it's a beautiful thing. She has such a great eye and a way of making anything look amazing.

the perfect cups, found


Some time ago I recall talking to a friend that I was on the hunt for the perfect cups. Something with a subtle texture and soft, rounded shape and no handle. I was pretty excited when I found ceramic artist Mette Duedahl and her line of work. Even more exciting was finding that Mimmi Staff (who has one of the best and beautifully curated webshops on all the internet) agreed to ship some to me!
I patiently waited their arrival from Sweden and yesterday they came.
I love the handmade quality and uniqueness that each cup has, an original pattern of fine spots delicately covers each one. The texture is smooth but not too much, it retains that hand crafted feeling that makes these so special. Also, the finish is matte but the inside in glazed, of course, so the details are really excellent.
You know when you find something you love, a t shirt or the perfect bra, you want to go back and buy multiples? With these cups I have that very feeling...


Lundia Fuuga


Part of the Fuuga collection from Finnish brand Lundia, a multi purpose set of drawers that can be used anywhere in the house. I love the styling for this one with a subtle blue tone.




Cam Cam muslin | Nikari ottoman | Nordic sand cup | Hasami creamer | Greek sandals | Lundia box | wall hanging |

things that scare me & turning dream jobs into reality


How is it almost Thursday already? This week has flown by and as per usual I am scrambling to make to most of it, as per usual.

I must sound like I'm always behind, and yet that's only because it's exactly how I feel. I do often find myself spread thin between two kids who want my attention all day along with any creative endeavors I have with freelance work and some with the shop, which I can hardly keep up with, future projects that have taken months and months rather than weeks. Why do I feel the need to confess this?

Earlier today I briefly read this from Grace Bonney. I loved how honest she was with her fears and found that I shared several of them myself. Rather than give my list here, maybe I'm not ready to be that transparent just yet, hop over and read what Grace has to say about her personal life as well as professional one. Especially if you are a blogger yourself, I think it will be a reassuring read!

Another great read I found myself sucked into was from Garance Doré about how she began her career and essentially turned it into her dream job. I found myself hanging on her every word as this is a woman who knows what she's talking about and has the clout to reinforce it. I highly recommend you take the 5 minutes to read her thoughts, so much inspiration!

image from Scandinavian Deko


in green and blue



A stunningly warm interior with many shades of blues and greens that contrast the woods paneled walls so well. I'm picking up a slight Japanese inspiration here as well with the low table and walls of wood.

Photography | the amazing Jonas Ingerstedt for Plaza Deco


refugi lieptgas


Recently I was at the bookstore, sans kids, flipping through some magazines. After being in Copenhagen's Magasin though, and seeing their extensive collection of magazines (of which I prefer the style to most American publications) I'm always a bit disappointed with our local options.
I try anyways to look through art or design zines of different disciplines in case I find something noteworthy, anything that I might uncover that vibes with my own interests and style.
Well I grabbed one off the shelf that I had never seen before, and I am sorry to say I have already forgotten the name of it. It was a long shot, the cover was ok but had a minimal layout and even though most of it was just so-so I did read this spread about a cabin renovation in the Swiss Alps. The solid concrete interior and exterior caught my attention and I thought it so interesting to hear about the architects' thought process for this.
The original wooden structure needed to be left somewhat intact, or somehow preserved with the new design in order for the reno to move forward according to local officials. This was troublesome to designers at Nickisch Sano Walder who wanted to work in concrete rather than wood as it echoed the large boulders that sat at the base of a mountain nearby. The old wooden cabins that sat among the hills in that area looked rough and aged in contrast to a more durable and timeless material such as concrete.
Brilliantly they molded the concrete around the existing wooden frame which left beautiful impressions from the original wood grain in the finished concrete. Most of the concrete surfaces are heated so there isn't a cold feeling, even in the dead of Winter.
The large, low window in the dining area is an idyllic view to the forest floor and the wildlife that lives in the area. You may see a fawn grazing right outside your door.

I also love the circular skylight, it must be a beautiful view of the stars at night.

I believe the photography is by Gaudenz Danuser and Ralph Feiner
If what I read in the magazine is correct, the cabin is available to rent by visitors. Someday I may have to stay a few nights here myself.


styling a bookshelf


When I was younger my mom would often come home to me rearranging her furniture. I had very different ideas than my mom of what looked good or was appropriate in the house, even at a young age. In spite of her patience and her not-wanting-to-crush-my-creations attitude, my constant movement of household items got on her nerves. In retrospect, I get that! Thankfully though, I think all that practice did something to nurture a love for curating from an early age.
Now that I have my own house I don't have to worry about bothering my mom's things but let's be honest, it's a lot of work to redecorate regularly. In spite of the extra work to take trinkets out of storage while tripping over toys or dusting shelves with one hand because the other is holding a baby on my hip, it feels so good to give pieces new life and freshen up an arrangement.
I've collaborated with Target Style to show you how I take some of their newest home collection pieces and style my favorite bookshelf to give it a fresher update. It's amazing how curating open shelves can make a space feel brand new and it doesn't take much, Target makes it soooo easy!


find your inspiration

One thing you can do, if you have the time, is make a collage or moodboard. Rip photos from magazines, even some of those much older issues or copy pages out of a photography book. You can print images from the web (for collage purposes only) or do what I did, throw some images I liked together on a couple printer pages in Photoshop, just enough to stand back and see what works together/doesn't and get a general idea of the look I'm going for.

My mood for this was something beachy and fresh with green, blue, natural and white, greys.



Search around/shop for pieces that compliment your mood. Mix high/low and new/old to get something with more depth.

I used fresh green accents, with Spring now here it's a must. The newest collection from Target has a lot of nautical pieces which is great because I love these brain corals and porcelain urchins with porous white, sculptural textures they add. A hint of blue from a small dipping bowl that holds a cactus, some soft natural colors from cork, jute and rope. Glass is an other element that offsets these more organic surfaces, both for holding small fern stems but also this grey vase which has a subtle beach feel. Also, because this wall is adjacent to my kitchen I included stacks of plates and bowls, even towels. I used a basket to hold a spray bottle and a brush for cleaning.



This, of course, is the fun part. Since the newness of plant life and Spring are relevant and ocean elements were an influence, I wanted the finished shelves to be airy so I purposely left pockets of blank space. Don't feel obligated to completely pack your shelves with lots and lots of stuff. You can put everything on there from your gathering but then step back and edit yourself. Make sure to remove something(s) because a few well chosen pieces are a bolder look than too many competing pieces, things can get lost.

Another piece of advice I'd offer is to add some practicality or function to your arrangement. Of course we're going for something aesthetically nice but why can't is serve to be useful as well? In my case I have magazines but also one of my favorite cookbooks, nearby enough to search for a quick recipe. Be mindful of the location of your bookshelf and how you use that general area, so something near a living room could hold extra throws and pillows, a shelf in the bedroom could hold extra bags and shoes, dishes for small jewelry...you get the idea.


This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online.


bathroom furnishings inspired by the 1920's


Norm Architects has designed this line of bathroom furnishings and fixtures for ex.t inspired by the early 20th century. See more of the collection here.


like a painting


So much inspiration in this beautifully styled apartment, like textures and colors from an old oil painting. I'm not sure who the stylist is for this one, if anyone knows please leave a comment.


interview with Gam Fratesi


Yellow Trace conducted an insightful interview with design duo Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi. I particularly liked seeing all the initial sketches and studio photos, the process of concept to production is such an interesting one. (you might remember when I blogged about this mobile design from the Stockholm Furniture Fair)
Read more about how the duo met and began GamFratesi and their body of work is impressive including work for Gubi, Restaurant Verandah, Fredericia and Ligne Roset.
Read the entire Q & A here.

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