light & shadows

Beautifully lit photos of &Tradition's 2014 line.


bedroom details

Since our move a couple weeks I haven't had a chance to really do anything exciting with our new bedroom. Getting the living room and my son's room organized have been a priority, however this week I'm thinking of what our room needs most and where to start.
I'd like to have some kind of floating shelf next to the bed possibly and figure out the best way to store out clothes-this new place has teeny little closets. Now with cooler weather coming soon I've been looking at a lot of bedding and blankets, layering things to make them feel cozier.

Image from Entrance Makleri


grey and wood and Monday

Starting the week off with a grey/wood combo and preparing for this week's work. A few styling jobs coming soon.



I keep seeing bit of deep blue that I'm really drawn to. Blues and greens mixed with moody greys and black sound like my current favorite combination.
This corner is a prime example of what I mean. A nice break from the bright whites of Summer and perfect to match the feeling of Fall.

Found here via Lovely Life.

I'm enjoying a few quiet moments while the littlest one naps, which she has not done all week, so this feels like a mini break. Both kids have been under the weather and while it's of course been hard on them, it has for me as well. The other night I took the kids for a drive, as I could not get Elin to sleep but the motion of the car made her give in and relax. What I didn't account for was I was just as tired, if not more so, and the drive also made me quite sleepy! Somehow I think we are on the up swing and I sure how so as this next week means LOTS of catching up work wise for me!

I hope you're having a nice and sick-free weekend yourself.


new A/W prints


News from Therese Sennerholt are these new prints in postcard & poster size just in time for Fall. I like the deep blues very much!


back with a fashion video

I've been gone for a while now. We are officially moved in, though there are some lingering boxes in the office and a few projects that need to be finished. I am however glad to be back online (it took 2 weeks to have internet connected at this house!!) and excited to catch up with posting as much as possible.
I saw this video last week sometime (whenever CPH fashion week was) and since I love Copenhagen so much and because the fashion world is this beautiful mystery, I wanted to post this as a quick watch.



a new rail & news


The wonderful and incredibly talented Annaleena sent us one of her rails recently and I think it was exactly what this blank wall in our kitchen needed to holding towels and brushes.
The chem glass, tin box & brush are from one of my favorites, Betong Gruvan.

As strange as this is to say, and soon after I hung this great new piece, we have decided to move! We're in the process of selling our house but in the meantime we will be in a temporary place for about a year (hopefully less). Crazy right?!
I'm going to miss this place where my son & daughter were born, which we just bought recently and were slowly making it into a place we felt truly at home. However we have bigger dreams right now, dreams that might be taking us in a completely different direction that we need to take steps towards. As vague as that is I will have to wait and see how things unfold myself before I can share more.
Just don't worry, I will keep updating my IG with news and you can look forward to seeing our new (very temporary) little place in the meantime.

Happy almost weekend!


home of Thomas Lingsell


I refreshingly genuine look at this warm home.


a style post: fall


Autumn is probably my favorite season, for the weather but especially for the clothes. Boots, long sweaters and jeans are my ideal things to wear but obviously all wrong for hot Summers so it's always quite a relief when Fall comes.
A few things I'm currently wanting for the coming months are these Cheap Monday ankle boots | New Balance 620 black sneakers | Pleat front culottes (I already own these in black!) | Zara grey flowy parka | COS blazer dress | Monki green leopard print bag | Byredo La Tulipe parfum | black marbled earrings from my shop (I made an extra pair for myself!) | not pictured is The Cotton Lawn black button up from Everlane, I need two of these


late monday


It's nearly Tuesday but I feel like I'm just starting the week now, and with some much needed inspiration from Fantastic Frank.


random inspiration


A few things I liked this week/wanted to share include these beetle bar stools from Gubi.


Sleek twisted loop hairstyle from Céline F/W show.


COS new A/W 14 magazine is out and looks amazing, bring on Fall!


Beautiful, geometric Shapes mirrors by Sylvain Willenz.


Dark details from blog, Gingerbreadhouse.


Padiglione Luceplan


I added some ready-made marble dome rings to my shop. Get them in black/white or nude pink/white here.


A perfect bedroom with big, bright windows.


red dirt rd house


More amazing work by Amee Allsop.


found: blog designs made easy


Over the years my blog has had a few design/layout changes, I'm sure you've noticed. I've also had many people email me about my layouts, wanting to know how they were designed and who helped me? I'm so grateful to say Ana Degenaar has been my go-to for all of my design and coding needs. She's always been my right hand when I've needed help with a widget or need to change/add a function on the blog. I'm telling you, I could sing her praises all day!
I value her relationship so much because not only has her help saved me when I was in over my head (many times) but she's been a genuine friend who's truly talented! Being able to come up with a design and having someone to implement it has been extremely helpful in creating a space that represents me, and I could not do it without Ana's help!

For my fellow bloggers out there I want to share with you this great resource, her shop! Ana has these simple, elegantly modern layouts that are all so good, it's hard to choose only 1. Her blog as well is proof that she's the real deal.
Blogmilk shop makes it easy to choose & download your layout and for those of us who are coding illiterate, this really makes it easy to have something beautifully designed that can be personalized to you. Plus if you find that you still want something slightly off the grid, she does custom work as well.

Thanks Ana!

jakob jørgensen & mindcraft exhibition


If you were in Milan earlier this year you may have been to Mindcraft14, a design exhibition composed of works by Danish artists and craftspeople, all curated by Nina Tolstrup of StudioMama.
Above are images from Tools, by Jakob Jørgensen, a fraction of the interesting presentations from the exhibit.

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