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KBH sofa



A new velvet sofa called KBH 401 Dedar in medium oak by Københavens Møbelsnedkeri.

photography / Line Klein

something to wear



Because finding something to wear is a daily struggle (let's not even talk about the random weather patterns) and I'm always look for "mom clothes", meaning stuff I can wear while taking care of the kids and not feel ridiculous or overdone/underdone. A skirt with an elastic waist and a textured tee? Yes.


salone del mobile inspiration from norway


A couple images I liked from Norwegians Hege and Bjørn Johan of their visit to Milan for Salone del Mobile '16. The warm clay colors with pink and wood tones are so flattering.

new muuto

web campain
web campain
web campain
web campain
web campain

New products and lifestyle imagery from Muuto including these FRAMED mirrors that look really fantastic, I like the color tinted glass. Expected to be released in early May.


DHS greenhouse



An elegant solution for those who want to grow from seed but might not have the space for their own outdoor greenhouse, Greenhouse was designed by Atelier 2+ for Wallpaper's Annual Handmade Exhibition. Greenhouse is now being produced by Design House Stockholm and you can read more about its story here.

Atelier 2+ also designed this Cane Collection and just check out this wardrobe!


fritz hansen objects


A new line of home accessories called Objects, an addition to Danish brand Fritz Hansen's legendary furniture.

cleaning favorites



This is a sidestep from the usual interior photos but I'd like to talk about some practical things more frequently on the blog.
These are some newest favorites at home, both by this new-to-me brand called Common Good. This is not a sponsored post, I just really like them and they've made the mundane every day chores just a little better.

This spray is made with tea tree oil which is a natural antiseptic and smells amazing. My mom used to buy bars of soap when I was little that were made with tea tree oil so the scent is very nostalgic for me and I love it for that.

The pure woolen ball is a dryer ball to help remove static, wrinkles and fabric softener. My son tends to have very dry skin so I'm curious to see how his clothes dried with this reacts with his skin though.
I want to pick up some dish soap to try out as well.


3 for the weekend



A mix of images I like, not partially new but the tones are all so appealing right now.

top /Jotun LADY Minerals Marrakesh
middle / Frama stools from Kollekted by
bottom / bathroom in grey from

outdoor small space gathering



Even though we live in a house, our patio space is not any larger than an apartment balcony. I've always struggled a bit with making what space we have cozy and inviting for the family or for when we have friends visiting.
I'm partnering with Target to share how I updated our outdoor area to create a casual place with different seating options and feel much more inviting. I suppose I could have shown you a 'before' but just believe me when I say it was boring.

Marimekko has this new line exclusively for Target which includes quite a few outdoor items and I really liked these big poufs. I don't usually have a lot of pattern but thought this would be a fun way to show how a little pattern can go a long way.
I also added a taller woven stool to give another option beyond the poufs, there is always someone who would rather have a firm place to sit so it's not a bad idea to have a variety of seating.
Also, because we are very near to our neighbors and the street behind can see right into our patio I made a DIY divider with some painted wood boards and hinges. This is also a nice backdrop for plants. I found several cement pots that I really like, it's such a nice and simple contrast to green. A nice outdoor space has to have plenty of green, for me, which means lots of containers to plant. I think this is also a great filler and way to add height and texture.
A large woven tray in a natural material for is functional for snacks, reading material drinks and is essential especially if you don't want to be running in and out of the house several times.

This post is brought to you by TargetStyleShop the new Home collection in stores and online.


color inspiration


These subtle creams and sand colors are so appealing to me right now.



A series of photos styled by the incredible Amanda Rodriguez and photographed by Kistofer Johnsson.

saturday night minimalism


Saturdays should be simple, that's why I like this minimal scene from Nuori.

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