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A Light Filled Home in Copenhagen Styled With Warm Earth Tones


The home of designer Caroline Feiffer is bright, natural and sunlit home, full of geometric pattern that contrast the earthy tones throughout. Caroline lives in Copenhagen and designed her space to be a mix of old and new, style and form and most of all a space with balance.

A bench designed by Caroline and Steffan holds a raffia lamp in behind a linen Gervasoni sofa.

On the second floor of her 860 sq ft home, Caroline's husband Steffan who is a woodworked, has built her an atelier. In order to keep her home balanced she divides any potential new pieces into a "need to have" or "nice to have" category, a tip a lot of us can adopt in our own homes as well! The home is also full of collected treasures from travels that are displayed neatly on a half-wall leading to the bedroom by her husband, in front sits a beautiful Wassily chair upholstered in natural woven fabric. In a home such as this, curated with one-of-a-kind collected items it's wise to protect them with either homeowners or renter's insurance, just for that extra piece of mind that your valuables have some sort of support.

The bedroom's simple white bedding is anchored by a table lamp by ceramicist Palshus fitted with a new linen shade. The modern cube bedside table is another of her husband's wood creations. Every object in the room is intentional and uncluttered like reading books and flowers from their garden.

The kitchen table, as with many homes, is where the residents spend much of their time talking, working and having dinner. The bamboo shades allow adequate light through and the oak dining chairs are by Charlotte Perriand.

Above is a swan-shaped floor lamp by Mads Caprani with a Le Klint shade and an oil painting Mathias Malling Mortensen ads a bit of graphic art. If you're not able to get your hands on a unique painted piece like this try creating your own collage with mixed media such as fabric and paper and making a larger copy of it. You can either create this on thick paper to frame or if you're a photographer, using one of these best photo printers, you can print some of your own work. Both simple ways of creating custom artwork for your home.

An Akari light fixture provides light atop an antique wood round table in the bedroom, all in front of one of the slanted wood beams that she painted white (they run all along one wall of every room in the apartment, adding character but also making the layout more complex).

Photos by Katrine Rohrberg

Mondays and To-Do Lists

You might have already seen this on my Instagram and morally I try to post different content to the blog & Insta but I thought I'd share here to as it's nice to update the blog as frequently as possible. Our dining room right now with our Muuto dining table and chair, Flos table lamp, print from The Poster Club and a large vase I found at a local shop and painted with loads of thick texture.

Hope your week is off to a great start! I've got a list of to-do's as long as my arm which include planning our summer trips for July and August as well as taking care of some not-so-fun bills that need to get paid. I get the kids to help clean every Sunday afternoon and they love me for it (detect the sarcasm here) so we can all start a new week with a clean slate, so to speak. As of right now, the house is quiet and picked up but that will not last long!

A Day in the Life of Camilla Vest from Objects.NYC


Camilla Vest moved from Denmark to New York City with her husband in 1995 after starting her modeling career as the face in Guess, Revlon and J.Crew campaigns. Now though she is bridging the Atlantic Ocean to bring Scandinavian design to the US with Objects who represents several Danish brands here including Skagerak, Skovshoved Møbelfabrik who produces the famous OGK Safari daybeds and chairs, as well as Brdr. Petersen (check out their Penguin chairs). As a brand ambassador, Camilla ensures their products are placed with the right retailers and design professionals across North America.

Today Camilla is generous enough to give us a peek at her Soho loft and showroom for Objects as well as her favorite daily stops and a personal look at her life in the city in picture form, courtesy of Sarah Elliott. Read Camilla's words below for a close look!

Every morning I make time for an early morning workout, drop my son off at school and then get to working in my office surrounded by a bit of candlelight to create that infamous "hygge" atmosphere. One of the best things about living in New York is that so many great places are right around the block. I love being able to take my son to school on my bike and enjoy having a slow morning. Being Danish it's just natural for me to bike everywhere. Once I have him dropped off I make a quick stop by the cutest coffee shop called Laughing Man in Tribeca. You're likely to run into a friend or fellow parent in the shop to chat with and catch up.

My showroom Objects is run from our Soho loft so typically I stop nearby at one of the best bakeries in town called Arcade (also in the Tribeca area) to grab some delicious croissants for our morning meetings. Just down the street I will pick some great branches or flowers for the showroom from the wonderful Emily Thompson Flowers inside the RW Guild store. That's what is so great about NYC, I'm able to get so much done just on my way home from my Oliver's school and still make it in time for meeting clients at our showroom.

Bringing back fresh baked bread and stems for the showroom.

Welcoming clients to our showroom and sharing our touch of Scandinavian living is something I really enjoy. It's a great way of experiencing our products in a totally more personal way. You also idea of how our pieces can be mixed in with a more personal style. Working hours and it can be a challenge to stay structure with work while being at home but I definitely try to balance work & play life otherwise it's too easy to get sucked into the NY routine of always being available however having two children sort of helps to keep some structure to the day. I like working more with this sort of flexibility, taking the opportunity to pick my daughter up from her dance lessons or just hanging in the park with my son and his friends in the afternoon. I can always catch up with work tasks later in the day.

To the left are Skagerak's Vivlio shelving units which help keep the studio organized, standing upright is a yet-to-be-assembled daybed. On the right Camilla shows how simple it is to set up the natural OGK Safari daybed, designed by architect Ole G Knudsen in 1962, inside her loft. The daybed and chairs alike arrive packaged neatly in these canvas totes for easy storage and set up.

The Objects Loft & Studio space.

We keep it very minimalistic in our loft space and I'm a big believer in "less is more". Our clients are often inspired by the way we keep things so simple, it really helps them gain a better understanding of our brands and how we represent. Working in our loft space can be challenging because you also have to create an after hours space for the family which forces me to be very disciplined in keeping the studio approachable and welcoming for everyone. It's great to change things around in the loft with our unique accessories I have brought back from my endless travels to from Copenhagen and mix our Scandinavian style with items like this Skagerak teapot, with some great Italian light fixtures like our snoopy lamp (pictured above) with the orange glass shade, a new favorite of mine, and the iconic marble Saarinen Tulip dining table!

Photos courtesy of Sarah Elliot.

Be sure to check out more design interviews here!

Have a Look at our New and Bigger Family Sofa!


If you didn't already know, we are a family of four! Obviously that isn't a large family but it's still important to me that I make sure everyone has room enough around the house. Each of the kids have their own bedrooms and places to sit at the table but when it cam got the living room our 3-seater sofa just wasn't cutting it. Honestly it wasn't a problem most of the time unless everyone was sitting together or when we had family/friends over, then we realized that a little more seating space would be better!
To accommodate all four members of the family we decided to find a sectional. Our living room isn't very large, at least not width-wise under the windows where we usually keep the sofa. For this reason and because we liked the embracing feeling of a sectional, the decision was made to find an "L" shape seating arrangement where the family could be together.

Our previous sofa was the NOCKEBY from IKEA and served us well for years, with a nice clean look with thick cushions but, you know, three seats. Also, since we have kids who tend to accidental spill, come in from playing outside with dirty feet or drop food onto surfaces, having a sofa with removable and washable covers is in our top 3 factors for choosing a sofa! All of IKEA's sofas come with covers which can be removed and thrown into the washer, so we chose the SÖDERHAMN from IKEA's collection. While we're considering size and washability we also don't want to skimp on style, which is where Bemz comes in! We chose from their linen Loose Fit Urban collection covers that feature long skirting to cover the sofa's legs.

In addition to a sofa cover, I really wanting matching pillow covers for our throw cushions! For me, I just want the cushions to blend firmly because there are so many pillows but also because it gives the cushions the look of being pieces of the sofa and not just accessories. We even have large, matching floor cushions in the same color! Of course if I want to add in some other colors later on in the form of pillow covers, that's easy to do. For now I'm enjoying the uniform color and minimal look that the same color gives!

If you're wondering about comfort, as comfort is a very important characteristic of any sofa, this is quite comfortable! The sectional part also acts as a chaise so you can sit with your feet completely reclined (the husband's favorite feature). The corner piece is also very roomy so Elin, who loves to cuddle, can also sit with me here. Yesterday she wasn't feeling well so we grabbed her blanket and piled a few pillows in the corner and watched one of her favorite shows until she fell asleep!

*sofa provided by IKEA and covers provided by Bemz, however all words, opinions and photographs are my own!

My May Wishlist


Jonas Wagell has designed the Julep sofa for Tacchini which was inspired by the Avant-Hard furniture of the fifties. The sofa is distinct by its soft, enveloping shape and romantic allure.

Skagerak's Georg stool, designed by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm, is not a new design however the Jubilee version of the stool comes with a special edition leather seat cushion in a tone similar to the oak finish. This version is on my wishlist to use in our closet, small enough not to take up too much space but also the perfect seat for putting on shoes with.

A spherical lamp shade with an unusual, seamless knit shade the floor lamp version of Knit-Wit lamp is my favorite of the collection. The knitted cover means there is no waster material as the shade can be made to fit the exact dimensions!

A tailored yet oversized the Canvala blouse from by Malene Birger is the perfect all-year piece and I do love this dark, nutty color. What's makes it even better is the low back which is unexpected in a collared, buttoned up blouse.

Benjamin Ewing's works are all on my wishlist! He creates his art not too far from here in Portland, OR. This abstract line painting has an amazing texture and interesting lines.

These French Girl bottles are irresistible and their bronzing oil is organic and vegan. The perfect skin product for spring and summer!

I've been eyeing String's walnut cabinets for our living for probably a year or more now. We have a lot of light wood at home so a slightly darker shade like this would be a really nice change. It's also the perfect size for under the tv.

Where to Stay in Edinburgh for Design Lovers and Why You Should be Staying in a Home For Your Next Trip


As a family with two children we love renting homes when we travel. Some of the benefits of renting a home rather than staying in a hotel when you're traveling with kids is that you can shop at the local markets and cook your own food. Most places come stocked with all the cooking utensils and dinnerware you'd need. When we stayed in Copenhagen and Stockholm we used Airbnb all except for one night. The hosts each offer their own personal touch to make your stay comfortable, for example in Copenhagen our host left fresh butter, bread, honey and tea. It's especially nice when you've just come off a long flight and don't have time to stop for food on the way to your home-away-from-home. Having your own kitchen to cook in is especially nice when you have picky eaters or if you're sticking with a certain diet. Also, if you're trying to adhere to s budget it can be far less expensive to cook your own meal rather than eat in a restaurant or at street vendors 3 times a day, every day.

A house or apartment has more of the same comforts as your own home. Our kids don't love hanging out in a single room in a hotel nearly as much as they do in a small apartment or house with several rooms and sometimes a yard. Even if you're traveling without children it's feels more like you're living as a local when you stay in an established home rather than a hotel.

I will say though that I also enjoy staying in hotels. It is nice to have a beautifully designed spaces, someone else to make the beds and room service. What is better than late night room service?!

However if you're looking for a place to stay that offers more of the homey feel, the Porteous' Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland may be your speed. I would certainly take a night (or 10) here! Beneath a castle, the entrance and bedroom features sliding doors and slatted screen to subtly divide areas such as the bedroom and kitchen. The clean lines and minimal decor from then architecture pour over into the furniture which continue the straight edges and Japanese joinery seen on the dining table and matching benches.

While this studio is a very clever use of space, spares nothing in the way of quality details and is in an amazing location, you won't be able to bring any children. I know, just after I convinced you to take your family to a home rather than a hotel! Porteous' holds just one bed so it is more of an idyllic stay for a couple. However places like Boutique Homes and Airbnb has search filters for however many additional guests you are traveling with!

You can book a stay here and if you do, I want to hear all about it! Leave me a comment below and if you're in need of more beautiful places to stay, check out some of my favorites.

Norm Architects Creates a Seaside Home Inspired by Nature


Continuing to embrace dark interiors this week, this newly remodeled project contains dark features and natural colors to compliment its surroundings.

"Boasting all-natural, rich materials, the house gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature while inside," says Norm Architects who applied sand-colored walls and earth toned furnishings to an existing coastal home. The residence is situated along a rugged costal landscape in North Zealand, not too far from Copenhagen. Zealand is home to scenic lakes, forests and sandy beaches, which served as inspiration for the home's interior colors.

"The existing architectural structure was well carried, functional and harmonious – therefore the project was a refurbishment and a challenging exercise to incorporate the wild nature outside on a refined level," said interior architect Laura Bilde.

In order to keep the full height windows focused on the scenic grasses and deep blue water, restrained colors were used throughout as well as dark stained timber in the kitchen cabinetry, not dissimilar to another dark kitchen Norm designed. The living room's gabled wall and used to construct a bunk beds in one of the bedrooms.

The earth toned interior palette is intended to give the occupants a feeling of being in nature even while inside.

Solid wood plinth table, similar to one made by Dry Studios, serves as a minimal bench in the corridor.

Cashmere wrapped pendant lighting from Artilleriet hangs above an antiqued timber dining table.

With minimal decor hanging tapestries like this one from Ferm Living, large ceramic pots and collected artwork from the owners' travels, the overall feel is kept very minimal.


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