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news from H&M / how to create the look



A few personal favorites from the new images styled by Glen Proebstel and photographed by Pia Ulin for H&M home and I've made it easy to shop the items with links below each photo. The grey and wood paneled bathroom is pretty spectacular. Also thank you for Pella for blogging about this earlier.






5 minimal flats


AMM blog | 5 Minimal Flats

Flats have become a staple in my wardrobe since becoming a mom. I used to love wearing heals before kids and didn't mind enduring the pain or blisters because honestly I felt a bit more confident and appreciated the added height. It's not that having kids means you can't wear what you want, you just quickly see how some clothes, shoes can create extra work or slow you down, like heels.

Here are 5 minimal flats you can wear from now into Fall and no kids necessary. ;)

COS slip on leather shoes | Martiniano glove shoe | Yvonne Koné pointy ballerina flats | Zara slides with bow | Mansur Gavriel ballerina

new cutting boards & a kitchen update



One of my favorite stores, Artilleriet, recently had my most wanted oak cutting boards on sale and I took it as a sign from the online shopping Gods that then was the time to order a couple for myself. I bought the smoked oak ones but they're not nearly as dark in person as the online photos, which is still ok and I love them anyways.

Also if you've been following me since 2013 or before you might remember the big kitchen renovation we did to this house that used to be a rental. We never did decide on a backsplash for the kitchen walls. Tile, glass, stainless steel, concrete...for one reason or another we've decided none were quite right for us. For the past few months though I've had it in my mind that I must find some solution, something smooth and easy to clean that will keep food residue or water off the walls.
One more mention is our kitchen pulls, a progress we've made since the reno when originally we wanted wish buttons the the carpenter installed some that didn't work well, so Superfront to the rescue! These holy wafer pulls are perfect because they're minimal and integrate subtly with the cabinets and countries but are also easy to grip. I wonder at times if I should have ordered the brass instead but I still like that they blend in with the other white elements.


I'm still trying to make a commitment but in the coming weeks I'll be sharing some considerations and the process to completion!

currently playing with shape mags

AMM blog | currently playing with magna-tiles

The kids have been playing with these magnetic tiles all week. As someone who tries hard to adhere to a minimalist philosophy in all parts of life, even if at times I fail, my kids do not have an insane amount of toys like I see some friends or relatives have for their children. It's a work in progress as we try to donate toys often and keep only those things we all truly love, that offer something constructive and don't simply fill the void. Occasionally we make those impulse buys but rarely are they long lasting or cherished toys. I like to buy things for the kids that add to collections they already have, more legos for my son or doll accessories for my daughter's dolls, this encourages them to play more with the toys they already have.

AMM blog

Toys that the kids can play with quietly are especially valuable, the kind that require a bit of problem solving and creativity like building or pretending. This is one of the reasons I like to see my two playing with these magnetic stick and stack tiles. My son already had a set of these from last Christmas but we recently got to add to his collection with a transparent set that has just enough pieces to make a big igloo and fence, or whatever you want to make! I tried making the igloo to show you but my youngest just enjoys stacking them so much that it was disassembled by the time I grabbed my camera.

AMM blog

/ this post was sponsored by Shape Mags toys brand however all words and opinions are honestly written by me (thank you to sponsors who help keep the lights on here at AMM!)

wanted/ MR chair

AMM blog | Mies van der Rohe's MR chair

Originally designed by Mart Stam but introduced Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1927, the tubular steel and cane seat still somehow feel incredibly relevant. Actually I would love an MR chair myself, one of the leather variations ideally which is now produced by Knoll. I can't say it's my dream chair because then I'd have to pick only one, which is highly impossible.



new vases from AMM X DBKD

I'm so excited to share this with you! Months of work has manifested itself in a physical form and I'm glad to share these vases/pots I designed for Swedish ceramic company DBKD.
Earlier this year Karin Dahlin Gunterberg approached me about the prospect of a collaboration. If you are already familiar with the brand you know they've previously had a successful collaboration with Swedish stylist Hanna Wessman.

new vases from AMM X DBKD

This family of vessels comes in 3 shades from a milky white to a mole color to a smoky grey. I wanted the colors to be tonal and complimentary to each other so you can display several colors together and there are soft differences between them.

I had a few other shapes before these but for any of you who have design something you know there is a lot of give and take, a lot of trimming the edges or adjusting where need be. In the end I came up wit these soft shapes, symmetrical and curvy.
The largest pot can hold a plant while the others can hold flowers, branches or wooden utensils in a kitchen. They have a nice matte almost velvet finish to them.

new vases from AMM X DBKD

If you are in or near to Stockholm this week you are likely already aware that Formex begins Wednesday! Please find the DBKD booth and see the fruit of our work in person. I wish I could be there myself, one of these years I will be!

new vases from AMM X DBKD

Studio Esinam giveaway!


The wonderful Gothenburg based Studio Esinam is giving away a copy of their New York elevations to an AMM reader! Leave a comment about where in your home the New York Elevations will go by either leaving a comment below or on the Instagram post.

Giveaway ends Saturday at midnight, MST.

Ferm Living A/W '16 line includes more furniture and customizable lighting!


AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016

Are you ready to begin thinking of Autumn? It takes no coaxing on my part as the September to November months are some of my favorite. Ferm Living has debuted some beautifully styled photos of their newest additions, to help get you in the mood for the upcoming season.

AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016
AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016
AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016
AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016
AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016

You will find this newest release shows rich ochre and burgundy colors, table tops with interchangeable trestles, new stacking espresso cups and glasses (major want for me!), along with lightning that is fully customizable using various finishes and shades.

AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016
AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016
AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016
AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016
AMM blog | Ferm Living's A/W 2016

All images provided by Ferm Living.

8 design books your shelves need


AMM blog | 8 design books for your shelves

Books and magazines are some of the few things I collect without inhibition and at any given time I have a few dozen in my Amazon wishlist and in the SHOP as well. A few (8 to be exact) books currently on my personal wishlist and also perfect for any of you interior or design lovers have been compiled.

AMM blog | 8 design books for your shelves


my new desk chair


AMM blog | my new desk-chair

Our bedroom corner also serves as a makeshift desk. I can't say that it's completely finished as I'd like to figure out some sort of board or cork maybe to hold loose papers. Our printer also needs a home but I want something discreet because printers are not all that attractive and seeing it set out makes me feel the corner is an instant mess.
The chair though is my favorite part, Muuto's Fiber armchair with a swivel base is comfortable and happens to be very tonal against the similar green/grey walls.

Currently my water bottle, stacks of notebooks for jotting down ideas or small sketches and Menu's Still wall geometry rest in the corner though that is bound to change as this surface is in a perpetual state or change.

Emmanuel De Bayser's apartment


AMM blog | Emmanuel De Bayser's Berlin Apartment

This super cool and stylish apartment in Berlin belongs to French-born co-owner of The Corner Berlin fashion boutique. Pretty amazing right?

AMM blog | Emmanuel De Bayser's Berlin Apartment

Bayser's apartment with 16 ft high ceilings host his vast collection of mid-century, modernist and Scandinavian furniture set in a calm neutral palette.

AMM blog | Emmanuel De Bayser's Berlin Apartment

Found with thanks to Trendland.

Stine Goya for Kähler


AMM blog | Stine Goya for Kähler
AMM blog | Stine Goya for Kähler

These ceramics inspired by the 60's period are the result of a collaboration between Danish fashion brand Stine Goya and ceramic producer Kähler.

make / pescado rodrigo


AMM blog | pescado rodrigo recipe

Wouldn't it be nice to peer into other homes during dinnertime and see if their food is really as beautiful in real life as it is on Instagram? Secretly I hope they've also just settled for cereal and milk like me.

Alright, I can't actually remember the last time I had cereal for dinner but there have been many a night when the kids won't go to sleep and I haven't had time or energy to make something proper. I knew I wanted fish for dinner, Sunday night, but I was in the mood to try something different. This recipe caught my eye and appeared to be the perfect antidote to my need for something easy and fresh. We grilled corn on the cob in stead of putting the fish in tortillas so we ate the fish with the sauce alone.

I'm pasting the directions below for you.

the sauce/
1/2 cp scallions thinly sliced
1/2 cp cilantro leaves
1/4 cp freshly squeezed lime juice
1/4 cp olive oil
2 tlbs chopped jalapeño
1 tlbs soy sauce
coarse sea salt to taste

the fish/
6 ounces mild white fish fillets (I used Cod), rinse and pat dry
1/4 tsp kosher or coarse sea salt
Pinch of freshly ground black pepper
all-purpose flour to coat fish fillets
vegetable oil
12 corn tortillas store-bought or homemade

In a small bowl, combine the scallions, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, chile and Maggi sauce, and stir to mix well. Set aside for at least 15 minutes. Season with salt to taste, if need be.

Sprinkle the fish fillets with the salt and pepper. Spread flour on a large plate and coat each fillet thoroughly on both sides.

Heat 1/4-inch of vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat until hot but not smoking. Add the fish, in batches to avoid crowding, and sear for about 3 minutes, until crisped and browned on the bottom. Don’t fiddle with the fillets, let them brown so they don’t stick to the bottom and can be released. Turn and brown for about 3 minutes on the second side. The fish is ready when the thickest part is cooked through and it flakes easily with a fork. Put the fish on a paper towel-lined baking sheet. Keep warm in a low (250°F) oven, if you won’t eat it in the next 10 minutes.

Transfer the fish to a platter and pour the sauce on top. Or, you can do as I do, flake the fish and serve drizzled with the sauce, ready to make tacos. Serve with corn tortillas.

/recipe from Pati Jinich / photo by me

rusty mules / this week's reading material


AMM blog | rust mules & new reading material
AMM blog | rust mules & new reading material

This week has made caring out time to post a special struggle so for those who saw my blank scheduled post earlier this week I apologize! I will get that edited and reposted asap.
It took 2 days for me to even remember it was on the calendar and then seeing I had left it blank well, it just felt a little bit embarrassing! Regardless I'm back and while it's been a little quiet on the blog the past few days I have some exciting news coming up from something I've been working for months on. I hate to leave you hanging but once I have proper photos and more details I will be sure to share them.

Last night my husband and I had some spare time alone, a very rare thing, so we went to the bookstore. I picked up the newest issue of Kinfolk and he had to have the 'livability' issue of Monocle. Then this morning my rust colored suede mules had arrived because we are going to LA next month and I just thought I needed these for the trip. Every time I travel there is this little voice telling me that something more than my usual "mom in sneakers" look is probably a good idea.

Along with the mules was a book I had purchased last week, Morandi's Objects. I thumbed through it very quickly because sometimes buying a book online is a little like buying a box of chocolates but so far so good.

I've been reading fiction novels in the evening after the kids are in bed but during the day and when I'm in need of inspiration or just need something other than a sink full of bowls lined in oatmeal and little cups of leftover milk to look at, I try to keep my shelves stocked in artsy/design related printed materials. Also the cover is beautiful, so there's that too.


suede & the colors of Fall


AMM blog | Suede boxes and the colors of Fall

It's barely August but already retail stores are discounting their Summer merchandise and slowly integrating Autumn products, apparel and colors. I'm still enjoying this month and not doing anything to prepare for the inevitable change in seasons coming up however I've always been so fond of Fall and can't help peeking at the new things.

These suede boxes from Artilleriet come in a color palette that I think encompasses the colors of Fall and colors we will probably be seeing more of in the coming months, particularly this aubergine hue. It looks a bit brown too but let's pretend it shows a true eggplant color or even a red wine.

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