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Bestå Gets a New Look with Norse Interiors


Seems that there isn't anyone who doesn't enjoy a good IKEA hack that's probably easier than most you'll find online. Without the need for tools or hardware, Norse Interiors offers a range of custom fronts and colors as well as cabinet knobs so you can fully customize your cabinet-even if it isn't this particular shape.

I worked with Norse Interiors on a job for a client who had an existing Bestå but wanted to upgrade to something nicer. We had the cabinets installed so that they "floated" on the wall. Then we stuck the top, bottom and sides from Norse Interiors to the existing cabinet, sort of wrapping it in a new surface! one the top and sides were covered I simply switched out the doors for these new ones in a soft blush/beige shade. The entire install was quick and easy but the storage unit looks like an entirely new piece!
I also chose some chrome knobs from their collection for a more complete look.

*Also, Norse Interiors is offering readers an exclusive discount to AMM readers of 15% off until July 23rd with code loveAMM.


Frama Releases the 9.5° Chair in Natural

Danish brand Frama has debuted a new version of their iconic 9.5° chair in a new, natural wood finish, exclusively available in their online store.
9.5° was designed by Rasmus B. Fex in 2014 and joined the Frama Permanent Collection the same year. Fex's ambition was to create an object in the borderland between art and design. Sculptural, yet functional.
Since its release 4 years ago the chair has won several awards and is now part of the exhibition at Trapholt Museum, Designmuseum Denmark. 9.5 is also featured at the Knut Hamsun Museum in Norway.

Japanese Inspired Stoneware


H&M has released a series of Japanese inspired stoneware that includes jars and pots. On the US site it seems most of the them are either sold out or so new that a purchasing is not an option yet.

And in the same earthy tones, these bamboo trays and baskets are nice basic accessories for the kitchen or bathroom. Stylish storage for hand towels, soaps or food!


A Kitchen Designed with Contrasting Materials

This kitchen from Nordiska Kök has all of the softness and warmth a space needs to feel personal and lived by using lots of unique details like wooden framed open shelving, a floating shelf and contrasted material in oak, limestone and steel.

Styling: Sarah Widman
Photo: Bodil Bergqvist

60 Years of the Spanish Chair


Hi blogosphere! I've been absent from the blog these last few weeks, partially because I took the kids on a mini vacation and prepping for it beforehand is almost as much work as the actual traveling. Now that I'm back I want to get caught up on some of the things I saw and liked online/social media.

Fredericia's iconic Spanish Chair celebrates 60 years now and in honor of this anniversary Fredericia has released a solid oak version combined with an elegant Olive Green saddle leather. To come up with this color Børge Mogensen's archives were searched to find this subtle color, one of his most loved hues and one of the dominating interior colours at the time.

They also the invited Børge’s grandson, renowned fashion photographer Rasmus Mogensen, to portrait himself with the masterpiece created by his granddad in 1958.


A Simple Way to Waste Less Paper Thanks to Who Gives A Crap


I'm glad that themes around reducing, recycling and sustainability are becoming more common stories on the blog. Initially it wasn't intentionally to talk about this. However the more I have, at home and with the kids, tried to find ways to use less as well as recycle more, it has organically become a topic of interest. I've said this before and it's still true, I'm not perfect. I can do better and hope to do better but I'm also not going to beat myself up over not being the BEST at creating less waste. I will though applaud myself for every small change I make because if we all just made one or two small changes, it would add up to major change on a global scale.

A few weeks ago I found out about a company who uses recycled paper to produce toilet paper. One of the biggest, and easily overlooked forms of waste are paper towels and toilet paper. The first is fairly easy to stop using, replace them with fabric towels. However bathroom tissue is not so easy to get rid of or find alternatives for. This is why Who Gives A Crap (cheeky, right?) and their practice of using recycled paper or bamboo paper from renewable resources piqued my interest! I can't think of an easier transition that still promotes sustainable practices than to switch to using tissue that's either been made from paper that already exists or from the fast growing and naturally regenerating bamboo plant.

What's even more great about this company is after discovering around 2.3 billion people across the world don't have access to a toilet and around 289,000 children under five die every year from diarrheal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation decided to give half of all their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world! They also offer tissue and paper towels, also made from recycled materials.

The packaging is fun and free of any plastics, and I like the black & white version in the bamboo set! We were able to try out a box of paper and in case you're wondering, yes, it is soft. Is it as soft as that pricey quilted stuff you can get at some stores? No, but that is an insignificant price to pay to know that you are creating less tree waste...because of your waste.


Sundling/Kickén's Latest Project is an Example of More With Less


How is it Friday?! Excuse me while I have a mini panic attack how the fact that the week is already over!

Ok, I'm good now.

Not sure how this week has been for you but it has, obviously, felt seemed to have flown by for me. The blog didn't get much love from me but I plan on updating it waaaay more next week so just sit tight for the weekend. ;)

This latest project from Swedish Duo Elin Kickén and Evalotts Sundling, also know as Sundling/Kickén, is a styling job for a new apartment in Uppsala, Sweden. You might notice the same Building Tables from Skagerak I've shared here in this interview with their designers and on Instagram are also used in this flat's bedroom as bedside tables.

Also find details like the Gubi's Beetle chairs in the dining room, Louis Poulsen NJP desk lamp, Ferm Living's Herman chair, Cap Table Lamp from Normann Copenhagen, pottery and Skagerak's Nordic bowl in the kitchen.

How nice are these details outside on the patio?


Inspiration for Your Patio and a Grilling Giveaway!


The spacious deck above features simple vertical slatting that extends up the side of the building itself, giving a very unified look. 

When you think of summer, chances are you see yourself outside. Maybe you love having a meal with friends outdoors, summer grilling, playing games, even gardening or just relaxing. Whatever you enjoy doing most outside, many of us dream of being able to do this in our own backyard. A patio or deck is the perfect way to bring a living space outdoors and make the outside more welcoming with things like seating, storage and lighting. I've gathered a few of my favorite patio/deck spaces that feature some of my favorite ingredients for a well rounded outdoor space like built in seating, a fire put, retractable shades and integrated lighting.

A good looking fire pit like this one let's you keep warm and well light in the evenings but also serves as sculptural detail when not in use. A win/win.

Shades like these give you a lot of flexibility to control light. Roll them completely out of the way for maximum light and draw them closed again for more diffused like. The look gives a slight beachy feel too. I prefer this sort of shade to a solid canopy that blocks light entirely.

Solid wood tables and benches such as these keeps the furniture feeling natural and understated but the benches also supply room for quite a few people.

Even a micro patio like this is a great place to have dinner for two.

This outdoor space extends porch living out into the garden with pea gravel and large cement tiles. The wooden bench and table acts as a softer contrast to the cool grey stone. The tiles create a pathway throughout the space.

Subtle integrated lighting can have big results. People often overlook outdoor lighting, especially beyond hanging lights and into the garden so this is a wonderful solution.

A stylish BBQ and food prep area from Roshults whose aesthetics won't interrupt your outdoor style.
And if your own grill life could use an upgrade (mine does!) then there's a giveaway you can enter here beginning Monday June 18th from Everything Kitchens, to win $270 worth of grilling accessories including:

4 piece BBQ tool set
charcoal skewer express
Chicken griller & jalapeno roaster
burger press
aluminum foil dispenser

Fill out the form and submit a photo of yourself to enter, and make sure to share with friends and family. The submission with the most votes wins!


Earth Layers by Erik Jørgensen & Pernille Vest


The showroom of Erik Jørgensen at Bredgade 76, 1260 Copenhagen K has turns one year old this month. One the one year anniversary however they have opened their doors to share a new holistic experience with visitors that feels earthy yet artistic.
The focus of this experience is to offer something continuous and united, uniting each room by complimentary tones. Erik Jørgensen has teamed up with Danish interior stylist Pernille Vest to create this look.

“The furniture appears as components in a landscape of complimenting colours, tone in tone. The aim has been through our choice of colours to create a soothing and inspiring atmosphere, which combined with the location of the various pieces of furniture in relation to their surroundings, provides an instant calm and serenity, “explains Niels Jørgensen, CEO of Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik.

Pernille created a space that blends soft clay tones and materials such as lime wash on the walls. She also removed curtains from the windows in order to play with and allow maximum light into the space. She then used strategically placed mirrors to then reflect this natural light streaming in varying rooms.

“Through the colour tones of the furniture, we have tried to embrace and substantiate their mood with naive objects formed in clay and stone. It’s the details and nuances that make the difference, and the overall experience is calm, sensual and down to earth, “explains stylist Pernille Vest.

Above are layered rugs like these from Hay with fringed ends, mirrored pedestals the iconic Corona chairs and the Ox chair with ottoman.

Throughout the sections of the showroom, different levels of the Earth’s clay layers such as ‘Sandy Dust’, ‘Stony Gray’ or ‘Warm Soil’ are seen reflected in the furniture and the accessories selected.

The furniture by Erik Jørgensen is carefully placed in a that is punctuated by artistic pieces, making the furniture itself appear to be works of art.

You also might recognize this lamp above the desk from this and this post!\

Photography by Anders Hviid.

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