jewelry box

Soft minimalism and rounded edges, a sleek jewelry box from Menu designed by Theresa Arns.


Usually I'm drawn to simpler scenes, open spaces and minimal accessories when it comes to interiors but this recent work by Pella Hedeby for Livet Hemma (Ikea's blog) is really attractive to me. I think she did a great job elevating Ikea pieces into something natural and organic.
I'm also really liking that little paper lamp!


ambiguous bathroom

Simply put, I like this bathroom view. It doesn't bother me one bit that the monochrome space has no other color and I especially like the ambiguity of the bottles.

image from Fantastic Frank

sunday suppers

A little while ago I hosted a small gathering with friends (you may have seen on Instagram) in collaboration with Sunday Suppers and the release of Karen's new book! It's a lovely book with several thoughtful meals in 3 and 4 courses.
I wasn't able to get the photos I had hoped for of the actual dinner as it was quite dark, however I can say it was delicious.

Check out the book here, you won't soon regret it. Plus, your tummy will thank you!


kanelbullar recipe

The holidays are already fast approaching. Somehow November is almost half gone (or half "full" if you prefer) which means here in the states Thanksgiving in right around the corner. In our home the day after Thanksgiving is game time for Christmas everything! In fact my husband refuses to even look at eggnog until the end of Thanksgiving-even though the stores have been selling it now for over a month.

With that in mind I'm sharing one of my favorite Christmas recipes, you know...to bake after November 27th.

When we were in Stockholm we ate cinnamon buns every chance we got. Since then we've incorporated these into Christmas baking and everyone is a fan.
To make this a bit more festive I've collaborated with Target to bring you my favorite Kanelbullar recipe, served on their brass hammered tray. Stack some faceted dessert sized mercury plates, these votive holders (which can be found in store) to hold coconut topping for chokladbollar and gold flatware - you've got yourself a delicious holiday Fika/coffee break.

In case you've never made Swedish cinnamon buns, below is the recipe to try yourself. The batch makes quite a few buns and is completely worth the prep time!

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Décor for modern luxury made easy.


New candle from Playtype & Skandinavisk.


styling for Kinfolk

Excited doesn't quite describe the feeling I had when Kinfolk asked me to style & photograph their newest issue. They've done a redesign not only to their cover but also to the inside layout, very fresh looking.
I like the warm pink they used and tried to accent that with similar colors but also deep black, light brown tones and plenty of negative space.
See more of my images on their site and IG.

one place three ways

I saw this over the weekend, on my birthday actually, but I was preoccupied with taking a day "off". Even though I was enjoying a nice break from the inter-world, I still gasped a little when I saw this place on Emma's blog.
The browns and blacks in this place make it feel equal parts lived in & brand new. Tina Hellberg styled this version and I really like the mix of things together.
See the other two version here.


my work for HEM

You might remember One Nordic Company, over a year ago now, who is now HEM. I finished up some styling of a few of their products and shared a few images on my Instagram but here's another peek. You can follow them here to see the rest of my work!


Simply, this is on my wishlist!



I've learned this about myself, sometimes I have major brand loyalty. Possibly it's that I'm getting older/wiser and just want to make life simpler so I stick to what I know well.
Maybe I've just found some brands to work best for me. Nike is one of those brands I've stuck with and recently I was sent a few pieces from JD Sports to try out.
Some new trainers in deep blue with black soles, my current favorite color combo, running tights which came at the perfect time as I've been wanting to get back to running more frequently and a sweatshirt.

Cheers to a fresh new week, full of small accomplishments and more running!



Marbled shower from Moderna Bad | Mossy tones from COS | Punk Bouquet Eau de Toilette | & Other Stories Stockholm Atelier

/ also, I am writing for ebay through the holidays, follow my guides & collections here!


soft inspiration

I'm really into these off white and sort of taupe colors together. It's minimal but soft.

from Byredo

emerald swoon

Swoon has just released new colored cabinets in shades of emerald and what they call "September Lingonberries" along with these gold and copper taps, which together is just, wow!
Seeing this gives me a serious bug to renovate our current bathroom, though that's not happening any time soon. Although if you have the itch like me I recently found a website that seems pretty handy for connecting your reno needs to a local contractor (and I wish I had known about this last year when we remodeled our kitchen!). If any of you try it out leave a comment below, I'd love to know! In the meantime I'll just have to pretend my current bathroom is just as nice as this green/gold combo.


a silver diamond / Prospect Goods

I've kept Elin's crib area pretty plain since we moved into the new place but it definitely needed something to make it feel well, special. Her bedding is a grey cover from Oeuf with a small heart pillow from Numero 74, a pink/taupe one from Muuto and a little pear print from a children's book.
This metallic diamond from Prospect Goods can be a pinata but I really like it just hanging like this, out of her reach of course. They even make a mini version!

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