doshi levien for HAY


Mirrors that were designed to resemble jewels, these mirrors for HAY can be stacked or repeated in any pattern in a series of shapes.
Read more about it here on Dezeen.


white sheets


I must be a tired mom because this room just makes me want to sleep! (found with thanks to stylejuicer)
Actually Elin hasn't been sleeping well lately & I even less than her so I am trying to stay awake all day. Last night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 1:30 am, fully dressed and trying to remember how I got there! I hope I'm not scaring away those of you who don't have kids. It's a completely rewarding job and I love my kids very much, they make me laugh and smile all the time & the love I feel for them is like no other...but wow am I exhausted this week!

In my shop news, I have a handful of new OOAK necklaces coming tomorrow, see them soon here.


Target's Room Essentials


Recently I was asked by the great people at Target to share a few of my favorites from their new RE line.
The entire line is just what the name implies, a home's essentials.
All the basics every modern room needs to begin building upon like thin line frames, solid colored bedding, unobtrusive storage and organizers.
From there you can create your space to reflect your own style, mixing high/low, new/old and patterns/solids.

Some of my favorite essentials are pictured here |

STEEL FOLDING CHAIR | It doesn't get more versatile or practical than a black metal folding chair, everyone has a reason to use one at some point (in a few weeks I'll show you my own take on the basic metal chair so stay tuned).

A GEOMETRIC THROW | Grey goes with almost any decor but with a little pattern it's more interesting.

| I never have enough frames for all the interesting pieces I find, or for my son's drawings. A thin white frame doesn't distract from what it's displaying, in this case a favorite from design group All the Way to Paris.

LINEN BOX | You can imagine a dozen or more uses for a lidded box. A place to house loose papers, small toys (if you have kids like me), jewelry, or other small things you don't want on display. I'd stack several of these together for a stronger effect. Filling some floating

GLASS ORB LAMP | Simple shapes like circles and rectangles are needed for every room. An orb shaped glass lamp lends itself to whatever you need it for. A linen shade in different colors or a silver dipped light bulb with no shade would work for me just fine. Set it on top of a stack of magazines or a small side table and the light will filter through it's opaque base.

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.


trotters tables & cabinets


A series of cabinets, low tables and sideboards designed by TAF in a variety of birch finishes with glass tops and marbled legs.
Such a versatile set of pieces that plays with " proportion and twisting the balance of the expected in a cabinet or table, the attention has been focused on the often forgotten and understated foot."

See the collection in its entirety here.




Berlin company Sommerhaus PIU is composed of architects Markus Stöcklein and Björn Götte who make these sustainable, quality prefabricated homes located in beautiful, scenic locations.

A quote from one of the creators about the home |

"The prototype (PIU 60) has 60 sqm of living space, 35 sqm of covered terrace and 2 storage units with 2.5 sqm each. Inside you find a spacious living, dining and cooking area, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom - but the layout certainly is convertible and expandable. Different floor plan options are possible and some are indicated in the plan brochure. The standardized models reach from 40 sqm to 115 sqm."

A peaceful summer home is something my husband and I often dream of having so I'm endlessly intrigued with small, efficient homes like this. Big enough to hold everything you need comfortably but small enough to compel you to get outside!

raya todorova


This is an ideal bedroom, wouldn't you say so? A place that says I'm Stylish and peaceful but not trying too hard.
That kind of effortless cool that's never really without effort.
With it's monochrome scheme and simply made bed in layers from white to black that hug large, uncovered windows. Looks like the sort of place you'd want to take a long Sunday nap and forget the world around you. The kind of bedroom you wouldn't mind spending the entire day in.
Well I am definitely a fan, can you tell?

Raya's portfolio also included this space below, already making many Pinterest users happy, is pastel perfection. With just enough color and again, like the room above, not overdone. Check out her portfolio for more images of both spaces.



our new table


I'm quite late in posting this as we've had this table for a month or so.
After having my daughter Elin in January, I knew I wanted a bigger dining table. With our matte black upper cabinets in the kitchen I also knew I wanted something in a black finish.
Muuto's 70/70 table was our favorite in a list of tables we considered. It's straight lines and exposed wood edge made it feel tailored to our home and we particularly like the unusual leg shape. To me it's a classic piece and large enough to sit our whole family plus a few friends with plenty of room.

The great people at A+R were very helpful in coordinating shipment from Denmark! It took a few weeks to be shipped by boat (it's quite large) but worth the wait & I'm very grateful for the customer service at A+R, for answering all my annoying emails for tracking updates!

All in all we have been enjoying our days of coloring, reading, eating and talking around the family table.




I found this from Chris Tonnesen's blog, Moebe frames and designs by a carpenter & architect.

Styled by Ida Laerke with photography credit to Chris.

mirrored wardrobe


Architect & designer Amee Allsop designed this brilliant solution for housing a designer shoe collection. The mirrored wardrobe doesn't remove space from this open, airy room but also acts as a divider from the wall of shoes and the rest of the room.
This is such a smart solution to me because I personally don't like walk-in closets but having some sort of partition between a dressing area and sleep area is still needed, this solves it while keeping everything bright and open.

Well done Amee.



my styling work for la petite print issue #2


This week I had the pleasure of styling the latest issue of the children's fashion magazine, La Petite, who's editor in chief is a long time friend.

The issue comes in with two alternate covers, my favorite being of this red headed girl in greyish hues. The inside is full of visual inspiration, brands and DIY's (pictured is one by Annaleena) for kids of all ages

Below are a few other takes from my styling. You can purchase your own copy here.



allied maker


I'm currently working on an interior styling project that has me searching high & low for stylish and affordable lighting, preferably of the brass/gold persuasion. Arc wall lamp swivels on a black walnut or white maple mount with your choice of metal hardware. I prefer this color combination, with the greyish wall please!


kitchen love


In my mind, the most innovative space in the house should be the kitchen (bathrooms are a close second). Simple, spacey kitchens with sleek industrial finishes like this one from Boffi are irresistible.


rise sofa


"Rise is a classic, elegant sofa with a strong individual expression. It carries the Scandinavian identity through its distinct base in wood, where the soft upholstered shape rests on top, with a characteristic tension in its high back. Its greatest advantage is how well it works in both public spaces as in a home."

Note Design Studio designed the Rise sofa + Area tables, made in two sizes and a handful of colors, for Swedish furniture company Fogia. You can also get a peek at their newest contribution to Fogia, a dining table in a series they call SAM, right here.


[outside] space


A private residence designed by Space Copenhagen with a hillside villa overlooking the ocean. The interior is bright but it's this deck that has me captivated. I'd take an entire day out here, reading a good book, with some good music and my kids playing in the sunshine.

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