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Weekend inspiration from &Tradition


The concept and styling for this shoot by &Traditon looks like it came from at the pages of a fashion magazine rather than from a furniture company but that's exactly what I love about it. The contrast from the bright camera lights and the outlining shadows it casts feels very modern and crisp.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


An apartment in teak and grey, Eastmansvägen 8B


Dark teak colored wood and a strong presence of greys make up this peaceful apartment styled by Emily Laye for Per Jansson . I would go on and on about all that I love but I've got to run so take your pick, what is your favorite feature of this place? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear.


Tone Cabinets make an acoustically balanced environment


Regularly I share news from Norm Architects but usually the designs and styling are so good I can't won't resist sharing them. Also look, more yellow!
One of Norm's newer projects are these sound absorbing cabinets for Zilenzio called Tone Cabinets. Designed in a variety of sizes and available in many color ways, Tone balances out the acoustics at home or work to allow all who use it more of an ability to focus and concentrate without distraction. This would be partially useful in spaces with hard floors where sound easily bounces off of and amplifies noises.

Photography by Enok Holsegaard
Styling by Sofie Brünner


A new place to relax in the bedroom, Neva chair


Our bedroom now has a nice, comfortable place to sit. I'd like to call it my reading corner but we all know it's really just my laptop/blogging corner. This Neva chair from Sixpenny is filled with down and covered in a natural linen, finished with french seams, crinkled surface and its generous size just begs to be sat in. It also adds another function to our room besides sleeping or working at the desk, a lounge chair also invites quiet activity and the perfect place to sit tea when my daughter naps. I guess I'm also saying it's like a personal refuge from the chaos around the rest of the house's laundry, dirty dishes and haphazardly strewn toys.

Take a closer look at Neva and the coordinating ottoman (also the sofa version in velvet!) or try out different looks with an array of fabric swatches including leather.

Sponsored by our friends at Sixpenny, however all words, opinions and photographs are my own.

Using yellow in interiors


In the past I have been opposed to yellow in general, speaking out against it and then only mildly in favor of it in posts past. Generally speaking I'm not one to get excited about bright colors, but what's the point of an opinion if you can't change it? Lately I've seen more golden mustard yellows and I am really warming up to the look, especially when paired with another warm neutral like a pale brown or taupe.

Above is pictured a project by Claude Missir and features Synapse pendant lights from Apparatus Studio.

Gubi's Nagasaki chairs with yellow seat cushions.

A collage of interior pieces in mustard yellow including:

A bathroom with an amazing yellow sink and toilet.

I've also gathered a few more favorites in this golden yellow shade below, including a non-interior piece, a dress by Lauren Manoogian that is just the perfect warm color for Spring.


Tuesday inspiration

Courtesy of RUM magazine and Oliver Gustav.

Video / Sulla Bocca di Tutti


If you attended the Stockholm Furniture Fair you may have seen for yourself the restaurant designed by Note Design Studio called Sulla Bocca di Tutti, which translates to "on everybody's lips". NDS is known for their work with color and this is no exception, broad washes of pink and red creates a warm and sultry feeling. Watch the video below to hear more of the concept.


Unit kitchen by Cesar

Modular kitchen from Italian brand Cesar that looks more like furniture than a traditional kitchen. It reminds me of the Vipp kitchen, anyone else think so?

All Blues

Inspired by the styling for All Blues' egg themed collection which features the eggshell necklace, yolk earrings, and egg white single earring.

Also, part of a different collection is this Fat Snake ring which I've been thinking about non-stop for weeks, it's basically the perfect ring.


GIVEAWAY with The Poster Club


A couple weeks ago this giveaway was hinted at as I introduced the new print collection by Atelier CPH for The Poster Club and now it's time! Generously The Poster Club is giving away a print from the collection, the winner gets to choose!

Hop on over to my IG to comment on or repost the giveaway photo for an extra entry. Giveaway is open worldwide and ends in 1 week.

Green Spring: Seasonal Inspiration from COS x HAY '17



March is officially here and while I could comment about how quickly February passed by (because it really did) I'd rather focus on what's to come. Spring is a much loved season and lets us put the dark and damp winter season behind us, which after several months we are very ready for. It means new colors and foliage rather than snow and long forgotten plants. We tend to spend more time outside and feel invigorated by the hope and energy brought about with more sunshine and new growth. It's not just climate, it's also personal. Spring is the perfect time to make new plans, shake off the lethargy of the previous months and bring some of this freshness into our homes and wardrobes.

The recent collaboration between Swedish COS and Danish HAY brands brings us soft greens and warmer hues than we've been used to seeing in recent times. Personally it makes me want to buy some fresh flowers or better yet, take a walk in the woods and pick my own. It makes me want to declutter, which we've been working on since January so it's only moderate changes rather than a huge overhaul of our things. It makes me look forward to fresh fruit, longer days, shorter pant lengths and natural highlights in my hair from time spent in the sun.

The collection doesn't seem to be available in the US version of COS but if you are in Europe or elsewhere you can shop directly from their web shop. I've found some of the HAY pieces from the collection for you below, can in case you can't access the COS collection.






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