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Dark beauty


Norm Architects has partnered with Menu again on the interior architecture of an apartment in Copenhagen's Nordhavn neighborhood Nordhavn. The old silo has been updated to include bespoke furniture, a kitchen, bathroom and even custom designed walls and flooring details were considered by the Danish architects. The interior is quite dark, as you can tell, with a natural palette deep wood, stone and marble, the entire unit has this feeling of rich design that is still minimal.

Which feature in this apartment is your favorite?


Minimal linen shades from Barn & Willow


It's no secret that I'm one to appreciate minimalism. At the beginning of the year I even dedicated a whole month to the topic and not just here but on my Instagram as well. I'm not the most minimal person you'll ever find but I am drawn to products that also resemble my more minimal aesthetic which is why I appreciate Barn & Willow's styles and color options.

You're not going to find bright Kelly green or cobalt blue among the swatches but you will see 
shades of white, subtle greys, natural taupes and muted mint hues to choose from.

In our home the front windows are all dressed, so to speak. Long curtains cover most of the front of the house but the back bedrooms, being Elin's and my own which I share with my husband, were pretty bare. We can tick one of those of our list with this linen roller shade from Barn & Willow. They made a variety of roller blinds in several colors and sizes, which you might recognize from here. Once you've nailed down the color you want and input your window dimensions you can continue to customize features like liner and cord type. the ordering process is super simple and super specific.

For Elin's room I chose Optic White in the Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade, which I think suits her space best. I also chose a black out liner for naps and for those early bedtimes in the bright summer months so that very little light filters through. The linen texture works well in our home where we already have natural linen as parts of most rooms in our home. It has a very soft and natural look but with liner it still feels susbstantial and effective at blocking light. I added an opaque film to give her privacy from the neighboring house so that even with the blinds fully drawn, only light filters through.

Elin likes opening and closing her shade every morning and night, which is a nice way to let her help with little tasks around her room. Next on the list is our bedroom!

*This sponsored was sponsored by Barn & Willow, however all words and genuinely enthusiastic review are my own!

Superfront debuts new sideboard collection

Swedish Superfront has just released a new design named Delirium to their collection of cabinet and IKEA frame fronts. The free form absinthe-fragrant pattern was designed by the Swedish artist Klas Ernflo.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a fun video which offers a playful close up of the new series' designs.

"The pattern is playful and at the same time very elegant as it has the same colour as the rest of the front and can only be seen as a relief. I can picture Delirium in an eclectic Milan home from the 50s, but also in a sleek, exclusive contemporary home," says Superfront founder Monica Born.


Bedroom basics

Each bedroom is as unique as the inhabitants themselves however there are a few basic items everyone needs. For me, I really need a peaceful and cozy bedroom, a place where I can relax from the day and give myself a break from processing the demands of life. This means I don't keep too many unessential items in my space, even though throughout the day things like abandoned shoes, loose papers and kids toys get shuffled in and out, the permanent features remain true to the basics.

I've collaborated with Brooklinen to share some of my bedroom basics and those things needed to compose a tranquil and comforting space to retreat to!


At the moment we have 3 or 4 different kinds of lighting because I like having the option to control the volume and intensity of light depending on whether I'm using my room to watch a movie, read a book or organize desktop papers and sketches. Near our bed we keep a dimmable and portable lamp but also a candle somewhere, it might wander from one table to another but lit candles are so peaceful to me (and many others) and really help me unwind. There's also a ceiling lamp lamp made from textiles similar to our bedding, to me is just looks soft and organic which is a look I wanted to be surrounded by in my bedroom. Additionally I have a floor lamp in the corner of our room, a sort of reading corner where direct light is really helpful.


Bedding is obviously a huge component and one of the most important bedroom basics. Regardless of whether you have a teeny tiny room or something large and spacious, your bed is the most important piece of furniture in the space. Uncomfortable or unattractive bedding can easily make or break the room entirely. Finding good quality and durable sheets, duvet cover and throws for your bed isn't just a good idea, it's necessary! I like the imperfect look of linen but my husband hates the texture, so we compromise with a soft mix of cotton. Brooklinen's striped sheet set has been on our bed months (washed every other week of course) and it's genuinely my favorite set! This is why I was so glad to partner with them to share our own experience with their products. Their color range and incredibly soft texture has been better than anything else we've used. It also washes well and I've yet to see any pilling and see any seams come undone.


Duvets and pillows are also not to be overlooked! For me there's nothing better than a light and fluffy duvet and feather filled pillows. Brooklinen has not ceased to impress us in this department either, the pillows are probably my favorite part of getting into bed at night. My husband and I each like different pillows so we chose different degrees of firmness for each.


My husband and I use our bedside tables for different things, he usually keeps the light and phone charger on his side while I keep a notebook, water and some sort of lotion or spray near me. When I can't sleep for worry about all that I need to accomplish the next day, list making is one of the best practices I've found of helping me fall asleep. Or if I know I need to head to bed early but I'm not quite ready to sleep, reading a book (versus my phone or tablet) relaxes my mind like nothing else.


For me having alternative seating besides the bed is crucial. Often my husband and I end of having long discussions or chatting about our day in the room after the kids are in bed. In this case it's really nice to have a place to sit. I will also use this corner as a place to work, edit photos, answer emails, etc. so an easy and comfortable seating option is important. Overloading it will cushions is not my style but usually one large cushion is still nice to curl up with.

Check out the full, beautiful range or bedding essentials from Brooklinen here!


IKEA's renewable shelving system, Svalnäs


Currently at home we have become more and more concerned about the environment. I should stop here and make sure you know I am no poster child for being eco friendly! Sometimes we use plastic bottles and sometimes we buy unnecessary things and sometimes we create too much waster. However! The environment and our impact on it has moved more and more to the forefront of our mind and it slowly changing the way to make decisions. Recently I purchased a set of glass water bottles for us to reuse. They are very similar in the to the plastic disposable versions we used to drink from but now we simply wash and refill.
This has also become a dialogue we involve the kids in. Talking often about how we can do more with less and consider the impact of our choices is really good for all of us, no matter our age.

And so, we gladly welcome IKEA's Svalnäs shelving into our home, which is made from renewable bamboo. It's not going to single handedly save the planet but it is a step in the right direction to put our efforts and support towards material that can be easily replenished. The system is composed of shelf components of various widths and depths, a desk and drawer with recessed dividers. The entire unit is very light weight and best of all, fully cusotmizable. The tracks the shelves hang from come in differing lengths so each section can be customized vertically and horizontally.

At home this storage system is used to hold overflow kitchen items, books and a paper lamp Storuman, also from IKEA. I chose low profile shelves with a shallow depth because our funny angled wall leads into the living room and I didn't want to obstruct the view. These can easily accommodate a single vertical sets of shelves or continue on across a very wide wall. It's also nice to add some warmth from this Svalnäs unit to our monochrome kitchen via this adjacent wall.

*this post was created in partnership with IKEA, all words, views and photos are my own!

Odem Atelier


A new-to-me webshop out of Stockholm features a carefully selected inventory of interior objects comprised of things like petrified wood, agate, ceramic and stone. A great resource for sculptural and unique accessories and one of those shops to watch!

Found via Annie of Sunday Selection.


Warm vs cool in this Swedish apartment


This small apartment from Fantastic Frank is a meeting of warm and cool tones, coexisting peacefully in a single space. (notice the Mantis lamp!) Styled by Josefin Hååg whose work I've shared here many times and is consistently inspiring.


More than a curtain, Ready Made also serves as a flexible room divider


Not long ago I talked about Kvadrat and Bouroullec’s Ready Made Curtain system. I used it in a traditional way, blocking some of the light and giving privacy to one of the front facing windows of our home.
Ready Made Curtain is not restricted however to covering windows exclusively, with the design of the tension and peg system you can also easily hang this from the ceiling to conceal an area or separate rooms.
We used another set, this time with a soft white textile to divide our open living room and dining room. One of the benefits of using a soft divider like this is that it’s temporary, slide the curtain shut to delineate a room or slide them open and share the space once more. An elegant and versatile solution that can adapt to different circumstances and simpler to use than using a folding divider.

UPDATED / Anour's minimal metal lighting


*UPDATE* I posted this earlier in the week before I knew anything about credits beyond the studio space and lighting brand. I wanted to add a few more photos and correct the the details I was missing previously.

Concept & Styling: Kate Wood

"In Collaboration With Kinfolk Magazine, I Created A Collation Of Images Showcasing The New Lighting Collection For Anour. The Identity Is Based Around An Atmosphere Of Calm Refined Sculpture, To Portray The Quality And Attention To Detail Of The Lamps. Photographer: Jeppe Sørensen & Anne Marie Jorgensen"

Minimal and sculptural styling for Danish brand Anour's I model pendant light photographed in the Kinfolk gallery.


August cravings

Should I even talk about how fast July went by? Crazy. I feel like it has just begun and just like that here we are in the month of August. Personally I feel nostalgic about time passed, maybe it's a result of motherhood or maybe I'm terribly sentimental about things but just when I feel comfortable being in one place, time rushes me into something new.  Excuse me while I try to digest this...

In honor of a new month, here are some of my new current cravings. In the past I've called them WISHLISTA but I'm thinking a monthly "craving" should be an installment for the first week of each month from now on.

What do you think?


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