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Transitioning into Fall clothing


The spaces in between seasons can sometimes be the most awkward to dress for. For myself I've been working on creating a sort of capsule wardrobe for the Fall that will help me be better prepared and not be tempted to make impulse buys.
For the kids I'm using a lot of layers, tees with jeans and a sweater or a dress with tights or knee high socks. As it gets colder we will need to be thinking of jackets as well and once winter arrives the layering will be in full force with hats, gloves and wool socks.

Elin is a girl who loves dresses so she is wearing more long sleeves like this perfect little dress from La Coqueta with it's layered skirt and ruffled collar. She is drawn to pieces with these feminine details like ruffles or other little embellishments. I like that these give her that girly feeling she loves but it also has a simple and vintage look to it. We also love the little buckled shoes which look so sweet with tights and knee highs and also have that subtle vintage style that we like so much!


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