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Styled in Green


Styled in Green by Kråkvik&D'Orazio | AMM blog

How 4 days of the week have already managed to pass by already is beyond my comprehension, I could have sworn it was just Tuesday and yet tomorrow weekend begins. Obviously I own a calendar so I am usually aware of the date but I'll never be able to wrap my head around the way time can seem to stand still or move at warp speed around us. Having children also seems to affect my perception of time, 1 year in the life of a toddler is quite substantial in terms of growth and maturity but as an adult one year can pass without feeling that more than a few months have gone by.

I will spare you any more ramblings of time and how I wish there was more of it and instead divert your attention to these beautiful green images were created by the extraordinary Norwegian stylists Kråkvik&D'Orazio for Bo Bedre Norway. Fun fact for you, when we stayed in Copenhagen a few years ago (nearly 4 now!) we used Airbnb to live like locals for a while and the owner of the flat happened to be a main editor of Bo Bedre (Denmark)! They even had a current issue of the magazine waiting for us on the dining table when we arrived. The entire style was so warm and cozy and part of what made our trip so great was taking the bus and walking to the house as if we lived there ourselves.

Styled in Green by Kråkvik&D'Orazio | AMM blog

Styled in Green by Kråkvik&D'Orazio | AMM blog

Styled in Green by Kråkvik&D'Orazio | AMM blog

Photography by Siren Lauvdal


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