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The Mind Wanders / a visual journey


by Laura Short

Stella Maria Baer

As I am getting very little sleep at the moment, I often find myself daydreaming about traveling. I have traveled abroad many times, I have seen many beautiful places but still I long to see more of the world. I would love to sleep under the stars, swim with whales and bathe in the Blue Lagoon.

Anne Sophie Rosenvinge

Nana Hagel

One thing that helps me with my daydreams, is Instagram. On this great little app there are many people who travel and document their travels by posting on their feed or blog. Ever since Nana Hagel went to NYC and posted about little coffee places, she filled my mind with new daydreams. When Anne Sophie Rosenvinge visited the Faroe Islands my heart just longed to be there. When I see the calmness that Kimothy Olsen is surrounded by in Norway, I want to pack my bags immediately and experience the sound of silence. Stella Maria Baer has me feeling the warmth of the deserts and Cereal Magazine's account is opening my eyes to lots of new places.

My son has this really great book called Maps and I just love teaching him about the different countries and their cultures. We have many places that we would love to see: The Moomin house in Finland, the penguins on the south pole, the land of Heidi (also known as Switzerland) and the Loch Ness monster.
We also really love the books written by M. Sasek, like This is San Francisco. They have fantastic illustrations and great little facts about the different places. I would really recommend them.

Kimothy Olsen

Traveling is something I will be doing much more of. In a society that often feels very materialistic to me, I seek for a balance between surrounding myself with nice things at home and saving up to make memories that are vivid and almost tangible years after. The way the wind blows, the sand between your toes and the feel of the cold water on a hot day in a remote place far from home are emotions and feelings you carry with you when you return after a holiday. They feed your mind and heighten your senses long after.
I look forward to new adventures with my family this year, inspired by all those who travel and document it. I might not be able to visit all the places on my wishlist but travelling of the mind will always be free!


  1. Stunning photos to go with such lyrical writing. Dreams of travel are what keep me going xx


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