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A Month of Minimalism / Caroline Brik Bahrenscheer of September Edit


What does minimalism mean to you?

To me, minimalism is many things. It is not just a white image with some pretty objects. It is a lifestyle and a state of mine. Figure out what is important for you and essential for your wellbeing and happiness and focus on that. In a world where we are constantly trying to do more, I think iit is important not to forget what you want to use your time on. Otherwise time just goes by and you never really do any of the things that really matters, because you are always to busy.

How do you apply this to your own life, your schedule, how you eat, your style, the way you think about consumption?

When it comes to interior, I get uneasy when my apartment is too messy or if there are too many objects. I’d rather have less really good objects, than a lot of semi good ones. Compared to 5 years ago, I only collect and keep the things that I really love and that speaks to me in a very special way.

Many of the things in my life, are minimal. I decorate with minimal colours, my wardrobe is becoming more and more minimal as well a long with my beauty products. I buy much more basic clothes instead of focusing on todays trends. Of course, there are some trends are inevitable, but good quality basic items really last a lifetime. I ad some contemporary statement jewellery to mix it up and give that luxury feel. I enjoy to know that the process of making the products and clothes, has been minimal. Instead of having ten beauty products, I’d rather have two that really works and fits my skin.

I take the cover of all of my books, because the cover underneath is often much more minimal and honest. I put them in backwards to the paper pf the paiges are displayed, instead of the name of the book. I like the clean and neutral look that the paper of the pages gives.

Over all, I think we need to buy less rather than more. Save up for the things that you really want and go for quality instead of quantity. The pleasure of having saved and getting the thing you have been eyeing for a year, is priceless and you will handle it with greater care.

How anyone can mindfully use these principles in their own lives?

When it comes to your clothes, clean it out and write down what you actual need. The perfect white shirt will never be there, if you keep buying black. Clean out all your drawers for odd things you have collected through the years. When you know what’s actual in your drawers, you will locate things much easier and some things are just not worth keeping. Stop multitasking and start monotasking. You would be surprise of what the outcome will be.

Decorate your home with colours that makes you calm. I go for a neutral base in the whole apartment, adding only two-three colours that will stand out.


  1. Love this! Could you tell me where the rug, in the third picture, is from? And perhaps the name of the colour as well? Thank you!

  2. I love aspects of living a minimal life - I did a big declutter a while ago and now only have things that I truly love in my home and it's life changing! x


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