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For some reason, years ago, I felt that it was unnecessary to start a Facebook page for the blog. I thought it would be too much connectedness or too time consuming to having another social channel. That's funny.
Today we have so many more social channels, apparently snapchat has become all the rage though I am still holding on on that too unless it becomes anywhere as commonplace as Facebook, in approximately 1-2 more years I'll give in and be 'snapping' too. I actually downloaded and tried to get it but it's confusing and feels like one more thing I don't really have time for. Is it too much connectedness? I'm still apprehensive.

What I'm trying to say is, I started a FB page for the blog! (you can also find a link at the very top right of my main page!)
It's a place to find my latest blog posts but also where I like to repost interesting articles or videos from other sites, things that wouldn't normally make it to the blog. And of course you are welcome to follow along!


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