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entertaining with a global influence



As you well know by now I am very partial to Scandinavian design and aesthetics but from time to time I also pull inspiration from other parts of the globe, which I think we all do whether we realize it or not.

With Spring now in full force we are thinking more of warm weather, Spring foods and longer days where we can invite friends over and enjoy a sun lit dinner together.

I wanted to share my own take on a light Spring meal that has a slight Mediterranean influence. For this I am collaborating with Target using items I found in store to create something warm with an international essence. Rather than go for cliche Mediterranean objects in bright blue and sea glass I chose an acacia wood tray and small painted, clay bowls to fill with feta, olives, roasted tomatoes and almonds. And pita bread in a serving bowl too, of course.

The plates are a dark grey with a subtle green hue, something I echoed in the recycled glass vase. I used some of my own vintage silverware but paired these glass tumblers for sparkling water that have small indentations at the bottom making them very comfortable to hold. A bottle of olive oil adds varying height and functions as a serving piece as well.

I used a bit more of that green in the placemats that I used instead as napkins because the back is unlined and very flexible making it and easy to fold. This adds just a bit of pattern to the solid, natural colored table cloth.

A few of my own tips for adding some globally influenced pieces to your own entertaining are:

/ I suggest trying keeping the colors similar and tonal if you want to create a similar look.

/ Choose a region you want to represent and do a bit of quick research. For example, a lot of the African influenced things have bolder colors, high contrasting black and white with deeply saturated yellows and reds.

/ Start with pieces you already have that might be neutral enough to adapt and then build out from there. Look for tabletops accessories that look a bit more ethnic in vases, cups, pottery and textiles.

/ Don't overdo it and don't be cliche. You don't have to make everything literal, it can just have an influence or an essence but doesn't need to completely overtake your tabletop. You'll have to use these items again so go for something you know can also work for other gatherings.

/ Experiment in store with different looks by creating small versions in your cart. Grab 1 plate, 1 set of napkins, 1 vase, and 1 accessory and see how they look together. Is there any material or color that brings them together? Are they all too similar with not enough balance in color and texture? Take them back and try a different combo until you find one that speaks to you.

/ The food can be simple! I used some pita bread with oil and a few toppings to make a savory snack. It doesn't always have to be elaborate, especially if you are trying out a brand-new-to-you cuisine. It might be wise to start with smaller portions for everyone.

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