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2015 thoughts & questions


It seemed today that I was the only person on the planet who didn't post a collage of memories from 2014 or some kind of photo congratulating everyone on ringing in the new year. It's not that I didn't want to but today we spent painting and getting our entry ready for some new concrete tile so the day just didn't lend itself to nostalgia.
Since my dad passed away I find myself with mixed emotions about events, maybe I'm cold or maybe I'm overly emotional but life has not reached a new sense of normal since he passed, every day still presents some sort of challenge that seems could only be remedied by the presence, support, love of my father. It's been almost two years, well it May it will be, but life remains with a gaping hole that he left.
All that to say I've become a little weird and maybe less excited about celebrations in general. I know, I have to move on and I certainly am but still I find myself feeling a little less than enthusiastic about events I once shared with my dad.

One good thing about 2015 is all the newness! A new year, a fresh start, a little bit of a restart even though we are all a year older.
Elin will be 1 (!) in two weeks. I can't believe how super sonic speed 2014 went by with her. Babies don't stay babies long enough, I've decided. Even all the hard parts of infancy are still so sweet and new but as soon as you get used to them, those little ones are on to new and better things.
I will have to put together some cute little party here soon-would you like to see some party decor ideas for a 1st birthday?

Also, I'm very cliche with this but I've written up some goals for 2015. Do many of you do this as well? Cliche or not it's always good to have a plan and goals to shoot for.
Recently I read an article about goal setting that really pumped me up to get some major things I'd like to on paper.
The suggestion was to write 3 major goals, minor goals under that and a list of what your motivation is to reach each goal. In addition I wrote a list of small daily habits I could add to my day to slowly get closer to seeing these big goals realized.

I'm curious if any of you have New Year's resolutions or tips for getting your thoughts & plans organized? I'd love to know. If you'd like to share please comment below or you can always email me here. It can be something simple like a routine you have every day, a planner or app that helps you organize your bills or to-do lists.
If there is enough input I was thinking of sharing some sort of New Year's tips once a week for the month of January!
We can all use some inspiration and I'm sure you all have some brilliant ideas for how to make the most of your time, how to simplify your life and maximize your potential. Right?

Above are some incredibly inspiring images from TineKHome's new 2015 catalogue. The wicker or rattan/green foliage/deep greys is so fresh and beautiful way to welcome January.

I hope you all the greatest and most fulfilling year ahead! Thank you for reading, thank you for everything.


  1. I understand what you mean. My grandparents raised me and my grandfather passed away the day before Christmas Eve and every year this time of year is very emotional for me and hard. I also do not celebrate or put posts up about the holidays or new year. On top of that I have been over seas for 7 years now and have not seen my family, ugh this has just been hard for me in every way. I do not feel happy or hopeful at this point.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this! I know it is so hard to lose someone close to you. I hope that 2015 is a different, better year for you than the rest and that you have many beautiful memories soon to be made!

  2. I have not lost anyone as devastatingly as you but feel also an almost overwhelming sense of lost nonetheless. I lost my favourite person, our little own family and the entire big warm family in one go (divorce) and despite all my effort in making Christmas the favourite holiday it used to be, I feel mostly sadness, right down to the fireworks at twelve and the emptiness while all others celebrate togehter. I hope it gets better, for all who lost some or all of the holiday spirit.

  3. i am so grateful for your beautiful blog, and i honor your candidness about your grief. i get it, i really do. take as long as you need to grieve and don't allow others to rush or diminish your feelings. the only worse than living with loss and the big feelings is being shamed for it. i am always happy to get past the holidays. i'm good at faking it but for people like me prone to depression, it's distressing. i salute you for your desire to get more organized in the new year--me too! peace to you right where you are.

  4. It's good to hear that I am not the only one who is not that enthousiastic and outrageous during the holidays. Offcourse it's a chance to celebrate and be thankful but those days are kind of confronting for me. Not always a reason to be extremely happy en joyful - just because it's christmas or new years eve. Reflection is around the corner these days but i am trying to look forward and think about my goals for this year. But to be honest, i am relieved that it's the 2nd of january today :-)

  5. no resolutions at all..will try to let it flow this year. Wish me luck

  6. Such an amazing place! Happy 2015, Lali

  7. I can understand how you're not exactly feeling like celebrating this time of the year. I think I would react in the same way if my one of my parents wasn't around anymore. I remember feeling like this on my wedding day. I had always pictured my grandfather being there, but he passed away when I was 18. It does sting sometimes, seeing all my friends, still happy (at 31!) with all of their grandparents around.
    As much as I try to stay away from the cliche thing, I did put up a post reflecting on 2014, but I didn't really make any 2015 resolutions. Maybe try to read some more (this one gets on my list every year) and pick up drawing again (bought a sketch book in Paris!). As for planning, I bought myself a 2015 planner to use for my blog and photography business (yes, paper, not digital). All other stuff goes into the Google Calendar I share with my husband. I will try to plan even more, 2014 proved that planning things made life much more easier. I plan out the menu for the week and I end up eating healthy and we don't throw away that much food anymore. I'll hope to keep up with that this year.

  8. When you loose someone you love, things are not the same anymore. Just take day by day and you will see with time your heart will smile again.
    Much love x


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