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butter dish



Sometimes you take photos, edit & prep them for a post but then to post them. Oh, just me?
Well a couple months (!) ago I got this new butter box in. I had been looking for just the right little container too. Soon after finding and ordering this from Menu, having decided on Gry Fager's stitches pattern we later chose to cut out dairy, which of course includes butter, from our diet.
And while I may not be storing butter in there at the moment, it still works well to hide Israel's little chocolates, and thankfully he hasn't discovered I keep them there yet! The small grey pattern offset by the wooden lid couldn't be a better fit.


  1. I LOVE the butter dish!!

    Like The Yogurt Fashion. DIY. Beauty

  2. Oh! I love the little marble tray in this shot, where'd you get it? I've been looking for something like this for a while!


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